RMIT Year 3, Semester 1, Jewellery #3

8 11 2012

Third year, first semester, Jewellery #3: Brooch for a Politician

The third piece in this group is: ‘Brooch for Politician, Henry, 1536′.

Made for: King Henry VIII of England.

At the time of Matthäus and Barbara, the most significant politicians were the nobility, the church, and royalty.  One of the most influential politicians of the time was King Henry VIII – his challenge to the power of the Catholic Pope had a significant impact on the church and indeed the whole of Europe.

Premise:  Politics is often seen as the representation of one thing as another, always in the favour of the ruler; often the rulers change their minds as they change their fashions, to suit their whims.

The portrait below was the key image of this work.
The pattern on his vest inspired the brooch.

portrait by Holbein the Younger; from Lübbeke, Isolde (translator). The Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection – Early German Painting 1350 – 1550, Sotheby’s Publishing, London, 1991

A great image of the above portrait here.

The construction is using Choum Iybsa, a technique I’d learnt earlier in the year.

Brooch for Politician; image not to be reproduced without permission

detail; image not to be reproduced without permission

It’s a pretty long brooch, made of mild steel and fine silver mostly.
I enjoyed making this brooch so much.

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