Exhibitions that were: 2014

2 01 2015

Again, this year has been a little tricky with energy levels … though I continue to improve and that makes me happy.

Of the exhibitions I wrote about, my top three are (really hard to choose!):

And of course I cannot have this listing exclude the blockbuster
A Fine Possession: Jewellery and Identity‘ @ Powerhouse Museum

photography under gallery conditions; no flash

photography under gallery conditions; no flash

All the other exhibitions I’ve written about in 2014 (in chronological order):


Another exhibition idea

24 12 2014

Creativity has been a subject occupying my mind a great deal lately.

As I wrote just recently, I prefer the ideation and drawing and playing, than the actual making. Therefore I wondered if an exhibition idea could be to show this part of the process as the actual exhibition items … exhibited as drawing works in their own right, alongside the proposed materials (my stash of opal pairs in this case).

I often think the tinkering with options we all do when we’re embarking on a piece is most interesting … maybe visitors would also be interesting, perhaps imagining the finished objects among the options shown in the drawings, perhaps even voting on which should be made …

Or even if different designs were drawn for each set of stones in the style of different art eras … art deco, art nouveau, medieval, contemporary, in-the-style-of famous artists/makers …

photo 2 photo 1

Interestingly I’ve noticed an exhibition coming up next year that has a concept very similar to the ‘in reply‘ one I mused about a few years ago. Funny – I often wonder about the common phrase that there are ‘no new ideas’!

RMIT graduates ‘Greater Than, Less Than’ @ RMIT

28 11 2014

You’d be forgiven for not knowing about this exhibition … graduates of RMIT Object-based Practice Gold & Silversmithing are showing some of their work at RMIT Building 2 (level 2, left at the top of the stairs).

They’ve titled the show ‘Greater Than, Less Than‘ and are using the >< signs in the catalogue  … the mathematician in me loves this.

photograph taken with permission

photograph taken with permission

Participating artists are:

  • Corin Adams, Cecilia Casillas, Rossmore Childs
  • Brooke Everett, Phoebe Harkness, Henry Hazeldine
  • Ada Hodgson [website], Vicky Kanellopoulos, Christopher Lee
  • Amanda Lo, Tian Lu, Stephanie Martin
  • Zeffarniah Montgomery, Jenna O’Brien, Mirinda Oosten (tumblr)
  • Natasha Sutila, Julia Tran

I walked away with my works lists scribbled all over, highlighting the pieces I liked.

photograph taken with permission

photograph taken with permission

Again, I fear my “liked” list would just be a repeat of the artist listing … but I’ll try to keep to a top three:

  • Jenna O’Brien’s enameled neckpieces ‘Hyde #1‘ and ‘Jekyll #1‘ are fantastic, and what marvellous feel for colour
  • Natasha Sutila’s ‘Composition III‘, an arrangement of painted pins on the wall, is clever and arresting
  • Rossmore Childs’s smithed objects pleased me (as smithed objects do!)
  • Mirinda Oosten’s ring group is displayed in an especially imaginative manner (below)

    photograph taken with permission

    photograph taken with permission

  • you’ll notice I failed to keep to just three ….

Please be sure to show your support to students and visit.

Great Than, Less Than‘ will be at RMIT Building 2 until 5th December 2014.

2013: Good+as+Gold’  @ fortyfive downstairs

2012: As Above, So Below‘ @ Victorian Artists’ Society

2011: It was like a Fever‘ @ No Vacancy Gallery

2010: Bell Weather‘ @ 1000 £ Bend

2009: Cornucopia‘ @ Guildford Lane Gallery

RMIT Honours ‘Hey Handsome’ @ First Site Gallery

27 11 2014

This is a great show! You simply must pop into RMIT First Site Gallery to see ‘Hey Handsome‘, the exhibition for RMIT Honours students from Object-based Practice, Gold & Silversmithing and Ceramics (phew, still a mouthful).

photograph taken with permission

photograph taken with permission

Participating artists are:

  • Sue Buchanan, Pamela Chan, Jia Jia Ji Chen
  • Katie Collins, Allona Goren, Kate Jones
  • Chris Massey, Lindy McSwan, Thomas O’Hara
  • Jana Roman, Lesley Walsh, Kate Wischusen
  • Michael Wong, Xuelin Wong
photograph taken with permission

photograph taken with permission

I happened to coincide my visit, quite accidentally mind, with the visit of a Fresh! judge accompanied by RMIT staff. It was interesting to overhear some of the conversation about the work; I do like to hear the perspective of those with a more experienced eye and insight into the actual making of the pieces.

It was all quite gorgeous … if I was to list those I liked I’d probably just be rewriting the ‘participating artists’ listing.

Though if I was forced to choose just three … erm …

  • Lindy McSwan’s collection stopped me in my tracks

    photograph taken with permission

    photograph taken with permission

  • Kate Jones’s massive ceramic objects are amazing (centre in below image)

    photograph taken with permission

    photograph taken with permission

  • oh please don’t make me … there are so many to like!

Hey Handsome‘ is at First Site Gallery until 5th December 2014.

Update (28th November): make sure you check out the First Site Event facebook page for opening night photographs

NMIT graduates ‘Mettle’ @ Red Gallery

19 11 2014

Hoorah for graduate exhibition season!

NMIT graduates are showing Mettle‘ at Red Gallery.
I do like this space.

photograph taken with gallery permission

photograph taken with gallery permission

There is a lot of work here … as in all previous NMIT exhibitions actually …. and that’s a great thing, though I can sometimes feel overwhelmed with so much to look at.

photograph taken with gallery permission

photograph taken with gallery permission

Participating artists are:

  • Christine Amery, Bianca Browne, Antonia Field,  Mehrnoosh Ganji, Jessica Gilbert
  • Gemma Grace, Nao Hirata, Danielle Horseman, Joanna Hyun, Mel Jeffery,
  • Michal Klimek, Rebecca Koster, Nicole Lawrence, Sisi Liu, Lisa Lubbock
  • Philip Monk, Melrose Oh, Jan-Maree Oliveira, Shea Pinxt, Jane Reilly
  • Pierina Sannia-Carbone, Emily Jayne Schilg, Benjamin Stiekema, Mimu Tabushi
  • Marcelle Thomas, Mary Turner, Ann Welton, Callie Whelan, Ash Whitchurch, Robyn Wilson, Yokie Yatagai

It took quite a few turns around the rooms to somehow ‘get to grip’ with the works … perhaps I was a little low on comprehension power today!

Eventually I think I had a good look at all the groups. Again, as expected of NMIT, the quality of construction was mostly excellent; and I noticed more conceptual pieces and more exploration of materials than previously.

photograph taken with gallery permission

photograph taken with gallery permission

Collections I connected with and liked included:

  • Jane Reilley’s smithed pieces; she has a very strong group in the first room (image in the ‘read more’ section below) and playful colourful works in the last room too (image above)
  • Bianca Browne’s geometric works, exploration of an almost moderist aesthetic; her bracelet is very bold, I like it a lot (image in the ‘read more’ section below)
  • Callie Whelan’s enamel collection (image in the ‘read more’ section below)
  • Robyn Wilson’s earrings and shape combinations (wall panel in top image); in fact, I could see a pair on Margaret Pomeranz (and I mean that in the very best of ways!)
  • Nao Hirata’s shapes and incorporation of plastics (right of second image)

Mettle‘ is at Red Gallery until 22nd November 2014.

2013 ‘33 Carat‘ @ Red Gallery

2012 ‘Kaleidoscope‘ @ Northcote Town Hall

2011 ‘Auteur‘ @ Northcote Town Hall

2010 ‘Forge‘ @ Northcote Town Hall

2009 ‘Mint‘ @ Northcote Town Hall

To save loading times, I’ve popped the individual photographs of the groups I liked below:

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Other Novembers

3 11 2014

Other than graduate exhibitions … what have prior Novembers provided?

November 2009

November 2010

November 2011

November 2012

November 2013

Lots of exhibitions this November too.

Other Nov&Dec: NMIT

2 11 2014

Naturally it’s only fair to now look at past NMIT graduate exhibitions.

November/December 2009

November/December 2010

November/December 2011

November/December 2012

November/December 2013

This year: ‘Mettle‘, Red Gallery [link]