Blog roundup

6 11 2015

Its been many moons since my last blog roundup post …

Going through my Links page, I’ve found the following to move from ‘current’ to ‘hibernating’; listed here for posterity:

Moving these from ‘hibernating’ back to ‘current’ … it’s unusual!

And the following have been removed, as they’ve not been updated in a year or more:

I’ve also gone through all website links and removed those that no longer work.
And changed NMIT to Melbourne Polytechnic (bit late!).

Happy reading.

Silver tankard

4 11 2015

Once again I’ve been indulging in documentaries. Watching one I’ve watched, and written about, before … I was stunned by the silver tankard in this painting.

Look at that handle! It could be 1920s Art Deco.

screen shot from documentary

screen shot from documentary

(cropped) screen shot form documentary

(cropped) screen shot from documentary

And how on earth is that silver plate with the lemon even staying there without toppling over … to my eye the centre of gravity of the lemon is barely in line with the edge of the table. Ah you amazing Dutch still life painters!

Willem Kalf, Still Life with Ewer, Vessels and a Pomegranate, mid 1640s.

It’s not what it is

2 11 2015

I was at a dear friend’s home recently. He was playing music that was completely out of character. It may have been doof-doof-like, if memory serves. I remarked how surprised I was by this. He explained it was by … erm, someone-or-other … collaborating with one of his most esteemed most favourite musicians. I protested, but still, it’s doof-doof-like, why listen to it. To which he proclaimed: “it’s not what it is, it’s who does it“.

Ooh, contentious.

Naturally I disagreed most heartily.

Then gave it more thought … if I do like a lot of the work of a particular artist (say), I’m probably more likely to give new (or previously unseen) work consideration (or leeway) that I may not give to an unknown artist if they produced the same object. Though I’m pretty sure it’d not make my opinion change from ‘not connecting with’ to ‘connecting with’.

I wonder if we could test the impact of this attitude in the jewellery (art) world … perhaps we could have a group exhibition with no artist names displayed on pieces? I’m imagining:

  • before you even enter the space you’re asked to fill in a questionnaire, ticking your most favourite two/three artists of those listed (the list being those in the show) … though this is a bit tricky, as it does ‘prime’ you (in psychology parlance); it would work best if the pieces are new or unusual in the artists’ oeuvre
  • then you enter the space, enjoying yourself, probably recognising pieces if they’re typical of the artists
  • after you’ve looked at all, you’re asked to identify the two/three pieces you most connected with
  • then the names of the artists are revealed
  • … how would this then impact your choice of favourites?
  • … would you revise that if you found there was a piece by your favourite artist that you didn’t recognise?


Calendar: November 2015

31 10 2015

post last updated: 31st October

1st November: last day for Gray Street Studio (Adelaide), Lisa Furno ‘outbursts of unhinged imagination‘ [link]

exhibition media

exhibition media

5th November: Courtesy of the Artist (Sydney), Danni Schwaag ‘To Stir‘; “Through four separate series of work, this exhibition explores geometry, colour, and composition and questions the relationship between precious and non-precious materials. Danni’s Stirring Staff series is the result of years of mixing acrylic paint in her studio. “Starting out as a stick of timber, my stirring staff is now covered with almost a kilo of paint, mainly white with fine streaks of colour. I love how this tool which was once used for painting has now turned into a painting for the body”; until 30th November

exhibition media

exhibition media

7th November: last day for Studio 20/17, Zoe Vaness ‘Autonomous Jewellery‘ [link]

8th November: last day for NGV Winter Masterpiece, ‘Masterpieces from the Hermitage: The Legacy of Catherine the Great‘ [link]

10th November: Gallery Funaki, Emma Fielden ‘iota‘ [link]; “In this exhibition, Fielden expands on her recent works and investigates the notion of micro- and macrocosm; how a small part connects to and defines a whole.“; until 5th December

exhibition media

exhibition media

11-14th November: Studio 20/17 (Sydney), TenMore Girls ‘Absence‘ [link]

exhibition media; Linda Blaire

exhibition media; Linda Blaire

14th November: last day for e.g.etal, Phoebe Porter ‘Construct‘ [link]; “In this new body of work, Phoebe combines geometric abstraction, bold colour and unexpected asymmetry to create jewellery that resonates with influences of the Bauhaus and Russian Constructivism.

exhibition media

exhibition media

15th November: last day for application to Art Jewelry Forum Artist Award [link]



28th November: last day for Craft ‘Mayoral Chain‘ [link]

Unknown dates: RMIT School of Art Gallery apparently has ‘RMIT Graduate Exhibition‘ in November [see their exhibition page]  – there are no further details, but I’ll try to keep an eye out for updates

please tell me of other exhibitions or events
also check out Melissa Cameron’s excellent informative blog (especially for competitions)

… last calendar post: Calendar: October 2015

Farewell, you gorgeous thing

25 10 2015

I’ve written a number of times before about old works … pieces we’ve made, hold on to, unwilling to throw away but aware that equally we don’t actually want to keep them for we don’t like them, they don’t say what we wanted them to, we’ve moved on, etc.

With the benefit of time (it’s almost nine years since I made this piece) I’m ready to let go of ‘Scale‘ (from my third year at RMIT).

I have photographs I’ll treasure, but I no longer need the object – it just takes up space and I don’t have it on display.

Scale, 2006

Scale, 2006

I adored making it. I loved researching and drawing for it. Planning it. Obsessing about it.

I’m planning on giving it to someone to re-purpose the metal (stainless steel, aluminium, monel) … for a new life.

Old things

24 10 2015

I’m going through a minimising phase. I want to reduce what I own, and perhaps hand on things to new owners who will gain new knowledge or joy from them …

In doing so, I’ve rediscovered some notes I made when I was traveling in Spain a few years ago.

holiday gallery visiting

holiday gallery visiting

Ah memories.

It’s a joy to relive, though it doesn’t half slow down the tidying endeavour!

Gold of The Hochdorf Prince

11 10 2015

Documentaries … they’re just the best, right?

Recently I was indulging in my wont to watch documentaries on art and history, particularly a new BBC show ‘The Celts: Iron, Blood and Sacrifice … with Alice Roberts and Neil Oliver‘, and my eyes have been opened to the amazing Hochdorf Prince (from the Iron Age, about 550BCE).

Look at his shoes!

Not strictly shoes as we know it, but decoration on (what are assumed to have been) leather shoes. Too gorgeous.

screen shot of documentary

screen shot of documentary

screen shot of documentary

screen shot of documentary

Naturally I searched the internets for more information …

  • he’s famous for the many other artefacts (including a rather massive cauldron) he was buried with, many of which are shown in reproduction at a museum near here he was uncovered
  • of course, Wiki ; though it’s a bit light-on to be frank
  • most fabulously, another documentary covering similar territory – but this one is from the mid-80s and has dated poorly; the moustaches in the reenactments had me in giggle fits
from Wiki; click on image for original source

from Wiki; click on image for original source (image credit: Rosemania, see Wiki for more details)

There just isn’t enough gold shoe-decorations nowadays.
Or massive cauldrons.