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31 03 2015

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So sorry

24 03 2015

I do hope my absence hasn’t distressed you. I am most ashamed for my lack of jewellery-blogging-ness … I’ve been somewhat low on energy of late, focused on work and such. Boring boring, urgh.

I’ve also been knitting a bit.
Perhaps knitting obsessively.

1. a cardigan for a friend’s daughter

another in-progress shot - I'll ask permission of the recipient if I may use a photograph they've sent me of the bundle of gorgeousness wearing it

progress shot – I’ll ask permission of the recipient’s parents if I may use a photograph they’ve sent me of the bundle of gorgeousness wearing it

2. a vest for a friend’s son

it's a progress shot - I haven't gifted it yet, so don't want to give away the secret just yet

progress shot – I haven’t gifted it yet, so don’t want to give away the secret just yet

3. a scarf of excellence for winter, which seems to have come early in Melbourne (boo)

scarf of infinity

scarf of infinity – just before finishing it (so needles are still in the edges)

Knitting. Such meditative joy.

There are a few jewellery exhibitions on this week … specifically First Site, Craft, Glen Eira, NGV … must.go.visit.

Metal price update

10 03 2015

My last update was a little over four months ago … there’s been a bit of movement, but mostly due to the A$/US$ exchange rate.

1. Gold per gram in A$ : ooh err, the price has gone berserk since the last update.

as at 09Mar15

as at 09Mar15

1a. Gold per gram in US$ : the difference to the above graph will be due to the A$/US$ exchange rate:

as at 09Mar15

as at 09Mar15

Ah ha, so the rise in the price we pay for gold is almost entirely due to the exchange rate (ie. weakening Australian dollar). It looks like there was a drop in the exchange rate in September and again in late November/December …

1b. exchange rate A$ / US$ over 1 yr:

exchange rate

exchange rate


2. Silver per kilogram in A$ :

as at 09Mar15

as at 09Mar15

2a. Silver per kilogram in US$ : so it’s been relatively stable for a few months, but the A$ price hasn’t been … the pattern is approximately the same with the spike in late Jan15, but the rise in the above graph is exaggerated by the exchange rate

as at 09Mar15

as at 09Mar15

Though in the scheme of things, it’s still among the lowest price in the last few years.

as at 09Mar15

as at 09Mar15


previous metal price update: 3rd November 2014


Postscript to ‘Infinity’

9 03 2015

A few hours after I published the post on Emma Fielden’s ‘Infinity‘ exhibition my vague subconscious ephemeral thoughts have continued to percolate and become a little more defined.

The thoughts are still near random, and most certainly nothing close to eloquent, though I think I’m seeing a pattern … and I’d like to write them down so I don’t misplace or forget them.

When thinking more about the essence that is pulling me so strongly towards Emma’s drawing work, I continue to gravitate towards the idea of repetition and dedication … and it’s almost a surprise to me, but it has turned me back towards my woven silver and paper work.

I miss doing it; I love the meditation of it; the repetitive movements that can never be done unthinkingly but require concentration at every moment to prevent error and maintain as much consistency as possible.

I feel a desire to take out my weaving equipment again … just for a play …
oooh, you have no idea how my heart has sung at this idea!


Another few hours later …. and I’ve only just now realised how the grid is strikingly akin to the woven material I create (when I use paper the same thickness as the flat wire).

Dear Muse … is that you?