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31 12 2014

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‘Top posts’ for 2014

28 12 2014

As I’ve done each year … excluding ‘Home Page’ and other pages, the top 10 posts with the most ‘clicks’ during 2014 were:

Top exhibition posts this year:

Most popular posts since I started writing (March 2009):

I’m looking forward to a fulfilling and creative 2015 … happy reading!

MelbourneJeweller on Instagram

27 12 2014

Are you seated? I have news.
I have joined the ‘modern world’ and am now on Instagram.

It’s true.


I’ve also added a little widget in the right column that will show the latest three photographs —-> see??

Pop on over. Share some love. Show me how to work it …

There are so many internets platforms… I’m now part of:

  • blogging: well, erm, obviously!
  • Esty: I had some items in a store, but after a year closed it down; I still use Etsy to fill the visual well, buy handmade and interesting things
  • Facebook: I publish my blog stories, and also share other interesting arts/jewellery related links; I’ve also noticed that people are happier to leave comments on the page than on the blog, so I’m happy I am on FB for I do like to generate and be part of discussion
  • Instagram: as above
  • Twitter: I have an account though am yet to get myself excited about using it

Colour of 2015

27 12 2014

As per previous years Pantone has announced a ‘colour of the year’.
For 2015, the colour is Marsala.
Unusually, it has been receiving mixed reviews on the internets.

screen grab

screen grab

Mmm…. can’t say I like it much either. It’s a bit muddy, middling, mute …

Get festive

25 12 2014

… if that’s your bag baby.

Keep shining!



Another exhibition idea

24 12 2014

Creativity has been a subject occupying my mind a great deal lately.

As I wrote just recently, I prefer the ideation and drawing and playing, than the actual making. Therefore I wondered if an exhibition idea could be to show this part of the process as the actual exhibition items … exhibited as drawing works in their own right, alongside the proposed materials (my stash of opal pairs in this case).

I often think the tinkering with options we all do when we’re embarking on a piece is most interesting … maybe visitors would also be interesting, perhaps imagining the finished objects among the options shown in the drawings, perhaps even voting on which should be made …

Or even if different designs were drawn for each set of stones in the style of different art eras … art deco, art nouveau, medieval, contemporary, in-the-style-of famous artists/makers …

photo 2 photo 1

Interestingly I’ve noticed an exhibition coming up next year that has a concept very similar to the ‘in reply‘ one I mused about a few years ago. Funny – I often wonder about the common phrase that there are ‘no new ideas’!

My jewellery collection #30

22 12 2014

Holy kniption Batman.

I have ticked off one of the longest-standing and most heartfelt items on my lust-list … I own a Helen Britton ring.

I know!! There has been much dancing and squealing on the inside today.

I feel I must apologise a little – these are all photographs taken at night. I couldn’t wait until the morning, and decent daylight, to share such immense news.

with the Gallery Funaki photograph - all mine!

with the Gallery Funaki photograph – all mine!

You cannot imagine how comfortable it feels on – it’s quite wide and thick, so it is almost a beautiful surprise to be so immensely comfortable. And the hollow construction means it cannot be resized, so lucky me it fit beautifully.

Of course its dimensions mean you really feel it on, and regular readers will know my penchant for jewellery I can feel.


beautiful top detail in red gold

I’m a little bit in love.


side detail, oxidised silver

This is a significant investment, and I feel I just may be on the verge of being able to call myself a genuine collector. Perhaps.

Sincere thanks to Katie at Gallery Funaki for being such a wonderful gallery owner, exceptionally knowledgeable and terribly patient with me as I wrestled with the purchase.

I am SO going to wear this like I MEAN IT.

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