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30 09 2013

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Yarnbomb III

27 09 2013

According to my own rules on yarn-bombing, I recently refreshed my rainbow pole outside the local school.

My first installation was 1st November 2011, as part of a 21 days to yarn bomb movement. And my second installation was 1st November 2012.

For this third installment I considered reinstalling on the same date, but I decided instead to bring it forward a little – somewhere around the spring equinox and school holidays (so I’m not spotted by the kiddies).

oldyarnbomb    newyarmbomb

Above: old one and new one … see how I put the colours upside-down this time … tricky!

I crocheted this version, as I did the second; it seemed to be more robust and wear so much better than the knitted version, requiring no repairs at all over the year (even though it was clearly mauled during the election, as the school was a voting centre).

I’ve chosen the rainbow colouring again (I had so much leftover yarn from last time). I recognise the rainbow has been adopted by the LGBTI community as their own, and while acknowledging that connection my intention is not for this yarnbomb to be any kind of statement but simply a colourful addition to the streetscape.

If you’re ever in the ‘hood, I hope it makes you smile as you pass by.

Knitting. Still.

25 09 2013

Knitting is still keeping my hands occupied in the quiet hours of the evening … and afternoons when I’m not working.

Since my last installment I have finished the navy jumper, though now it’s getting a little warmer and it may not get worn until next autumn.

I’ve also finished another pair of socks. I cannot have too many handmade pairs of socks I feel. They’re not for wearing with shoes mind, just for around the house…

photo taken with flash, so you can see the fabulous pattern

photo taken with flash, so you can see the fabulous pattern

The specifics:

Next, perhaps a new cardigan?

Though keep your peeps peeled, there may be another craft update pretty soon … oooooh, mysterious!

Wondering about wonder

23 09 2013

In another of my near-falling-asleep reveries, I was thinking about the sense of wonder – whether wonder has been lost in modern times, or is now a rare experience.

I can’t help but think that wonder was more regularly experienced in a time when there was no internet, no computer graphics, no films, no photography… when personal experience was limited and therefore unusual things were to be marveled at.

Can you imagine the wonder experienced by:

  • ancient peoples looking up at the stars in the night sky
  • someone seeing (and hearing) an aurora for the first time
  • Carter as he first opened Tutankhamun’s tomb

Perhaps wonder requires a kind of naivety? Though I’m not convinced that’s the right word, or even the sentiment I’m looking for.

Perhaps wonder is predicated by an appreciation of the specialness of the world? Wonder isn’t reserved for the big things, but also the small things.

I also wonder if wonder is closely associated with terror?

Anyway, It seems I wonder about wonder quite a bit.

So my plan is to go out into the country, where there are no city lights, to wonder at the night sky … perhaps in summer though, when it’s warmer … yes, I wonder better when I’m warmer.

Colour play

22 09 2013

Deciding which colours go with which for my next knitting project …

colour play

colour play

No, knitting is not jewellery. This time anyway. And that’s cool.

Labels: accessory vs jewellery

20 09 2013

When is something an “accessory” and when is it “jewellery”?

Is the label determined by the maker?
By the wearer?
Or by the viewer?
[I didn’t mean to, but I’ve just appropriated Zoe’s blog name; and even in the right order!]
Can they all have different labels for the same object, according to their experience of it?

Does it even matter?
I don’t want it to matter, but I think it may.
Why? Because I have so many questions about the line between.

As a point of clarity: I’m quite convinced the materials used are irrelevant to this conversation. Many non-precious materials are regularly used in jewellery now, and I think the argument that material determines the label is already moot.

Does the value of an object change if it is labelled “jewellery” and not “accessory”?
For example, consider a detailed body-piece made of fabric (for argument’s sake, imagine something like an appropriated beauty-queen sash) – if the maker calls themselves a “jeweller” and the piece “jewellery”, does the value differ to if it was an “accessory” made by a non-jeweller?

Does the object acquire the label dependent on its inherited conceptual foundation?
If a maker has developed a story for the piece, embedded narrative or meaning, does it then transcend mere “accessory”?
Consider if the maker is not a jeweller – what if an embroiderer made a body-piece virtually indistinguishable from one made by my imaginary jeweller, with embroidery of significant meaning; would it be an accessory or a jewellery object or something else?
This may verge on the tricky and age-old “craft” versus “art” debate.

Does the maker determine its label?
Perhaps a maker can label whatever they like, however this label may not always travel with the object if it finds its way out of the private sphere of the maker into the public sphere.

If you were a jewellery / maker, and you made a piece for the body, would you be offended if it was labelled an “accessory”? Is “accessory” a dirty word to makers?

The delineations of labels hasn’t yet got in the way of my personal working style, though it does occupy my mind at times.

So many questions. Not many answers.
Your thoughts?
I’m no thought pioneer, so if you’ve read papers or articles on this topic, please do point me to them – I’d love to read others’ thoughts.

More number nerdiness

19 09 2013

This is my 1111th post.
I just thought it was a cool number.
I like symmetry ‘n’ stuff.
And I published this at 11:11 for a little extra dorkiness.

What’s interesting about 1111:

  • it could look like iiii, the roman numeral for 4
  • the year 1111 (MCXI) saw some interesting things happen [according to wiki]
  • erm … not much else, sadly

As there’s not much about the number itself, perhaps a lovely picture instead … of some moody broody Melbourne skies.

16th September 2013

16th September 2013