So sorry

24 03 2015

I do hope my absence hasn’t distressed you. I am most ashamed for my lack of jewellery-blogging-ness … I’ve been somewhat low on energy of late, focused on work and such. Boring boring, urgh.

I’ve also been knitting a bit.
Perhaps knitting obsessively.

1. a cardigan for a friend’s daughter

another in-progress shot - I'll ask permission of the recipient if I may use a photograph they've sent me of the bundle of gorgeousness wearing it

progress shot – I’ll ask permission of the recipient’s parents if I may use a photograph they’ve sent me of the bundle of gorgeousness wearing it

2. a vest for a friend’s son

it's a progress shot - I haven't gifted it yet, so don't want to give away the secret just yet

progress shot – I haven’t gifted it yet, so don’t want to give away the secret just yet

3. a scarf of excellence for winter, which seems to have come early in Melbourne (boo)

scarf of infinity

scarf of infinity – just before finishing it (so needles are still in the edges)

Knitting. Such meditative joy.

There are a few jewellery exhibitions on this week … specifically First Site, Craft, Glen Eira, NGV … must.go.visit.

Holy lovely

26 02 2015

I took this photograph last month when I was trying to get a good image of the yarn colouring of my latest knitting project.

Oh. The. Love.

yarn and roses

yarn and roses

Want to see the project it eventually made?

knitting awesomeness

knitting awesomeness

Progress shot; in which you can kind of see the flat almost-straw-like nature of the yarn (reminds me of cloisonné wire in a pleasing manner!):

in progress

in progress


  • yarn: DyeforYarn paper silk
  • colour: ‘Nightly Maelstrom’ and ‘Ghost dancing under the cold moon’ (lordly I love the names these artisans title their colours)
  • … a hint of summer‘ by Isabell Kraemer
  • my Ravelry project is here

Birthday knitting

11 07 2014

A friend is celebrating a significant birthday today. N’aw.

I knitted her a very special shawl in the most beautiful silk in a stunning deep orange colouring.

lovely shawl

lovely shawl

Happy birthday M!


  • yarn: DyeforYarn 15ply (fingering weight) mulberry silk
  • colour: Passing Leaf Storm
  • Sugared Violets‘ by Rose Beck
  • my Ravelry project is here

Who’d have thought?

4 05 2014

I like to make beanies for Canteen from yarn leftover from other projects.

I thought I’d put these two colours together, not expecting them to work.

But they did.

crazy stripes

crazy stripes

Who’d have thought.