Calendar: April 2012

31 03 2012

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29 03 2012

Shhhhh …. I’ve been making …



And it brings me to smile.

Bead crazy

28 03 2012

I first saw this on Inari Kiuru’s blog, and am just bursting to share the love and joy of it.

screen shot from video; click on image for link to original video source

A VW Beetle and something like 2 million beads … apparently it took over 8 months of two families of four …

screen shot from video; click on image for original source of video

The original video is from the Smithsonian Institute: here.

Sweet yes?!

Yet another …

26 03 2012

… what the?

A dear friend has alerted me, with genuine alarm, to the existence of a diamond ring.

You may wonder, so what, there are many diamond rings in the world.

I mean a ring made of a diamond [by Shawish Jewellery].
Yes. Seriously.

screen shot from YouTube video; click on image for original video source

Apparently 150 carats, valued somewhere around $70m …

It’s almost enough to make me wonder if it’s real… one can only hope there was an immense flaw smack-bang in the middle of this diamond material to justify the hole made in it …