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31 07 2011

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30 07 2011

I LOVE flowers

tulips ... apparently they're "french"

All the gold in the world

29 07 2011

I cannot remember what television show I was watching earlier this week, but it mentioned that all of the gold ever mined in the world would fit into three olympic swimming pools.

This got me thinking – really truly?

So research ahoy, and the statement was close:

  • a total of 165,600 tonnes of gold have been mined in human history, as of 2009 [from here and here]
  • … this would be a cube of approx. 20.4m each side [from here]
  • … in terms of volume, this is approx. 8500m3 [from here]
  • … with around 65% of this mined since 1950 [from here]
  • so as of today, it would be a little more of course…

In terms of visualising this:

  • a standard olympic swimming pool has a minimum volume of 2500m3 (depending on depth) [from here] – so from the volume above this would be about 3 (perhaps a little into a fourth) swimming pool.
  • a second common means of visualising it is that the cube would fit under the Eiffel Tower – as the height of the 1st floor of the tower is 57m [from here], then of course yes it would. This doesn’t seem too helpful to me actually.
  • Another story I read compared the volume to a small office building [from here] …
  • Lastly, this made me smile [from here]

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Open Studios

27 07 2011

Thursday and Friday nights … perhaps see you there?

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Research opportunity

24 07 2011

I know there are many makers out there who incorporate ceramics in their jewellery making practice … this should be of interest to you.

Helen Jones (curator) & Zara Collins (jeweller/curator) have joined forces to conduct research on jewellers who are incorporating ceramics or porcelain within their contemporary jewellery practice.

The research will culminate in a travelling exhibition of Australian and New Zealand practitioners. 

We would love to hear from you and see what you are experimenting with and currently working on.

Feel free to drop us a line:



[text taken from Kit and Caboodle, used under Fair Trading provisions]

I’d be really very interested to see the exhibition that comes of this research!

My jewellery collection #21

23 07 2011

Remember the NMIT auction a few months ago? I didn’t mention it at the time, but the piece I was bidding on was a Katherine Bowman ring, but I was not successful.

I now say ha ha! I have one of my very own.

Katherine Bowman ring

It’s just gorgeous to have on my finger – it fits perfectly and it is wide and I can feel it (which we all know I like). Most especially, the engraving catches the light in the most fantastic manner.

Yes – today I felt like using a colourful background instead of the traditional white … I like it!

… last post on my jewellery collection #20

Send me your mark!

22 07 2011

Gorgeous makers and fellow jewellers … please send me your makers mark.

Following my previous post, I’ve decided to set up a page for Australian and New Zealand jewellery and metalsmithing makers marks

I have built it (the page) … will they come?

I may encourage “them” by starting looking at my own collection and taking photographs of makers marks … but I would really love, and prefer, the original artists to send me their mark and story …. pretty please with sugar on top!