Calendar: October 2012

30 09 2012

all month

  • Powerhouse Museum, ‘Love Lace‘ [link]; until April 2013

1st October: last day for applications to Talente [link]

2nd October: Studio 20/17, ‘For the Love of Coffee‘ [link]; “These contemporary jewellers love their coffee. We aren’t going to tell you that it’s the ‘be all and end all’ to their existence, but we reckon it would come in a pretty close second. Perhaps you might find that this show is not so much about the work rather the stories and anecdotes that can be shared over a good strong cup of Joe.“; until 13th October; I’m in this one!!

exhibition media; Nina Baker

4th October: Metalab ‘National Contemporary Jewellery Award‘ exhibition [link]; until 27th October

exhibition invitation

5th October: last day for First Site Gallery, Katie Jayne Britchford ‘Heart of Stone‘ [link]

6th October: Fringe Festival, Box Hill Institute, ‘Carnival‘ [link]; “Broken jewels, ugly jewels, paper clips, garden twine, fabrics, feather dusters, magical things you can’t throw out but have no clue with what to do? Artists and creators of playful jewellery label Princess C, Lady J and the Upper Crust, Jessica Morrison and Coconut Lu can help! Bring your favourite broken gems and useless bits and over a four hour workshop we will help you magic them into a gorgeous pair of earrings fit for a Carnival (or just dinner with your mates).

event media

6th October: last day for Pieces of Eight, Peta Kruger ‘This Fool’s Gold‘ [window] & Kim Victoria Wearne ‘Volcanic Opulence‘ [vitrine]

7th October: last day for Melbourne Museum ‘The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia‘ [link]

9th October: Pieces of Eight, Karla Way ‘Evolutions‘ [link]; “Taking inspiration from Darwin’s research on the Origins of Species, we travel to a primeval archipelago to contemplate theories of evolution, variation and diversity. Referencing the three Linnaean Kingdoms of animal, vegetable and mineral, jeweller Karla Way evokes rough forms, rocky textures, seed-like scaled and furry entities. All three exist in isolation, yet as they island hop and jump ship, new interactions take place and adaptations occur. New species emerge.“; until 17th November

exhibition media

12th October: Susan Ewington ‘Transference‘, Gallery One Three [link]; “In this exploration of the relationship of photography and object, contemporary jeweller Susan Ewington is set to blend the boundaries of traditional image making and metal-smithing.“; until 23rd October

13th October: last day for Lord Coconut ‘Art of the Cuff‘ group exhibition [link]; I’m in this one!!

exhibition media; click on image for original source

14th October: last day for Redox Jewellery Studio, Chris Sherwin ‘Precious Evolution‘ [link]

19th – 20th October: Finders Keepers market, Royal Exhibition Building [link]

event media

19th October: Craft Victoria – it’s a jewellery bonanza!

exhibition media

(1a) Melinda Young and Lauren Simeoni ‘unnatural tendencies‘ [link]; “unnatural tendencies is the latest incarnation of Simeoni and Young’s collaboration and draws inspiration from a shared unnatural materials and the imagined narratives that they suggest. unnatural Tendancies is also informed by the subtle, unnatural shifts between the inner suburbs of Adelaide and Sydney, particularly in relation to the areas’ botany, architecture, people and sensibilities at once so similar, yet slightly strange. the works in Simeoni and Young exhibition are distillations of conversations, drawings and the time spent exploring the backways and byways of their inner suburbias. Their work reveals things that are both natural and unnatural, where there is a sensory shift in place. The duo has created strangely beautiful wearable objects, inspired by their surroundings then filtered through time and space.“; until 1st December

(1b) ‘unnatural acts‘ [link]; “unnatural acts is a group exhibition of jewellery works, curated by Lauren Simeoni and Melinda Young. unnatural acts is a development of Simeoni and Young’s ‘unnatural, Naturally’ exhibition concept and features the work of eight Australian jewellers: Anna Davern, Caz Guiney, Kath Inglis, Bridget Kennedy, Peta Kruger, Sim Luttin, Natalia Milosz-Piekarska and Mark Vaarwerk. Each artist in unnatural acts was sent a bag of materials consisting of an odd collection of fake fruits, vegetables and other plant matter. Their brief was simply to make a small collection of wearable jewellery using or responding to the contents of the bag.“; until 1st December

(2) Anna Davern and Lucy James ‘The Lost Voyage of Captain Foley and the HMS Laburnum‘ [link]; “Artists Anna Davern and Lucy James will combine their shared obsessions of collage, composition and storytelling to present a tongue-in-cheek perspective of colonialism and the 18th Century fascination for the bizarre creatures that were brought back from the strange new continent of Australia.“; until 1st December

(3) Phoebe Porter ‘Unfold‘ [link]; “Drawing inspiration from process driven design, such as the early works of Dutch designer Emmy Van Leersum, jeweller Phoebe Porter has made a series of pieces investigating the bracelet form using cut and folded titanium sheet metal.“; until 1st December

20th October: last day for Gallery Funaki, ‘on second thoughtKiko Gianocca & Marc Monzo [link]

21st October: last day for Incinerator Gallery, ‘Bilk on Tour‘ [link]

21st October: Northcity4 workshop, ‘Unnatural Jewellery‘ with Mel Young and Lauren Simeoni [link]

event media

please tell me of other exhibitions or events …
also check out Melissa Cameron’s excellent informative blog (especially for competitions)

… last calendar post: Calendar: October 2012 sneak peek

Katherine Bowman ‘a found thing’ @ e.g.etal

28 09 2012

Oh no, oh no, oh no! I didn’t realise that Katherine’s exhibition ‘a found thing (consolation of consolations) was only open for two weeks … oh no!!!

As regular readers know, Katherine Bowman is one of my favourite jewellers. As such, I’m really very sad that I didn’t pay attention to the timing earlier, as now I know I won’t be able to see her beautiful exhibition in its collected glory in person.

exhibition media; click on image for original source

Exhibition media: “We form relationships with the objects we collect. These relationships define and add meaning to our lives. Over time, the jewellery that we collect comes to define who we are and our life’s experiences: its milestones and its fleeting moments, our thoughts and our feelings and our tastes. The rings, earrings, pendants and works on paper in this exhibition express an honesty of process, form and material. They are carefully brought into being to carry meanings both expressed and inexpressible. It is in seeing and in touching these works that we are taken in by them. A tactile relationship is formed and in this the role of the maker becomes immediately but also subtly evident.

I relate to the way Katherine thinks and makes, especially with this group.

exhibition media; click on image for original source

Exhibition media: “a found thing (the consolation of consolations) is made up of seven different bodies of work. Each body explores a slightly different aesthetic, creating the impression of having been collected at different times and from different places; colour, texture and form drawing them all together even as they stand apart.
For Katherine this work is the culmination of years of research and experience. It is about a deep love of making. This work is the work of a collector and a maker and it is about the relationship between these two elements of Katherine’s art.

exhibition media; click on image for original source

The e.g.etal website has images of all of the pieces in this exhibition.
On her blog, Katherine generously shares stories behind all of the seven bodies of work.
I’m so thankful to her, otherwise I would miss out altogether.

Honestly, Katherine’s work is beautiful, so beautiful. I wish I could have organised myself better to be able to see these many pieces together in exhibition.

Katherine Bowman’s ‘a found thing (consolation of consolations)‘ is at e.g.etal until 29th September 2012.


Update (28th September): I’ve been thinking more about this collection today, since writing the above.  Specifically, what I’ve been wondering, is how the ‘Interior‘ group (especially) would translate into small objects… I think they’d be outstanding as ‘sculptures’… just my thoughts …


Peta Kruger ‘This Fool’s Gold’ @ Pieces of Eight

28 09 2012

I first developed a bit of a jewellery-crush on Peta Kruger‘s work on a Sydney trip a few years ago.
Her current exhibition ‘This Fool’s Gold‘ is in the windows of Pieces of Eight.
It’s totally gorgeous – playful and colourful and joyous.

photograph taken with gallery permission

If only I’d got to the exhibition sooner, perhaps I could have taken home the absolutely adorable painted container in the top-middle of the above image.

Exhibition media: “Her new work, created exclusively for this exhibition, comprises entirely of painted brass works, demonstrating a continued link between her practice as an illustrator and jeweller. These wearable works are lively, and informed by her much loved jewellery collection from childhood.

photograph taken with gallery permission

The central neckpiece is fabulous. For me, the neckpieces and painted objects were the standouts.

And painted cut crystal/glassware – why didn’t I think of that! Genius. Love it.

Make sure you spend a little time looking at her website, so much to like.

Peta Kruger’s ‘This Fool’s Gold‘ is at Pieces of Eight until 6th October 2012.

What the?

27 09 2012

Did I miss the memo?
This week seems to be ‘do silly expensive things with black diamonds’ week.

First, nail polish ‘with black diamonds': see news story

media image; click on image for original source

Second, a dress with over 100 carats of black diamonds: see news story

media image; click on image for original source


‘Art of the Cuff’ opens this week

26 09 2012

A group exhibition ‘Art of the Cuff opens Friday night at Lord Coconut.

I have a small piece in the group; along with many many other makers / artists.

in construction; image not to be reproduced without permission

Judging by the exhibition media (here), there looks to be some absolutely amazing contributions!

exhibition media; click on image for original source

Art of the Cuff‘ is at Lord Coconut now until 14th October 2012.


26 09 2012

Another outcome of my recent organisation was that I’ve decided which pieces to ‘recycle’. Essentially, these the metal in these will be sold to a metal merchant for ‘refining’ (melting down and reuse).

image not to be reproduced without permission

It’s a funny thing – but I now think I’ve had enough time and space from my degree at RMIT to be ready to destroy these pieces. As I’ve mused before, these pieces aren’t representative and I don’t like them enough to even keep them. They are adequately documented and I’m ready to let them go.

In the end, I decided to hold off the execution of the brooch and have it sitting as a little sculpture on my book-stand for the time being.

While I was deconstructing the ring, I was impressed with myself with the construction quality – go me! Also, I was also pretty chuffed with the fitting on the neckpiece, so will keep that too.

It was a pretty cathartic experience really … letting go is often a good thing.

A separate group is those that will be re-worked, where an element of the piece will be made into something else. More when I get around to working on them … which could be a long while yet.

Big in Austria today

24 09 2012

I was again checking out my traffic-stats by country.

Today is special, I’m big in Austria.

traffic stats; as at 2230 24th September 2012

Again, curious. It would be super if it were genuine new traffic; sadly though, I suspect a spam attempt.