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31 10 2013

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NGV acquires David Neale brooch

30 10 2013

Spotted on David Neale‘s blog, TheGoldenSmith: this amazing piece ‘Colour Fold‘ has been acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria.


image reproduced here with artist explicit permission; not to be reproduced from this post without permission

image reproduced here with artist explicit permission; not to be reproduced from this post; copyright belongs to the artist

Seriously great to see local contemporary makers being recognised by this institution.

Equally fabulous to see the NGV actively collecting jewellery – have any other jewellers had pieces acquired recently??

p.s. I thought that perhaps this was from his exhibition at Gallery Funaki (my review post here); it certainly looks to be one of the pieces in the preceding exhibition at Jam Factory (see David’s post here), but I’m not sure if it also made it to Funaki …

Blog roundup

30 10 2013

Mmm … it seems that my previous rumblings about the declining popularity of blogs may be quite close to the spot.

I regularly click through all the links on my Links Page, to be sure they’re still working and up-to-date etc. I want it to be more a useful “alive” resource and less an archive.

In my most recent jaunt through the links there were quite a number of blogs in the “hibernating” group that hadn’t updated for over a year – and while it pains me, I have removed them from the links page now. Also there were a few that haven’t been updated for six month or so, and therefore have been moved from “current” into “hibernating”. Happily though a few have sparked up and migrated back from “hibernating” to “current” (yay!).

I’m by no means sanctimonious about the tailing off of the blog popularity – I completely understand the effort and time it can take. And I’m torn in a way – perhaps if I’d set it up at the start I could have had a “what was” blog listing, instead of removing the links … but hindsight is a magical thing! At least I do keep a record of those no longer being updated in posts like this.

Blogs sadly now removed from links page, recorded here for posterity’s sake:

Do you know of any new jewellery blogs?

[note: this post was almost completely rewritten two hours after being originally posted]

Garden update

27 10 2013

Rose lovin’

roses 20Oct13

roses 20Oct13

rose 21Oct13

rose 21Oct13

And more cufflinks

25 10 2013

I’ve experimented with some prototype cufflinks for Lord Coconut, made using wedding invitation papers.

Given my cufflinks are simply paper woven with silver (protected under a layer of 1mm clear perspex), it’s relatively easy to incorporate papers of (nearly) any kind.

It interesting though that the pattern on the paper be so clear, yet it can either disappear or be accentuated by the weaving.

"Paris by Night"; image not to be reproduced without permission

“Paris in Silver”; image not to be reproduced without permission

The pattern for the cufflinks above center on the heart-shape shown on the paper just below the actual cufflink.

And those below on the bowl-and-fountain (erm, best description I could think of at the time!) icon.

"Florentine in Silver"; image not to be reproduced without permission

“Florentine in Silver”; image not to be reproduced without permission

I wonder if they’ll appeal?

On a similar topic – the idea of weaving sentimental papers into cufflinks really appeals to me – though I’m sure if I am ever asked to do that for a client that I’ll be pretty darn nervous! Like I did with my Nana’s trifle recipe brooch, I’d likely do a very high quality scan first as a means of saving the document (in a way) … anyway, that’s for the future.

My jewellery collection #26

23 10 2013

Do you remember my lust list?

Well … I’m beside myself with excitement to share that I’ve added one of the lusting-items to my collection.

I now own a Suzi Zutic ring.
You cannot imagine how delighted I am.

original photograph credit Suzi Zutic; images not to be reproduced without permission

original photograph credit Suzi Zutic; images not to be reproduced without permission

A little while ago Suzi shared a photograph of some of her rings on her facebook page, and I instantly fell in love with one from the ‘King Solomon & Ophir’ series. I thought it was about time to invest in another beautiful piece of jewellery.

As I wrote in a recent post, I’ve been more and more attracted to quieter and more subtle pieces lately, and this ring is just perfect. And while I’ve mostly been wearing white gold for ages, I felt the need for a pink gold ring (I was also considering Raymond’s ‘dimple’ ring from Black Finch, but chose Suzi’s instead).

So this baby is 18ct pink gold with champagne diamonds.

Bless, I love it to bits!

… last post on my jewellery collection #25

Update [4th November]: Suzi popped another photograph on her facebook page; if you love this ring too, it’s part of the collection at e.g.etal; I am totally in love with the “square ring” and the very special ‘”Marquise for Madame Pompadour” too…

Belinda Esperson ‘Raw Detail’ @ Pieces of Eight

21 10 2013

It was a strange coincidence to visit this beautiful exhibition on the day after the beginnings of the worst bushfires in NSW for a decade or so… the colourings of Belinda Esperson’s ‘Raw Detail’ ghostly display immediately connected in my mind to the devastation after a bushfire – the white ash, the blackened edges…

That’s in no way meant to take away from the beautiful work – it’s just the way my mind was working today.

photograph taken with gallery permission

photograph taken with gallery permission

Gum nuts are my favourite Australian flora, and are used to exceptional effect here. Sometimes the pieces were so camouflaged and hidden that the only way to find them in the vitrine was to use the identifying item-number near the ledge as a location pointer. I liked this aspect; I became a little more engaged with them, and the viewing became more like a kind of bush treasure-hunting.

Even prior to reading the exhibition media description, the inspiration and importance of the bush to Belinda’s practice was clear.

Exhibition media: “Raw Detail shows Belinda Esperson’s work in the context of its inspiration – the stark beauty of the dry Australian bush. Her jewellery captures the essence of the bush: the detail, fragments, tones, forms and textures and a sense of weathering integral to this environment, without replicating specific objects.

This exhibition has been inspired by two recent experiences: a camping trip to the outback of the dry tropics of Cape York Peninsula and the photographic exhibition Aftermath by John Gollings at the McClelland Gallery near Melbourne, depicting graphic aerial images of the devastated landscape left by the Black Saturday fires of 2009.

I hadn’t read the above before writing my introduction text to this post; I now understand why the connection was so immediate for me, and in a way it’s a relief that my interpretation wasn’t out of line.

exhibition media; click on image for original source

exhibition media; click on image for original source

Lately I’ve found myself tending towards delicate jewellery, those with a light touch … and so I was most attracted to the little forged and wrapped rings.

The neckpieces are quite lovely and displayed with impact in the windows of the gallery (unfortunately I found it difficult to get a good photograph due to reflections and such).

See the Pieces of Eight site and blog for more images of the work.
The exhibition also been written about by HandMadeLife.

Raw Detail‘ is at Pieces of Eight until 9th November 2013.