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31 05 2011

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29 05 2011

My jewellery crushes have been growing in strength lately … so much so I’ve seriously been considering whether to rejoin the earring-wearing community. Serious indeed.

Key influencing pieces include:

To re-pierce or not to pierce … this is my latest question…

Vikki Kassioras ‘Life of Long Days’ @ e.g.etal

27 05 2011

Once again, as I feared, I only made it to this show the day before closing. I’m glad I made it though – the pieces in Vikki Kassioras‘s Life of Long Days‘ at e.g.etal are lovely.

image courtesy and with permission of the gallery

Exhibition media: “Every morning on the way to my studio I read The Epic of Gilgamesh, These pieces are crafted by the effect those ancient words have on me.

There are twelve pairs of earrings in this exhibition – the exhibition media points out the connection between the date of the poem (approx 2500BC) being around the same period the first known pair of earrings were created.

I particularly like the ones on the far left…

image courtesy and with permission of the gallery

I am liking how e.g.etal is displaying its latest set of exhibitions … the simplicity of the setting doesn’t distract at all from the jewellery, it gives them space and elegance and a chance to shine on their own.

The e.g.etal blog has an interesting interview with the artist here; and Vikki’s blog has some posts on the show too.

Vikki Kassioras ‘Life of Long Days‘ is at e.g.etal until 28th May 2011.


Update (28th May): I re-read this post today and it reads a little lack-lustre – that’s certainly not at all a reflection on the work; more so a reflection of how rubbish I was feeling last night when I was trying valiantly to stay awake to write the post.

I’ve admired Vikki’s work for a long time now. I particularly loved her work in ‘Black‘, her exhibition with Katherine Bowman [see my post]; and have a jewellery-regret of not purchasing an silver and uncut aquamarine neckpiece I tried on a year or two ago at e.g.etal (yes, it sold a few weeks later when I return to ‘try it on again, just to check’).

And as I’ve mentioned many times before, I like art made in reply to other art – so making inspired by a poem is a wonderful idea – I’ve been inspired to seek out the poem myself to read it!



27 05 2011

Hot pink, lime green, chocolate … hand-knitted … AWESOMENESS!

bought at Abbotsford Convent Makers Market

That is all.

Exhibition ideas

26 05 2011

I’ve been having ideas for exhibitions …

Not are all earth-shattering or amazing ideas, and some have probably been done before in many guises; but each has a little shine of interest for me, and I think they’d be wonderful…

  • In reply” – where a group of artists are given the exhibition concept, make a piece each, then draw another of the participating artists name from ‘a hat’, they send their piece (or lot of images of, if physical sending isn’t feasible) to that artist, who in turn makes a second piece in response to that piece … I can see this exhibited as a kind of conversation …
  • If I was invited…” – selecting (perhaps at random?) group exhibitions from the last few years, and making a piece based on the exhibition media or concept … kind of like saying, “well if I was invited, this is what I would have made” …
  • an NGV response – where a friend or co-exhibitor, goes around the NGV rooms and selects pieces that the exhibiting or other artist must make in response to … could be kind or challenging, or there could be all kinds of permutations on who / how the ‘original’ pieces are selected (by random, by poll, etc)
  • you can see from above, I love the idea of responding to other art works – in the way I made ‘Earring for Giovanna’ or the exhibition ‘Sting of Passion’
  • Leftovers‘ or ‘Almost made it‘ – going back through the sketchbooks of uni and making the unmade pieces that were second choice and didn’t quite get made
  • Still out of the basement‘ or ‘Memories of the basement‘ – a reunion exhibition of all those in my G&S graduating year (our graduating year exhibition was titled ‘Out of the Basement‘), perhaps where each of us takes a favourite piece from our degree and make a new piece in reference or response to it

Anyway, best to think small and get making… the big things will take care of themselves.

Why am I sharing, you may ask? Well … there are no new ideas … also, if someone were to curate an exhibition based on one of the thoughts here (and they hadn’t had it themselves before), I hope they credit me with the idea and either invite me to participate or come to the opening!!

Devotion: jewellery fundraiser for Red Cross

24 05 2011

There has been an outpouring of support for organisations and individuals affected by the series of devastating natural events over the last months.

Devotion‘ is a contemporary jewellery auction to be held this coming Saturday evening in Melbourne (it’s a physical auction, not online, but they do accept absentee bids for those who cannot make it in person) – see their blog site for more details.

auction media; click on image for original source

The organisers, Yuri Fujiyama and Mana Kawasaki, are Melbourne-based Japanese-born jewellers, and have felt deeply about the earthquake and the effect it continues to have on the people of Japan.

Once again, many jewellers show their incredible generosity in supporting such causes. It’s overwhelming that so many artists have supported this, and other, fundraising auctions – many have supported more than one.

Artists participating (as at 8pm 24th May):

There is also a raffle for a piece from each of the organisers [link].

No, I do not bead

23 05 2011

I may be able to ‘out’ myself as a jewellery snob … but when I say that I’m a ‘jeweller’ I am sometimes faced with some response like “oh, my wife / sister / cousin likes to make jewellery from beads” or “do you make stuff from beads?” … No, I do not bead.

I am sorry this is probably quite offensive to those who love making jewellery from beads, and there are certainly times I appreciate beadwork – well, perhaps only in the hands of someone I recognise as a ‘contemporary jeweller’ (ie. they also have ‘proper’ jeweller handskills and use beads as a material to express their concept or as an exploration of materiality).

(23rd May, 11pm): artists who bead and who I adore include Elfrun Lach, whose beaded pieces are incredibly gorgeous; and Lucy Hearn, who uses beads in completely unexpected ways… and there are of course many others.
But I’m writing about something quite different here … I’m talking ‘beading’ that means no soldering, no or little sawing or filing, no conceptual development, and the like…

And I know it’s probably completely unreasonable to respond in this way, but it does annoy me a little to the majority of the public that ‘jeweller’ has been democratised to mean ‘beading’ (anyone can do it, with kits from Spotlight or Lincraft or those bead shops that were popular a few years ago, etc.).

And I’ve only tired of responding to the query recently, having spent the last five years receiving such questions.

I recognise that it is mostly because people who meet me tend to also know about my ‘career’ (I work in the finance sector), so I guess most wouldn’t combine that with genuine (dirty-fingered, behind the bench) goldsmith.

I’m really very polite and gentle, so in these situations I find myself saying that I’ve undertaken a number evening courses and have studied a goldsmith and silversmith degree – yes a ‘proper’ three-year bachelor degree, yes at a university, yes such courses do exist…

But then when asked what I make, I go on to say I make pieces by weaving paper and silver … their eyes glaze over and they get a bit confused. I can see why – doesn’t make sense to most to make jewellery with paper … What is she talking about?? Even I can see that I don’t put forward a good case for most non-art-jewellery-lovers.

And with that it’s official, I fear I am a jewellery snob.

(23rd May, 11pm): maybe I’m just protective of the time I’ve spent almost, but not quite, earning the priviledge to use the word ‘jeweller’ (though I still don’t think it sits comfortably enough yet; I don’t feel quite good enough yet to use the title confidently … it’ll come in time).

And I recognise it’s just that the word ‘jeweller’ has come to have a broader meaning in society … maybe I object to the now-blurred difference between ‘I make jewellery’ and ‘I am a jeweller’…