Calendar: April 2011

31 03 2011

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And still making…

28 03 2011

It is coming together, though slowly. My soldering skills are in need of the practice, so I’m glad for that I guess!

step 2, some fun in the pickle

step 3, testing

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More on Lucky Charm Fundraiser

25 03 2011

Some great work has already been donated by generous makers for the Lucky Charm. Make Good Fortune Happen. Red Cross Fundraiser.

Have a look at the blog:

Show your support!

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More on jewellery insurance

25 03 2011

I’ve written a few stories before about jewellery insurance. Recently a colleague of mine pointed out an article in an insurance industry magazine: Dec10-Jan11 issue of Insurance and Risk Professional (p85-6).

This doesn’t really have much more information than I’ve previously written here, but it does repeat a few key points:

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Is your insurance up to date?