Hoorah: 6 years

1 03 2015

Today is my sixth anniversary … six years since I started writing this blog.

The first anniversary called for paper (traditional) or clocks (modern).
The second anniversary called for cotton (traditional) or china (modern).
The third anniversary called for leather (traditional) or crystal (modern).
The fourth anniversary called for fruit or flowers (traditional) or appliances (modern).
The fifth anniversary called for wood (traditional) or silverware (modern).
This sixth anniversary calls for iron (traditional) or wood (modern).

Perhaps to celebrate, an image of the only piece I made during my RMIT degree that included a wood element : Ring for Priest, Martin, 1522.

J#4: ring for priest

J#4: ring for priest

Want some stats?

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Calendar: March 2015

28 02 2015

post last updated: 2nd March

all month:

  • Personal Space Project (Canberra and online), TBA [link]
  • Powerhouse Museum (Sydney), ‘A fine possession: jewellery and identity‘, will “celebrate the central place of jewellery in our lives from antiquity to the present-day through over 700 iconic and rarely seen objects” [link]; until September; see my review post

3rd March: Studio 20/17 (Sydney), Alice Potter ‘Colour: Speaking in Plumes‘ [link]; “Colour: Speaking In Plumes is a collection of new jewellery pieces centred around the colour combinations different species of birds display in their feathers. Having researched many species of colourful birds, as well as having photographed hundreds of taxidermied specimens at the South Australian Museum Science Centre’s Ornithology collection, Potter whittled her collection down to around 70 species to focus the exhibition on. Each of these pieces embodies a specific species of bird, taking the colours from their feathers and reinterpreting these within the jewellery works.“; until 21st March

exhibition media; from facebook; click on image for original source

exhibition media; from facebook; click on image for original source

5th March: Courtesy of the Artist (Sydney), Emma Fielden ‘Infinity’ [link]; “For this exhibition Emma presents a series of work on the theme infinity – a series of drawings, engraved brooches, and for the first time a print.“; until 28th March

exhibition media

exhibition media

7th March: last day for Gallery Funaki, Peter Bauhuis ‘Armillaria (Melbourne Hallimasch)‘ [link]; “Armillaria provides a fitting analogy: its perceptible fruiting bodies are connected to an imperceptible underground network. Bauhuis has a keen interest in that which cannot be seen.

11-17th March: ‘Talente‘, ‘Schmuck‘ and general contemporary jewellery awesomeness (Munich, Germany) [link] … wishing one day I’ll visit!
… there are lots of local makers exhibiting
… including ‘paper-plastic-metal-stone‘ by Melbourne-based jewellers Katie Jayne Britchford (AU), Emi Fukuda (JP), Clementine Edwards (AU), Gillian Deery (NZ)

exhibition media; reproduced with permission of artist

exhibition media; reproduced with permission of artist

14th March: last day for Bilk Gallery (Canberra), Phoebe Porter ‘Unfold and Construct‘ [link]; “this series combines geometric abstraction, bold colour and unexpected asymmetry to create jewellery that resonates with influences of the Bauhaus and Russian Constructivism

24th March: First Site Gallery (RMIT), ‘Re:make‘ group exhibition [link]; “The 2014 Object based Practice Honours graduates each contribute an vessel or piece of jewellery from their body of work for re-interpretation by another of the band members. The originals and the cover versions will be presented alongside working drawings illustrating the process of translation“; until 10th April

exhibition media; from facebook; click on image for original source

exhibition media; from facebook; click on image for original source

28th March: last day for Craft, ‘White Goods‘ group exhibition [link]; “Explorations into materials and processes are made through an interdisciplinary installation of white objects located in the white room. Through translucency, texture and tactility White Goods creates material and intellectual connections with the use of ceramics, marble, textiles, glass and enameled metals. The presentation of the crafts together connected through the base of white material allows levels of intricacy and craftsmanship to revealed, generating conversation around making materials, techniques and the currency of craft.Featuring work by Ebony Addinsall, Katie Jayne Britchford, Kris Coad, Eddy Carroll, Honor Freeman, Linda Hughes, Manon van Kouswijk and Owen Rye.


please tell me of other exhibitions or events
also check out Melissa Cameron’s excellent informative blog (especially for competitions)
also, check out ArtPrizes

… last calendar post: Calendar: February 2015

Holy lovely

26 02 2015

I took this photograph last month when I was trying to get a good image of the yarn colouring of my latest knitting project.

Oh. The. Love.

yarn and roses

yarn and roses

Want to see the project it eventually made?

knitting awesomeness

knitting awesomeness

Progress shot; in which you can kind of see the flat almost-straw-like nature of the yarn (reminds me of cloisonné wire in a pleasing manner!):

in progress

in progress


  • yarn: DyeforYarn paper silk
  • colour: ‘Nightly Maelstrom’ and ‘Ghost dancing under the cold moon’ (lordly I love the names these artisans title their colours)
  • … a hint of summer‘ by Isabell Kraemer
  • my Ravelry project is here

Where it’s at

25 02 2015

Instagram seems to be where it’s at.

You’ll likely already know this, perhaps you figured it out simply ages ago …. well, I have previously openly admitted to being something of a late adapter.

I’ve only recently joined the platform, and have been surprised by the volume of postings … in fact, some of my favourite bloggers (well, perhaps ‘former’ bloggers?) are reasonably active on Instagram*. Hoorah.

Well, more a small ‘hoorah’ in its specific place. Instagram is super for visual sharing; not so much for the long musing informative kind of sharing I enjoy most. And I do get a bit overdosed when images on Instagram are the same as those shared on Facebook etc**.

But it certainly is pretty darn fabulous nonetheless, especially for filling the visual well … and getting all a bit jealous of how rather marvellous many makers are … and perhaps the spontaneous nature of the platform means that makers share images of their process that would be unlikely to be shared on any other platform (and they’re honestly so magical!).

*are you also sad that David Neale isn’t posting to his blog as regularly as he once did (I’m not throwing stones here, I’m not posting as much as I once did either! in fact, very few of the bloggers I follow are), then check his Instagram stream for much joy … among others of course …

** oh the irony, exactly like I did in my sunrise photograph post!

All’s quiet

22 02 2015

It’s been a little quite in my world lately … I’ve been somewhat corporeally challenged, and so my energy levels haven’t been what I’d like them to be. Hence, no exhibition visiting; therefore, little posting. Sorry.

Perhaps a photograph of a recent sunrise will make up for it.

sunrise 08Feb15

sunrise 08Feb15

[This image has also been shared on my instagram … ]

What a waste

21 02 2015

I’ve been thinking … I love drawing, though hardly seem to do any. I once loved making, though rarely made more than ‘real’ pieces (for exhibitions or commissions or the gallery I once stocked).

I’ve come to wonder if that’s because I’m worried about “waste” … wasting materials, paper, metals, consumables, etc.

It’s not a concern about wasting time; lordy no, for if I wasn’t doing lovely fun creative things there’s always the housework lurking and waiting for me. I think it’s more about wasting things that cost money.

The amateur psychologist in me thinks this may be due to quite a frugal childhood, when we weren’t strictly denied but taught to be careful and minimise waste. Genuine waste. However, perhaps over time my mind has somehow warped this helpful responsible attitude into something that means all creative acts that aren’t ‘final’ or ‘masterful’ are effectively a waste.

It’s not a good thought really is it?!
Not helpful to exploring and playing.
At all. Nope.
For I know very well the value of exploring and play.

I’ve read a bit about creativity, and haven’t yet seen anything about how to mitigate or counter this kind of worry (conscious or hidden).

Do you worry about waste?

I’d like to banish this worry about waste … in itself it is a waste of creativity, a waste of play, a waste of joy.

The lust list, v2

5 02 2015

So … it’s been a few years since the original lust list was written.

Since then a two MAJOR items have been ticked off …. I know, it is exciting!

  • a Suzi Zutic ring

    original photograph credit Suzi Zutic; images not to be reproduced without permission

    original photograph credit Suzi Zutic; images not to be reproduced without permission

  • a Helen Britton ring

    with the Gallery Funaki photograph - all mine!

    with the Gallery Funaki photograph – all mine!

I have added a few new ones to the “as-yet-unattained lust list”: