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30 04 2014

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Garden update

27 04 2014

You’ve been wondering … I know … how my roses are. How lovely you are.

I am pleased to report that my newest roses, from my brother for my ..ahem.. recent significant birthday, are in bloom.

roses 27Apr14

roses 27Apr14

Happy Sunday!

Update (28th April): and look at this bloom just a day later … n’aw


rose 28Apr14

moving on collective @ Milan Design Week

25 04 2014

A little while ago I supported the kickstarter campaign to get Moving On Collective to the Milan Design Week. They made their fundraising target and I’ve only just remembered to check their site to see what they got up to.

Their happening was titled ‘Ceci n’est pas un bijou‘ … ‘This is not a jewel’.

Event media: “When form follows FUNCTION, there is no argument in the design of the object. But what if the function of the object is ambiguous? And what if the signal it wants to send is absorbed into its esthetics?

These are not just pieces of adornment.
Nor can they be considered fine art pieces.
Instead they are fluctuating between art and design.

Contemporary jewellery and objects are so concentrated with narrative qualities that the functionality of the pieces is often ambiguous and considered unimportant.

When is an object functional?

Objects of personal value represent our sense of self, how we think, who we are, how we want to be perceived and finally how others perceive us.

Art jewellery stretches beyond logic, beyond utility and beyond materiality.

Moving On challenges the traditional definitions of adornment by pushing its functionality, context, wearability, materiality and presentation.

Their display construct was a giant cardboard chain, on which their jewels were displayed. Fantastic.

installation image; used with explicit permission from Moving On Collective

installation image; used with explicit permission from Moving On Collective

Without seeing it in person, it’s hard to talk much more about it – but I really wanted to share with you that the jewellery community is a strong one and that amazing things can happen with the support of others.

I look forward to seeing what they’re up to next.

Favourite artworks

21 04 2014

During a conversation a friend mentioned their favourite artwork. I didn’t have a reply – I couldn’t call to mind my favourite artworks. How amazing. For someone who spends so much time thinking about art, it surprised me.

Therefore I set myself the task of thinking through artworks and considering which I would possibly identify as my favourites. I suspected that I wouldn’t have just one, or even five, or perhaps I’d only be able to identify artists and their periods and not individual pieces … but let’s see.

To make it a simpler exercise, I’ll start with paintings.
Expanding to other media will be for another day.

A few I admire greatly:

  • The Arnolfini Portrait, Jan van Eyck, 1434
    in National Gallery, London

    via Wiki Commons

    via Wiki Commons


  • Primavera, Botticelli, c1482
    in the Uffizi, Florence

    in the public domain

    via Wiki Commons


For someone who professes to be figurative-adverse, I was initially surprised by the portraits included in my list – but then again, they are all from that era I love most.

It’s a strange thing, but I suspect I don’t really have favourites – for I can see so much in so many artworks, and it depends a great deal on my mood and such ephemeral matters.

This topic requires much more thought.

Tertiary open days 2014

20 04 2014

If you’re in high school and thinking about studying jewellery / making at university, or at any stage in life and considering your next creative move, then you’ll want to get to the university open days.

It’s a great way to get a feel for a place, see the facilities first-hand, and speak with lecturers and in many cases current students.

Melbourne universities:

  • NMIT: actually has regular information evenings, next one is 19th June [link]; keep an eye on their academic calendar for announcements of their formal open day
  • Monash: 2nd & 3rd August [link]
  • RMIT: 10th August [link]

It’s not the end of the world if you can’t make it though – I didn’t and believe I was still able to get a good feel for each university (RMIT and Monash) during my interviews. But if you can possibly do it, try to find the time.


18 04 2014

I was recently asked which of the world’s greatest galleries I’d had the chance to visit.

Fabulous question, and it got me thinking. I wondered if I could even list all the galleries I’ve been to. Having backpacked around Western Europe for a few months (many moons ago) and living in Europe for a few years, there are many cities I’ve visited and many galleries I’ve walked through…

Would it be weird if I wanted to list the galleries and museums?
Well even if it is, do indulge me … or let me be weird I say.
Pretty sure I won’t be able to name all of them, but the major ones that I remember are:


  • V&A Museum – when I was living in London I went here many times; the jewellery room is amazing, as is their collection of embroidery
  • Tate Modern – the Turbine Hall is a thing of beauty and wonder; my favourite memory is visiting with a friend, I was on the other side of one of the rooms, she was reading about a work that was a glass half-full of water on a small glass shelf about 6″ high on the wall; it was apparently about oak trees; she calls out across the room: “Karen, this guy’s nuts” … so dignified (and hilarious)
  • British Museum – astounding; I remember falling in love with the Arabian astronomy instruments
  • National Gallery – it’s got to be done, but it’s not a favourite of mine (yes yes, I’m not into figurative art, so a portrait gallery is never going to be a place I adore)
  • British Library – amazing documents and maps

Rest of United Kingdom





New York

  • Guggenheim – I loved the building but didn’t like the works on display
  • Metropolitan – honestly, I wish I had more time to wander and spend more time here; so it’s still on the list
  • sadly MoMA was being renovated when I was there

Of the most important galleries though, the one that stands out as necessary for me to visit before I get too decrepit is The Hermitage in St Petersburg.  And the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is still on the list, as it was closed when I was in the city.

Without meaning to sound poncy about it, it’s doubtful I can remember the cities I’ve visited, let alone the galleries. It is certain I’ve seen more of the major ones than above, and certainly there is no way I will be able to recall the smaller ones I’ve seen (for I always see as many of the galleries possible when I visit a new city).

It’s been a beautiful prance down memory lane researching and ruffling up my memories for the above listing. Thank you for indulging me.


15 04 2014

Oh the love.

Seriously, I love the shape of these little ceramic objects.

from one and many Etsy store; click on image for original source

from one and many Etsy store; click on image for original source

So much it hurts.
Not meaning to be melodramatic or anything…

Can you imagine this shape in a textured fine silver? Swoon