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31 05 2011

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29 05 2011

My jewellery crushes have been growing in strength lately … so much so I’ve seriously been considering whether to rejoin the earring-wearing community. Serious indeed.

Key influencing pieces include:

To re-pierce or not to pierce … this is my latest question…

Vikki Kassioras ‘Life of Long Days’ @ e.g.etal

27 05 2011

Once again, as I feared, I only made it to this show the day before closing. I’m glad I made it though – the pieces in Vikki Kassioras‘s Life of Long Days‘ at e.g.etal are lovely.

image courtesy and with permission of the gallery

Exhibition media: “Every morning on the way to my studio I read The Epic of Gilgamesh, These pieces are crafted by the effect those ancient words have on me.

There are twelve pairs of earrings in this exhibition – the exhibition media points out the connection between the date of the poem (approx 2500BC) being around the same period the first known pair of earrings were created.

I particularly like the ones on the far left…

image courtesy and with permission of the gallery

I am liking how e.g.etal is displaying its latest set of exhibitions … the simplicity of the setting doesn’t distract at all from the jewellery, it gives them space and elegance and a chance to shine on their own.

The e.g.etal blog has an interesting interview with the artist here; and Vikki’s blog has some posts on the show too.

Vikki Kassioras ‘Life of Long Days‘ is at e.g.etal until 28th May 2011.


Update (28th May): I re-read this post today and it reads a little lack-lustre – that’s certainly not at all a reflection on the work; more so a reflection of how rubbish I was feeling last night when I was trying valiantly to stay awake to write the post.

I’ve admired Vikki’s work for a long time now. I particularly loved her work in ‘Black‘, her exhibition with Katherine Bowman [see my post]; and have a jewellery-regret of not purchasing an silver and uncut aquamarine neckpiece I tried on a year or two ago at e.g.etal (yes, it sold a few weeks later when I return to ‘try it on again, just to check’).

And as I’ve mentioned many times before, I like art made in reply to other art – so making inspired by a poem is a wonderful idea – I’ve been inspired to seek out the poem myself to read it!



27 05 2011

Hot pink, lime green, chocolate … hand-knitted … AWESOMENESS!

bought at Abbotsford Convent Makers Market

That is all.