I am a jewellery lover, but not an avid jewellery wearer…
I love the art and artisanship and craft in making…
I am an artist and a maker – at heart, if not always in practice…

My name is Karen Thompson. I am a graduate of RMIT Fine Art Gold and Silversmithing [finishing in 2006], and previously spent a little time at the Goldsmiths School in Brisbane.  I am slowly getting back into making, and despite having put down my tools for a little while, I have not lost the love of visiting exhibitions and seeing others’ work. And I live in Melbourne (hence the name).

The purpose of this blog is to bring another form of creativity into my life, to provide even more reason to explore the jewellery (and various related arts) scene, and to hopefully provide some good information for those also interested in the world of makers and making.

I can be emailled at: melbournejeweller [at] gmail.com… though please feel free to leave comments.



As you see in the right-hand column, unless otherwise specifically amended, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Australia License. Further information on Creative Commons can be found on their site.

I’ve been asked: what does that actually mean in simple words?
So, here is my explanation (slightly updated for clarity, 12th January 2010):

  • photographs of my own jewellery work, and specific essays/text, may be excluded from this intent and permission must be sought for others to use them; I have clearly identified this where it is the case
  • photographs and images on this blog that I have taken, and text I have written, can be used, exactly as they are, by others on the conditions that (1) the use is not commercial (that is, not to generate any income or in any other commercial manner like advertising etc) and that (2) I am clearly attributed as the original owner of the image
  • photographs and images on this blog that I have taken, and text I have written, can be used to make derivative works, by manipulation or inclusion in larger works etc, on the conditions that (1) the use is not commercial and that (2) I am clearly attributed as the original owner of the image and that (3) the copyright of the subsequent work is also shared under a similar copyright notice (share-alike)
  • I take care to note the source of images/photographs I use – so ‘photograph taken with permission‘ means that this is a photograph I have taken; ‘from exhibition media‘ usually means the image has been sourced from websites and I will link to the original source
  • further though, images I have used by permission of artists or galleries belong only to them and not to me; therefore permission to use these images needs to be requested of the original owners and is not covered by this copyright notice
  • I have concentrated on photographs and images above, however the copyright also applies to text

This is a non-legally-binding expression of how I would like the images and texts on my blog to be treated; I use the Commons license so that readers don’t need to guess and I can make my intent clear. However this does not supersede my legal copyright rights.


Publishing philosophy 

regular Calendar posts (updated 29th November 2014):

  • as of March 2014 I have decided to only publish one calendar post per month; it will be regularly updated through the month
  • Prior to that:
    • 15th of the month: calendar update for the month, and a sneak peek for the next month (eg. 15th September 2009, an update for September and a sneak peek for October)
    • last day of the month: calendar of events and exhibitions for the next month (eg. October 2009 calendar post published on 30th September 2009)
    • calendar posts will not usually be updated or reviewed in the meantime, but the updates are rolled into the next post

My regular series include:

  • reviews of exhibitions and events; with gold and silversmithing the main focus, but with lots of other visual art too
  • blog roundups: these posts include tidbits from some of my favourite sites and blogs (when I originally named this series I was enjoying a western-film reference)
  • my jewellery collection: posts about pieces from my little jewellery collection (you could probably tell from the name)
  • artist profiles: my aim is to write about and interview makers, usually to coincide with an upcoming exhibition; I’m focussing on friends from my time at RMIT initially, but I’m sure to branch out at some stage
  • past exhibitions: when the whim takes me, I like the idea of reminiscing about past exhibitions that have been influential
  • for thought…: these little posts tend to be very spontaneous, refer to something that’s come into my consciousness recently, and are often excerpts of text from whatever book I happen to be reading at the time
  • beauty in suburbia: snapshots of lovely things, accidentally found in suburbia while going about ordinary life