Calendar: April 2011

31 03 2011

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And still making…

28 03 2011

It is coming together, though slowly. My soldering skills are in need of the practice, so I’m glad for that I guess!

step 2, some fun in the pickle

step 3, testing

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More on Lucky Charm Fundraiser

25 03 2011

Some great work has already been donated by generous makers for the Lucky Charm. Make Good Fortune Happen. Red Cross Fundraiser.

Have a look at the blog:

Show your support!

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More on jewellery insurance

25 03 2011

I’ve written a few stories before about jewellery insurance. Recently a colleague of mine pointed out an article in an insurance industry magazine: Dec10-Jan11 issue of Insurance and Risk Professional (p85-6).

This doesn’t really have much more information than I’ve previously written here, but it does repeat a few key points:

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Is your insurance up to date?

Art deco colour

24 03 2011

There has been much reading of late, especially of the Art Deco pursuation.

The latest pursuit is the right colour purple, and in fact a broader question of colours faithful to the era …

page 210, Period Decorating (ISBN 1-85029-196-9), Gilliatt

It may be a test for all the various kinds of computer monitors in the world, but the colour on the far left is in fact the most beautiful dark purple…

RMIT Year 1: in summary

23 03 2011

I have only now realised that I’ve posted a story about each of the making projects in my first year at RMIT (in 2004). We had other subjects, like an elective and some theory, but I don’t have much to share about those.

RMIT Year 1, Semester 1 series:

RMIT Year 1, Semester 2 series:

On to Year 2 in the near future.

Still making…

21 03 2011

It still sometimes surprises me just how long things take to make.

And yes, the little one fifth from the left will be remain on the bench … sometimes accuracy goes astray!

still making step 1

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