Calendar: June 2013

31 05 2013

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Beanie crazy

30 05 2013

To placate my creative needs while I’ve been fighting the jewellery-making demons, I’ve been knitting.

The plan was to “de-stash” … to use all the yarn leftover from making socks and various gifts over the last year.

The results are not exactly high-end fashion darlinks, but they are cheerful and most certainly warm and made with love.

donatebeanie2_1 donatebeanie3_1 donatebeanie4_1
donatebeanie5_1 lucyhat01 donatebeanie7_1

My plan is to donate these to a charity for children/teens … any suggestions (Melbourne-based preferred) would be most welcome.

Update (10th June): I’ve donated these to Canteen.

Quick calendar update

27 05 2013

The beautiful ladies of Peaches + Keen are launching their new range of earrings this Thursday evening. Yay!

See their blog for the magical invitation – too gorgeous.

Details below:

Hope you are staying warm and cosy in this grey weather. We’ve just created a colourful new range of earrings and would love you to join us for a little launch night celebration.
We can guarantee a good dose of bright honeycomb patterns, triangles and gold foiling, all in the form of some limited and one off designs. We can’t guarantee these will be available for long, so please join us if you don’t want to miss out.

Golden Peaks Launch
Thursday 30th May, 2013
At The Windsor Workshop
Level 1, Tenancy 1
115 Chapel St, Windsor


Update (14th June): how gorgeous is this photo of their work! amazings (used here with artist permission)

used with permission; click on image for original source

used with permission; click on image for original source


Not feeling the love

26 05 2013

How do you motivate yourself to get into the studio?

What little white lies do you tell yourself?

What ‘after I’ve gone into the studio‘ rewards work for you?

I need to get into the studio, but cannot seem to get out of my own way to get there …

Red diamonds

20 05 2013

While I knew that diamonds could be found in pretty much any colour, I didn’t realise how rare the red ones were until I saw a recent news article (also here).

news media

media image

According to Argyle: “Since mining began in 1983 only six diamonds certified as Fancy Red…” and three of them will be sold this year. The biggest in the image above, called the Argyle Phoenix, is 1.56ct.

I do wonder about the culture of coveting fancy-coloured diamonds … yes they’re rare, I get that, and it could be considered human nature to desire rareness and specialness.

However, consider how feted a huge canary-yellow diamond is (sorry to say I think these often look like frozen wee; but a friend has described them as frozen sunshine, which is nicer) … how the press and some sections of the consumer community go a little bit silly for them. Now consider a stone of exactly the same colour and cut (perhaps a topaz?) … would it garner the same reaction from viewers if it wasn’t clear that it wasn’t a diamond? They look almost exactly the same (yes, there will be arguments that the diamond will sparkle more), yet when you know what one is versus the other, the value perception changes. [You can see why I liked Claire McArdle’s concept, as it also focused on perception.]

I have the same question about pink diamonds: if you want a pink stone, why not a pink sapphire or a tourmaline or any number of other stones?

It seems to me that it comes down to two entirely different motivations: aesthetics and rarity … both of which are totally valid and fabulous in my view, as I often waver between the two myself. Either way though, I won’t be buying a red diamond.

Sometimes …

18 05 2013

Do you sometimes fall out of love with making?

Do you sometimes avoid your studio … for weeks and weeks (and perhaps months)?

Do you sometimes wonder why you even want to make jewellery?

Do you sometimes think that playing with ideas and drawings is way more fun than actually making at the bench?

Sometimes creativity is an uncooperative playmate.

Calendar: June 2013 sneak peek

15 05 2013

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