‘Unclasped’ @ Hellenic Museum, preview

4 02 2016

Just a few photographs from the Unclasped‘ opening at Hellenic Museum … how wonderful!

photograph taken with prior permission

photograph taken with prior permission

I will write more when I have a chance to inspect the lovely jewellery closer, and think a little more about it.

photograph taken with prior permission

photograph taken with prior permission

I plan to visit again next Friday for Robert Baines lecture.

photograph taken with prior permission

photograph taken with prior permission

Unclasped: Discovering Contemporary Greek Jewellery‘ is at Hellenic Museum until 3rd April 2016.

Calendar: February 2016

31 01 2016

post last updated: 5th February

2nd February: Gallery Funaki, Peter Hoogeboom ‘Chinawear‘ [link]; “In this exhibition Peter presents selected works from five collections, each exploring a different application of clay. More common ceramic manifestations such as crockery and vessels play into the forms here, and there is a direct acknowledgment of the historical and cultural perspectives of porcelain as a material.“; until 5th March

exhibition media

exhibition media

3rd February: RMIT present public lecture ‘Wearable Ceramics‘ by Peter Hoogeboom ; as part of the School of Art lecture series ; Peter will discuss his career and the role ceramics has played throughout ; Time: 5.30-6.30pm ; Venue: RMIT University, Swanston Academic Building, 427-433 Swanston St (Building 80, Level 1, Room 2).

5th February: Hellenic Museum, ‘Unclasped‘ group exhibition [see my previous story] ; until 3rd April ; there are many public lectures and floor talks associated – please check out the exhibition page ; (part of VAMFF)

exhibition media

exhibition media

6th February: Studio Ingot, ‘The Urban Gleaner and the Plastique‘ [link]; “A group exhibition of jewellery using plastic that would otherwise be destined for landfill. Curated by Laila Marie Costa, featuring artists: Laila Marie Costa, Emma Grace, Marcos Guzman, Alice Potter, Pennie Jagiello.“; until 20th February

exhibition media

exhibition media

14th February: NGV lecture, ‘I Always Notice Flowers‘, featuring Melbourne jeweller Rachel Gorman [link]; 2 – 3:30pm; booking required, and fee

24th February – 1st March : Munich Jewellery week [link], and Handwerk & Design [link] (home of ‘Schmuck‘ and ‘Talente‘ and so much more) … oh I wish!

plan ahead:

4th March: Craft, ‘Fresh! 2016‘ [link] ; until 14th May

7th march: e.g.etal ‘Surrounds‘ group exhibition of Australia contemporary jewellery [link]; until 19th March (part of VAMFF)

17th March: First Site Gallery, ‘Back to Back‘ graduating exhibition for RMIT Object-based Practice [link] ; “brings together and launches the Artist Book of graduating BA and Hons students from Object based Practice 2015 to launch. The artists in this exhibition use Ceramic and Gold & Silversmithing processes to review, reconsider and represent their relationship to the world“; until 2nd April

please tell me of other exhibitions or events
also check out Melissa Cameron’s excellent informative blog (especially for competitions)

… last calendar post: Calendar: November 2015

Upcoming: ‘Unclasped’ @ Hellenic Museum

23 01 2016

It’s not usual for me to write a special post to talk about an upcoming exhibition … but I like to do this for friends from my RMIT days.

Dr Nicole Polentas … yes, she’s a Doctor now! … is curating an exhibition that will shortly open at Hellenic Museum in Melbourne.

Unclasped: Discovering Contemporary Greek Jewellery‘ is “an exhibition of contemporary jewellery objects, bringing together and examining the practices of twenty-two artists of Greek descent currently working in Greece, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Cyprus and Australia.

The exhibition aims to provide a platform for contemporary thought in order to highlight the work of both established and emerging international Greek artists.

Exploring the connections between the manufacture and the act of wearing jewellery, the works encompass a wide variety of contemporary jewellery making techniques and mediums; expressing the diverse nature of modern jewellery practice within the Hellenic diaspora.

Exhibiting Jewellers: Aggelika Diplari, Akis Goumas, Anastasia Kandaraki, Artemis Valsamaki, Christina Karakalpaki, Constantinos Kyriacou, Danae Natsis, Demitra Thomloudis, Dimitris Nikolaidis, Efharis Alepedis, Erato Kouloubi, George Giannoutsos, Ismini Pachi, Liana Pattihis, Mala Siamptani, Maria Tsimpiskaki, Nicole Polentas, Niki Stylianou, Poly Nikolopoulou, Vicky Kanellopoulos, Vivi Touloumidi and Zeta Tsermou

[text from Hellenic Museum site]

The exhibition will run from 6th February to 3rd April 2016, and there are many associated events such as artist floor talks.

Check out Nicole’s facebook page for progress shots of the amazing exhibition space (designed by Christopher Earl Milbourne) and events.

exhibition media

exhibition media

exhibition media

exhibition media

Get along … I expect to see you there!

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Sunset 11th January 2016

14 01 2016

There was a great storm.
This is the colour of the sunset, facing east.






[photographs taken with my mobile, no filter, no alteration but for a little cropping]
[images not to be used without author permission]

The year that was: 2015

2 01 2016

It’s been a relatively quiet year, blog-wise.

You’ve no doubt noticed, I’m posting less and less … it’s likely to do with not making as much any more (I still consider I’m ‘taking a break’; I haven’t given up), and something to do with not being able to see as many shows as I’d like to.

To be fair though, I did keep the solid posting-love for about four years there. The below is the number of posts written per month:

everyone loves a graph

everyone loves a graph

The traffic has changed over time too … which is no doubt impacted by my posting frequency, though also by the general decline in blog reading/writing. I cannot get my statistics page to do what I want it to (ie. by month), but visits by year looks like this:

I like the other graph better

I like the other graph better

The numbers are by no means large … I like to call my little blog ‘hyper-niche’.

My stats page also tells me the top individual posts for 2015 were:

  1. 13JAN13 : Short Courses in Melbourne (update) ; this is an outdated post, and the traffic numbers are so much higher than subsequent updates that it’s clear people just aren’t reading the newer information
  2. 27NOV13 : Studying jewellery in Melbourne ; again, an outdated post
  3. 12MAY15 : Studying jewellery in Melbourne (update) ; phew, finally some are reading the update!
  4. 13JUL10 : Makers Mark Gallery news ; why on earth is this still being read?!
  5. 08JUN09 : What is contemporary jewellery?

All but the third post above were old ones, probably getting more traffic due to them being popular in previous years (SEO and all). No other post written in 2015 made the top 10; the next popular 2015 post (11th on the list) was Patrícia Correia Domingues & Sara Gackowska ‘Surfacing’ @ Gallery Funaki.

That’s worth a photograph!


photograph taken with gallery permission

Thank you dear reader.

New Year

1 01 2016


Exhibitions that were: 2015

26 12 2015

Of the exhibitions during 2015 that I was able to visit and write about, my top two are:

Many of the exhibitions were part of the excellent jewellery happening ‘Radiant Pavilion‘.

All the other exhibitions I’ve written about in 2015 (in chronological order):