Calendar: November 2011

31 10 2011

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This weekend

30 10 2011

A little while ago I mentioned I was to attend the David Bielander workshop at RMIT. Sadly I had to pull out; scheduling and over-commitment issues, just too much to do (a lot is on at work at the moment) and something had to give.

Never fear though – I foresee much craftiness in my near future….

ready for craftiness

Update (3rd November): the knitting pile on the right hand side went here

Melbourne jewellery galleries and artists: part 3

29 10 2011

The “Melbourne jewellery galleries and artistspart 1 and part 2 posts I recently wrote have not received comments …

Hopefully that means what I’ve written isn’t a surprise to anyone – in fact, it probably isn’t really news to those jewellers making a living from their making.

That said, I’d love to hear from artists about your experience regarding exclusivity – what has been good, what could be better. Does what I’ve written reflect your experience?

Also please share your thoughts on the evolution in the retail market and the emergence of artist-owned online retail spaces…

Your comments can of course be made anonymously – simply enter a made-up name and don’t enter a website into the comment form (the email address you enter is confidential and won’t be passed on to readers or anyone else).

I’d LOVE to hear from you.

Why? Really.

28 10 2011

In another case of ‘what the?‘ and what seems like an extravagant waste of precious metal … the news tells me that apparently the Perth Mint has created a 99.99% pure gold coin that weighs over a tonne and is worth over A$50m.

media image; click on image for original news source

Erm … why?

And tell me, that wasn’t paid for by tax-payers money was it?