Farewell, you gorgeous thing

25 10 2015

I’ve written a number of times before about old works … pieces we’ve made, hold on to, unwilling to throw away but aware that equally we don’t actually want to keep them for we don’t like them, they don’t say what we wanted them to, we’ve moved on, etc.

With the benefit of time (it’s almost nine years since I made this piece) I’m ready to let go of ‘Scale‘ (from my third year at RMIT).

I have photographs I’ll treasure, but I no longer need the object – it just takes up space and I don’t have it on display.

Scale, 2006

Scale, 2006

I adored making it. I loved researching and drawing for it. Planning it. Obsessing about it.

I’m planning on giving it to someone to re-purpose the metal (stainless steel, aluminium, monel) … for a new life.

New experiment: absolute oblivion

9 10 2015

More weaving.
I may have a new project in mind.

O:S 001 absolute oblivion

'absolute oblivion'

‘absolute oblivion’

I’m hesitant to share too much about this idea until I get into it a little more; therefore the code title ‘O:S’.

New fledgling projects need nurturing and protecting at the start… yet somehow I’m impelled to share.

[image in this post not to be reproduced without explicit author permission]

Experiment 011

10 08 2015

After my previous unsuccessful attempt I braved the weaving again.

Study 011: by instinct

study 011

study 011

Silver, Midnight blue, Tiffany blue, Turquoise, Gold, Bronze, Azalea, Old Gold, another Gold. The colouring is a little brighter than this photograph suggests.

I tried not to overthink this one … just choosing colours I liked as I opened the pages.

I don’t think much of the outcome. Again. Pft.

Gold prices

9 08 2015

You’ve probably seen the news that gold has reached new low levels of value … well, that’s only in US$ of course…

as at 09Aug15

as at 09Aug15

The A$ .v. US$ exchange rate means that Australians may be paying less than we have all year, but it’s most certainly not at a 5yr low by any stretch…

as at 09Aug15

as at 09Aug15

Darn exchange rate.


In US$ the gold price is at its lowest for over 5 years, but the 10 year view is interesting.

as at 09Aug15

as at 09Aug15



No, I don’t like it

26 07 2015

I’ve returned to the experiments after a few weeks hiatus. This time I thought I’d play with chance and randomness – selecting the papers with my eyes closed, without intent, and using them in the order they were chosen.

Study 010: oh dear, it’s quite ugly

Study 010

Study 010

You can tell by the awful title, I don’t like it.

I used the randomly chosen colours for the set of papers shown in the image as horizontal (though I refer to that direction as the ‘verticals’, as they’re that way when I weave them … I should probably do a bit of reading and use ‘real’ weaving terms). Then decided to order the papers in a more pleasing colour-order to weave the other way.

working on it

working on it

I really don’t like it. Though somehow I’m compelled to keep looking at at. Perhaps I’m hoping for an epiphany or a lead on the next experiment…

New perspectives

3 07 2015

I have some of my weaving experiments propped against a wall in my living room … to offer inspiration, encouragement for more exploration.

I’m very particular about how I display them … the orientation (landscape, portrait), the ordering of the colours, the order of the panels.

when cleaners attack

when cleaners attack

I’ve had to come to accept that my cleaners don’t have a photographic memory to remember how the panels were before they moved them to dust … and so, on cleaning day, I return home to find them rearranged quite randomly.

It has been known to cause me angst. Though now I think I’ve come to appreciate the new perspectives an unexpected reordering can give me.


30 06 2015

Regular readers will know of my love of Peaches + Keen – gorgeous women, beautiful artwork, amazing process and just all-around wonderfulness.

Perhaps you saw the segment featuring them on ABC 7:30 Report last night (29th June 2015)? If you haven’t yet, get on it.

Effectively Target – the retail behemoth – has been caught ripping off their designs.

SHAME Target.

I ask how can they possibly defend such an act?
The answer is pretty clear that they can’t – they ‘declined’ to be involved in the segment.

I can’t help but wonder:

  • did they buy the design from someone external to the organisation? If so, have they ceased all contracts with that external group, for they are essentially THIEVES
  • or were the designs made in-house? If so, Target is guilty of THEFT. Unacceptable.

It is absolutely certain this isn’t the first and only time – how many times have you done this Target? When will you STOP doing this?

Peaches + Keen have my highest regard and utmost respect … they already did, but they were so impressively strong and dignified in this interview! I feel they’ve handled this horrid situation in an elegant and courageous way. As many have said on their Instagram feed, “nailed it”.

If this were to ever happen to me (of course that’d require me to make something worthy of admiration and replication … so that’s clearly almost impossible), I would contact the IP lawyer in the ABC segment and also the journalist. If this has happened to you, perhaps you could do the same.

I hope this gives other independent artists encouragement to name-and-shame any retailer doing the same. I think it’s important to highlight such SHITTY behaviour. There is so much support in the community, you can be assured of like-minded makers and lovers-of-makers to get behind you and withdraw their spending from organisations engaging in such disgusting behaviour.

Also: my story from a number of years ago , “Copies and rip-offs

Know what though? I bet Peaches + Keen want to put all this behind them… and I really really hope that being so brave to tell their story will mean that many many more people will become aware of their amazingly beautiful work and that they will be loved more and by more <3

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