Calendar: April 2012

31 03 2012

all month

  • Melbourne Museum ‘Top Designs 2012‘ [link]; until 15th July
  • NGV ‘Top Arts 2012‘ [link]; until 15th July
  • Powerhouse Museum, ‘Love Lace‘ [link]; until April 2013

2nd April: Craft Victoria window, Peaches + KeenThe Hanging Garden‘ [link]; “The Hanging Garden explores different methods of bringing colour, joy and leafy delights into the living space. Hand detailed prints are suspended beside objects for the home, a limited edition book and of course a variety of bright and colourful hanging plants. Peaches + Keen is Lily Daley, a graphic designer, and Lucy Hearn, a gold and silversmith. When they are not lusting over plants at Garden World, Lily and Lucy combine their names, skills, and love of all things bold and bright into the creation of tactile, one-off items that make people smile.“; until 5th May

exhibition media

5th April: last day for Gallery Funaki, Carlier Makigawanature and structure‘ [link]; Fragile structures project and expand in unplanned growth. Lines – define volumes and transparencies to explore movement, form – an illusive, simultaneous grasp of life, exploring boundaries of formal definition of the relationship and tension between like and unlike.

7th April: last day for Pieces of Eight, ‘Cosmic Artefacts’, part of LMFF12 [link]; “Pieces of Eight Gallery presents fashion designer Alexi Freeman and jeweller Tessa Blazey, collaborating on a major window installation and a suite of jewellery pieces that accompany the ALEXI FREEMAN AW12 ROCK STAR collection. The installation features their Interstellar Gown, constructed from approximately 600 metres of gold plated chain and 6000 jump rings meticulously embellished into a galactic flapper formation – fit for a sci-fi goddess to traverse the celestial sphere

7th April: last day for Trocadero Artspace, Suse Scholem ‘attempts at describing adornment‘ [link]; “Utilising a hybrid of sociological research and contemporary jewellery, Suse Scholem highlights the potential of the body as canvas. Through social contexts, modern bodies become embodied, regulated, a performance. Attempts At Describing Adornment poses this performative experience of identity and the visual self. Drawn from qualitative research conducted by the artist, sentiments are translated into wearable design – a paradox of both functioning, and exposing, the continual performance of ‘self’ in modern society.

9th April: last day for ‘Renaissance, National Gallery of Australia (Canberra) [link]; until 9th April 2012 (see my first and second review post)

11th April: Pieces of Eight, Kate Rohde ‘Hybrid Geology‘ [link]; “Kate Rohde’s resin jewellery in an installation reminiscent of a psychedelic crystal cave. Inspired by her ongoing interest in merging elements of natural history across zoology, botany and geology, the jewellery and installation will feature flowers and crystals sprouting together out of cuffs and stalagmites with hooves, paws, antlers and heads. Also incorporated into the show will be volcanos erupting with colourful hair lava, and totem-polesque stacks of bracelets. …  Don’t miss viewing a short film on Kate and this exhibition to be screened in the gallery throughout the duration of the exhibition.“; opening 12th April; until 19th May

exhibition image

12th April: last day for application to be part of RMIT ‘Its Got Legs‘ [see my post]

14th April: last day for Studio 20/17 (Sydney), Rosemary Luker ‘Savage Beauties II‘ [link]; “Using gold and silver thread discovered in French flea markets and vintage shops, originally used for sewing military uniforms and ornate ladies clothes in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Rosemary transforms this vintage material into distinctly contemporary pieces by sewing, crocheting and weaving. The resulting chains, cuffs and fastenings are interwoven with silver and gold organic, naturalistic metal elements to form contemporary feminine works.

15th April: last day for application to Square Peg Studio September 2012 residency [link]

17th April: Studio 20/17 (Sydney), An Morison ‘Wood Weaves’ & Mary Odorcic ‘Joias Coloridas’ [link]; until 5th May

exhibition media; click on image for original source

20th April: NGV ‘Unexpected Pleasures – The Art and Design of Contemporary Jewellery‘ [link]; “A Design Museum, London touring exhibition. Unexpected Pleasures looks at what we mean by jewellery from a number of different perspectives.  Taking as its starting point the radical experiments of the Contemporary Jewellery Movement that challenged a conventional understanding of the language of personal adornment, and looking instead at the essential meanings of jewellery, the exhibition brings together important work from around the world, and looks at it from the point of view of the wearer as well as the maker. Contemporary  Jewellery in this sense is at the intersection of art and design. Curated by Dr. Susan Cohn for the Design Museum, London with exhibition design by Ab Rogers Design and graphics by Barnbrook. “; until 26th August 2012

exhibition media

21st – 22nd April: Northcity4 workshop, Sublimation with Anna Davern [link]  ->  NEW additional DATES 28th/29th April

workshop media

21st April: last day for Craft Victoria, Nicholas Bastin ‘The Sleepless Hero‘ [link]; “Nicholas Bastin draws together a collection of jewellery objects in an exhibition titled The Sleepless Hero. The objects appear to be the remnant accessories of new super-real characters, invented from associations from both popular culture and traditional mythology. The work touches on issues relating to the portrayal of the hero and the two-dimensional dualism of good and evil, to explore possible new contexts of the archetypal character in a contemporary urban mythology.”

22nd April: Abbotsford Convent, Persian Fair [link]

fair media

23rd April: Craft Victoria, Public Programs, ‘Funding for Craft and Design‘ workshop [link]; “Craft Victoria’s popular seminar Funding for Craft and Design is back and will again look at key funding opportunities that are available to every craft maker and artist. Whether you would like support from a government body, or you are excited by the challenge of raising money off your own bat, knowing how to hunt down cash is essential for every artist. This session will help you decide which method might best suits your needs, and experts in the field will offer first-hand advice on how to go about it.

28th April: Craft Victoria, ‘Skills Swap Meet‘ workshop [link]; “Do you have a unique skill you can pass on to other makers? Want to learn some mad new skills without going to art school? If your answer is an unequivocal ‘YES!’, then we want you! … Craft is excited to present a one-off free event titled Skills Swap Meet.

30th April: Craft Victoria, Public Programs, ‘Craft to Consumer‘ workshop [link]; “will take participants through a range of ‘best practice’ business fundamentals that take a product from inception to market, including: product development, costing and market research, pricing, taxation and pitching to retailers.

please tell me of other exhibitions or events

plan ahead for [see also]:

4th May: Melbourne Museum ‘The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia‘ [link]; until 7th October 2012

exhibition media; click on image for original source

9th May: NMIT Jewellery fundraising Auction [facebook page]; “The Advanced Diploma students of 2012 present to you an exciting opportunity to purchase exquisite handmade pieces of jewellery at exceptional prices. Crack open your piggy bank, get your bidding arm ready and help them raise funds for their Graduate Exhibition.

facebook profile picture

1st June 2012: last day for application to New Traditional Jewellery 2012 award [link]

3rd August 2012: Craft Victoria ‘Craft Cubed‘ [link]

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29 03 2012

Shhhhh …. I’ve been making …



And it brings me to smile.

Bead crazy

28 03 2012

I first saw this on Inari Kiuru’s blog, and am just bursting to share the love and joy of it.

screen shot from video; click on image for link to original video source

A VW Beetle and something like 2 million beads … apparently it took over 8 months of two families of four …

screen shot from video; click on image for original source of video

The original video is from the Smithsonian Institute: here.

Sweet yes?!

Yet another …

26 03 2012

… what the?

A dear friend has alerted me, with genuine alarm, to the existence of a diamond ring.

You may wonder, so what, there are many diamond rings in the world.

I mean a ring made of a diamond [by Shawish Jewellery].
Yes. Seriously.

screen shot from YouTube video; click on image for original video source

Apparently 150 carats, valued somewhere around $70m …

It’s almost enough to make me wonder if it’s real… one can only hope there was an immense flaw smack-bang in the middle of this diamond material to justify the hole made in it …

Nature is beautiful

25 03 2012

Wednesday morning was stunning.


sunrise from my back deck

A few hours later, a storm was coming.

later in the morning

No, I haven’t photo-shopped the colour at all.


Seminar at Northcity4

24 03 2012

I hadn’t managed to get this into my most recent calendar post, and so it gets a post all of its very own!

29th March: Northcity4 seminar, Vicki Mason critiques Jemposium [link].

seminar media

Not really sure…

24 03 2012

In “the news” late last week were these ‘miniature handbags’, more like bracelets, from Hermes.

…the aim of the new range was ”to build a bridge between the bags and the jewellery”…

news media (photo: Dan Tobin Smith); click on image for original source

The Kelly features 1160 diamonds of 33.94 carats, and 1200 hours went into making its intricate handles, padlock and rose-gold articulated crocodile scales. For the Birkin, 2712 diamonds of 89.22 carats were required, along with 1600 hours to make the bag.

I’m not really sure what I think of these… You?