Calendar: December 2009

30 11 2009

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‘Peep Show’ @ Self Preservation

27 11 2009

As I mentioned in the quick calendar update earlier this week, the 2nd year group (oops, I initially thought they were graduates – sorry about that!) from jewellery at Box Hill Tafe, collectively ‘The Body Corporate’, have a exhibition ‘Peep Show‘ at Self Preservation.

front window; photograph taken with permission

Participating artists are (alphabetic order):

  • Amber Crocker [blog]
  • Alexandra Downes
  • Puneet Jodhka [blog]; I particularly liked the ‘spikey ring’ with scrolls of paper and an unusual shape (there is an image on her blog)
  • Kate Marshall [blog]
  • Karyn Nankivell; the polypropylene rings are expressive and effective
  • Stephen Robb [blog]
  • Misako Sakai [blog]
  • Sarah Thomson [blog]
  • Jane Walker [blog]

It’s interesting that most of the students have blogs, which I incidentally discovered a few weeks ago – each started in October and have a few posts. Perhaps it was a class project? I think it’s great that jewellers, and in fact any artist, explore the possibilities of connecting with others using this kind of format. I am interested to see how many of the students take to this form of communication and thought-collection, and intend to check again early next year to see which blogs have been abandoned (after all, this is not for everyone) and which have been taken up with gusto!

photograph taken with permission

The layout of Self Preservation has changed since I was last there. The larger first room, beyond the cafe area, which was once full of cabinets of jewellery, now is a larger cafe space with a large communal table and other tables and chairs. I was told that the kitchen has also been extended and that the menu is more comprehensive – while I won’t wander into food-blogging territory here, I plan to go back soon and try some food.

Anyhoo, the jewellery cabinets have been moved into the back room which was the gallery. This room was often bare when an exhibition was not on, so this move is a good one. However it does mean that when there is an exhibition, like this one, it is a little crowded in there.

Peep Show‘ is at Self Preservation until Sunday 29th November 2009.

My jewellery collection #7

25 11 2009

Around the end of our third year at university, in 2006, Lucy Hearn again showed her loveliness and made brooches for many of her friends in the course.

The below is the one gifted to me. I love it (it’s about 3cm across).


2006 brooch by Lucy Hearn

It’s particularly effective when worn to a very serious work meeting, with very serious work people, talking about very serious work things – it’s kind of like blowing a subtle raspberry as all the seriousness.

Again, thank you Lucy! (more on Lucy in the last post on my collection)

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Update (8th February 2010): photograph published with artist permission

Quick calendar update

24 11 2009

Just a quick calendar update; and many thanks to Katherine Bowman for her post on this – I would have missed it otherwise.

23rd November: at Self Preservation, ‘Peep Show’, Box Hill Tafe jewellery graduates; until 29th November

Happy exhibition visiting – so much on!

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