And then…

6 04 2015

It seems I have a penchant for tracing things back to their origin … you know when a conversation has veered off on some kind of tangent, after we’ve exhausted that little escapade I then like to track back to how we got there.

So, I have a need to see how my weaving developed … and in the process hopefully uncover some hidden tangents that perhaps I could explore further.

After the initial weaving tests I posted about previously, I then tried out :

  1. full metal weaving
    RMIT Yr1 project; not terribly successful, and I didn’t continue with it

    necklace; original image by Mark Kral; not to be reproduced without permission

    necklace; RMIT Yr1

  2. scroll / poster hanging
    RMIT Yr1 project; oh dear, look at the kinky silk thread, how embarrassment! (blame first year keenness to get the photograph taken, and naivety in not knowing how to get the folds out); I may experiment with this format again

    scroll pendant; original image by Mark Kral; not to be reproduced without permission

    scroll pendant; RMIT Yr1

  3. cut and framed
    RMIT Yr1 project; I love this pendant; however the only thing that didn’t quite sit well with me with this format is that the weave is cut to a frame … somehow it made it just a disembodied material, instead of a whole; I’m unlikely to do this again (though, never say never)

    Year 1, Semester 2, Machinery project; paper and silver

    Machinery project; RMIT Yr1

  4. free play and pinned
    RMIT Yr2 project; this was fun, I experimented a lot in this project with colour and widths and introducing new threads in the weave and taking them away … just joy; and this is where I left the weaving for a few years, I didn’t use it again during the remainder of my degree

    black fancy ring; image not to be reproduced without permission

    black fancy ring; RMIT Yr2

    …though I did return to it for the Feast‘ exhibition at Studio 20/17 in 2009

    Nana's Trifle Recipe

    Nana’s Trifle Recipe

More tomorrow … this has turned out to be a longer trip down memory lane than I expected.

[no photographs in this post to be reproduced without explicit permission of the author]

Art Jewellery Challenge, day 1

21 01 2015

If you’re on Facebook you’re probably already aware of #ArtJewelleryChallenge.


Facebook Art Jewellery Challenge was started by Donna Greenberg in the hope of capturing a diversity of what is happening around the world of art jewellery. I was nominated by Claire O’Halloran (thank you lovely!) so for 5 days I will show some of my jewellery and each day I will also nominate another artist to show us their jewellery.
Day One : Gold Brooch, 2005 ; this was made during the second year of my RMIT G&S degree, and this group of four brooches are still among my favourite pieces; they were inspired by the quilts of Provence and the pattern refers to wattle flowers
Today I nominate Julia Storey, to show us one of her beautiful creations and nominate an inspiring jeweller every day for five days. ‪#‎ArtJewelleryChallenge‬

image not to be reproduced without permission

image not to be reproduced without permission

05Oct09 : My gold brooches
27Jul09 : The 100th post!
18May12 : RMIT Year 2, Semester 2, Jewellery
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I wear my own…

5 07 2013

What jewellery of my own making do I wear?
As I mentioned previously, not many but some… and quite rarely indeed.

A small collection I grant you.

Hopefully I’ll be making more pieces for me to wear in the coming year or two, as I get more time in the studio to play.

Reworking: Avebury

19 06 2013

I’ve mused and written quite a bit about recycling and reworking old pieces. Recently I finally reworked one of the pieces from my RMIT days.

My ‘Avebury‘ pendant from the Longing‘ jewellery project of second year has always had a special place in my heart. However I have never liked the chain and could not see me wearing it as a pendant.

reworked Avebury; image not to be reproduced without permission

reworked Avebury; image not to be reproduced without permission

While I may make jewellery, I do have a special attraction to small objects … so I made a little stand for the pendant. It’s only a quick mock-up (the brass reflects the gold), but it has pride of place in my living room … so I may see its gorgeousness every day.

I love the image below too … brooding Avebury.

reworked Avebury; image not to be reproduced without permission

reworked Avebury; image not to be reproduced without permission