Calendar: April 2012

31 03 2012

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29 03 2012

Shhhhh …. I’ve been making …



And it brings me to smile.

Bead crazy

28 03 2012

I first saw this on Inari Kiuru’s blog, and am just bursting to share the love and joy of it.

screen shot from video; click on image for link to original video source

A VW Beetle and something like 2 million beads … apparently it took over 8 months of two families of four …

screen shot from video; click on image for original source of video

The original video is from the Smithsonian Institute: here.

Sweet yes?!

Yet another …

26 03 2012

… what the?

A dear friend has alerted me, with genuine alarm, to the existence of a diamond ring.

You may wonder, so what, there are many diamond rings in the world.

I mean a ring made of a diamond [by Shawish Jewellery].
Yes. Seriously.

screen shot from YouTube video; click on image for original video source

Apparently 150 carats, valued somewhere around $70m …

It’s almost enough to make me wonder if it’s real… one can only hope there was an immense flaw smack-bang in the middle of this diamond material to justify the hole made in it …

Nature is beautiful

25 03 2012

Wednesday morning was stunning.


sunrise from my back deck

A few hours later, a storm was coming.

later in the morning

No, I haven’t photo-shopped the colour at all.


Seminar at Northcity4

24 03 2012

I hadn’t managed to get this into my most recent calendar post, and so it gets a post all of its very own!

29th March: Northcity4 seminar, Vicki Mason critiques Jemposium [link].

seminar media

Not really sure…

24 03 2012

In “the news” late last week were these ‘miniature handbags’, more like bracelets, from Hermes.

…the aim of the new range was ”to build a bridge between the bags and the jewellery”…

news media (photo: Dan Tobin Smith); click on image for original source

The Kelly features 1160 diamonds of 33.94 carats, and 1200 hours went into making its intricate handles, padlock and rose-gold articulated crocodile scales. For the Birkin, 2712 diamonds of 89.22 carats were required, along with 1600 hours to make the bag.

I’m not really sure what I think of these… You?