And then more…

7 04 2015

Following from yesterday :

  1. full metal weaving
  2. scroll/poster hanging
  3. cut and framed
  4. free play and pinned
  5. free play, pinned and adorned
    for the Winter Brooches‘ exhibition at Studio 20/17 in 2010; I don’t consider these pieces very successful actually, though I quite like the bar brooch at the bottom of the image

    Time: group

    Time: group

    … the ‘Quotes’ group for that exhibition were better in my eyes, as they’re less ponderous and more whimsical



  6. long weave neckpieces
    for Winter Neckpieces‘ exhibition at Studio 20/17 in 2011; these I love!

    For William

    For William

    For Caroline

    For Caroline

  7. gem and bezel set
    for Oh Opal!‘ at Redox Gallery (and then Studio 20/17) in 2012; this was the start of a series of experiments with bezel setting; these, being the first experiment, didn’t have perspex on the top … that was to change for future work (to make them more durable)


    ‘Oh Opal!’ group

    …which I then extended in the ‘My Australia’ exhibition in 2013

    My Australia group; image not to be reproduced without permission

    My Australia group

  8. simple bezel set
    for ‘The Love of Coffee‘ at Studio 20/17 in 2012

    Coffee group

    Coffee group

    then for Deck the Walls‘ at Studio 20/17 in 2012; I think they tired of my weaving (and that they didn’t sell; it’s labour intensive and therefore not inexpensive), so this was the last collection of work for this lovely gallery

    Summer group; image not to be reproduced without permission

    Summer group

    then cufflinks for Lord Coconut; including a platinum commission

    Platinum Commission

    Platinum Commission

    … again though, the bezel setting is similar to the cut-and-frame work; I’m still not quite content with how it seems to be trapping the material, constraining it, making it ‘less’ somehow; pretty clearly I haven’t yet figured out what is actually my problem with it!

I wonder what will happen next.

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Art Jewellery Challenge, day 5

25 01 2015

Facebook Art Jewellery Challenge was started by Donna Greenberg in the hope of capturing a diversity of what is happening around the world of art jewellery. I was nominated by Claire O’Halloran (thank you lovely!) so for 5 days I will show some of my jewellery and each day I will also nominate another artist to show us their jewellery.
Day Five : ‘Show Off’ (2012) ; made for the ‘Art of the Cuff’ exhibition at Lord Coconut; some of the silver/paper weaving I have a particular affinity to
I wish I could have nominated so many people, though many were already nominated and some aren’t even on FB (I know!). #‎ArtJewelleryChallenge‬

'Showoff'; image not to be reproduced without permission

‘Showoff’; image not to be reproduced without permission

Art of the Cuff‘ exhibition, September 2012 [all posts]

My pieces for RMIT Auction 2014

14 07 2014

So the decision has been made.

This year I’ve donated two pairs of earrings to the RMIT Object-based Practice Gold & Silversmithing 2014 Auction:


without flash


with flash

I like the back of them too.

In fact, a friend I made a bespoke pair for re-bent the ear wires to wear them ‘backwards’ – which in fact looks even more excellent.


Flat White



Check the details of the RMIT Auction on their tumblr here – get donating and/or get buying!

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My piece for RMIT Auction 2013

24 07 2013

It’s that time of year again – RMIT Auction time. Yay.

This year the RMIT Object-based Practice Jewellery auction is on 7th August 2013, at Mercy Bar + Eatery (upstairs from Craft); preview online and from 5:30, auction from 630pm.

Their blog is rmitgoldandsilversmithingauction2013 – go see!

I’ve donated a pair of my Coffee‘ earrings, ‘Long Black‘.

Long Black; image not to be reproduced without permission

Long Black; image not to be reproduced without permission

Best of luck! Hope to see you there.

I wear my own…

5 07 2013

What jewellery of my own making do I wear?
As I mentioned previously, not many but some… and quite rarely indeed.

A small collection I grant you.

Hopefully I’ll be making more pieces for me to wear in the coming year or two, as I get more time in the studio to play.

Commission: turquoise pendant

19 12 2012

A friend mentioned he wanted to gift someone special a pair of turquoise earrings. I’m a helpful kind of friend and went looking for him … though I couldn’t find any suitable ones in local galleries, and made a speculative stone purchase on eBay (I couldn’t find a matching pair).

I was having lunch with this friend while wearing my opal pendant … I happened to have the stone with me … and one thing led to another and I agreed to made a simple elegant pendant for his special person.

turquoise pendant; image not to be reproduced without permission

turquoise pendant; image not to be reproduced without permission

The stone was slightly oval … it’s a simple setting, made of fine and sterling silver, rhodium plated to make it extra shiny and hard-wearing (even though the lighting in the below image is a little strange and makes the metal look goldish!).

turquoise pendant; image not to be reproduced without permission

turquoise pendant; image not to be reproduced without permission

I hope my friend’s special person likes it.

Commission: ‘Sweetpea’ earrings

17 12 2012

I’ve been such a lucky girl lately … another of my beautiful friends asked me to make them some jewellery!

My friend saw my ‘Summer‘ earrings, made for ‘Deck the Walls‘ at Studio 20/17, and liked the Sweetpea‘ colouring.

'Sweetpea' commission

‘Sweetpea’ commission; only a quick photograph before she wanted to wear them!; image not to be reproduced without permission

So I made a pair for her especially.

As she is a jeweller/maker herself, I decided to leave the hook shaping to her … and it’s so fabulous that she selected to have the ‘back’ as the ‘front’ … I love how someone else can see your work so differently, and it brings something new to work that may seem familiar…

It was such a joy to see her excited to receive them. Thank you darling!!