Calendar: September 2011

31 08 2011

Last minute update for TODAY

31st August 2011: 6 – 7:30pm; public lecture “The contemporary jewellery movement is more alive than dead:
“There have been whispers that contemporary art jewellers have been flogging a dead horse. There have been yells that the movement ain’t over yet.

On Wednesday 31 August, four internationally acclaimed luminaries of the jewellery world will state their case on the topic, ‘The contemporary jewellery movement is more alive than dead’.
Speakers are: world-renowned goldsmith Robert Baines; artist and curator Susan Cohn; jewellery wunderkind Benjamin Lignel; and art historian and curator Damian Skinner.
The lecture is designed to be short, sharp and engaging; each speaker will have fifteen minutes to vent their spleen. Come along and see what they’ve got to say for themselves.
The lecture is a fundraiser. All proceeds raised will go towards the RMIT Gold & Silversmithing 2011 graduate exhibition.

now for September 2011

all month

  • Vienna: Art & Design‘, NGV [link]; I’ve read there is some jewellery here and some wonderful art worth a visit; until 9th October
  • ‘Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs‘, Melbourne Museum [link]; until 6th November (confirmed)
  • Kaleidoscope: Art & Colour‘, NGV [link]; until 5th February 2012; includes a piece by Robert Baines (which is great!)
  • Powerhouse Museum, ‘Love Lace‘ [link]; “This spectacular, ground-breaking exhibition of contemporary lace works by artists and designers from around the world showcases lace design in ways never before seen or ever imagined. See more than 130 lace works by 134 artists from 20 countries, drawn from finalists of the Powerhouse Museum’s third International Lace Award that attracted an outstanding field of 700 entries globally.“; check the list of artists involved here, including Melbourne jewellers Katherine Wheeler, Melissa Cameron, Mary Hackett, Michaela Bruton, Stephen Gallagher, Tessa Blazey; until April 2012

1st September: last day for ‘Close to Hand‘, “An exhibition of work by RMIT Postgraduate Students from Ceramics and Gold & Silversmithing, and the 2010 Gold and Silversmithing Maggie Fairweather Residency Award recipient Naoko Inuzuka.

2nd September: Peaches + Keen, an exhibition [link]; “Peaches + Keen ; Lily + Lucy ; Designer + Jeweller ; Lucy Hearn and Lily Daley met at art school many moons ago.  Lucy went on to study Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT, while Lily studied Visual Communication (Design) at Monash. Despite choosing different courses, their mutual loves of colour, plants, avocado on toast and all things bright and creative, has led to their joint project Peaches + Keen. Together we are taking over an empty space, and filling it with a mountain of art and jewellery all within a jungle of plants – and based around the theme of an explosion of colour.“; opening Friday 2nd September, 6pm till late, 4 Cremorne Street, Richmond, Melbourne; also open Saturday 3rd – Sunday 4th of September, 11am – 5pm … SO excited, these ladies are just GORGEOUS!!

3rd September: Part B Melbourne-based jeweller gathering meeting at Lord Coconut [link]

3rd September: last day for Pieces of Eight, ‘Downsizing – A group exhibition of interior designers turned jewellers‘ [link]; “Imagine shifting scales, moving from designing interiors to making small, intimate wearable objects. In Melbourne, there has been a recent movement of practicing interior designers who change careers to become gold and silversmiths.

3rd September: last day for Craft Victoria ‘Craft Cubed‘ festival [link] – there’s a huge program of events and exhibitions, so check out the site

3rd September: last day for e.g.etal, ‘JangDokDae (The Condiments Bay)‘ Daehoon Kang [link]

3rd September: last day for workshop with Ben Lignel (France): I ___ workshops! (or: the thrills and pangs of user participation)‘;This Master Class explores objects and ‘participatory strategies’. Objects that: signal that they are somehow incomplete; encourage the participation of the user to ‘finish them’ either spell out , or consciously conceal, how this co-production will work.  This theme ties in with the broader subject of ‘open oeuvre’, as theorized by people like Umberto Eco, Roland Barthes. It finds echoes today in copyleft and open source creative strategies.” [link]

5th September: window installation (for 24-hour viewing) at Pieces of Eight Workshop (North Fitzroy), Lucas Grogan ‘Lullaby Islands‘ [link]; until 1st October

exhibition media; click on image for original source

8th September: lunchtime lecture at RMIT: “Dr Kevin Murray, Australian writer and curator, who will talk about his current project, a book he is co-writing with Dr Damien Skinner on Australian and New Zealand jewellery.
1.30pm  ;  Thurs Sept 8  ; Building 12, Level 10, Room 02  ;  All welcome

8th September: last day for RMIT Master of Fine Art Silent Auction, 4pm [link] [my post]

auction media

9th September: Craft Victoria, ‘Locutions (the loved one)‘ Katherine Bowman [link]; “locution n. 1. a particular form of expression; a phrase or expression. 2. a style of speech or verbal expression; phraseology. (from Latin locutio an utterance, from locui to speak)”; until 15th October

10th September: last day for dianne tanzer gallery + projects, Jasmine Targett ‘Bubbling up‘ [link]; “Bubbling Up is a pop up exhibition of new work by Jasmine Targett at dianne tanzer gallery + projects. The work explores the curious opulence of bubbles that appear simultaneously on the constant verge of expansion and collapse.

12th September: e.g.etal, Kathryn Wardill ‘Adversity‘ [link]; “It is one thing to make items about difficult subjects, it is another to make during difficult events. The artist has adapted to ways of making jewellery while going through a difficult time in her life. The work is heavy in weight, scale and colour. The surfaces are blackened and rough. The techniques used in the creation of these forms have been limited to the minimum required for each. The work is highly personal, the titles of the pieces offering the viewer a glimpse into the events of the last six months of the artist’s life.“; this sounds so personal, I am looking forward to seeing the body of work; until 1st October; opening night 13th September

exhibition media

17th September: last day for Gallery Funaki, Simon Cottrell ‘output to paths‘ [link]

17th September: last day for Lord Coconut ‘Dear Father‘, men’s jewellery exhibition [link]; “The Dear Father exhibition is a historical exhibition of vintage postcards Lord Coconut sent to his father, whilst travelling on his grand tour between 1898 and 1911. During that time, Lord Coconut visited Canada, France, India, Japan, Senegal, Spain, United Kingdom, USA and Vietnam. Each jeweller, as part of the exhibition, was randomly given one of these postcards and asked to produce a small gift that Lord Coconut may have sent back to his father which reflects the postcard’s origin. The jewellers involved are: a.l.i.Alexander, Emma Bulpitt, Beth Croce, Tamara Hain (My Friend Romeo), Vikki Kassioras, Deeana Michela, Kath O’Neil, David Parker, and Justin Siow.

18th September: last day for selected works from Buda ‘Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Exhibition 2011′, to be shown at Arts Centre [link]

20th September: RMIT First Site Gallery, ‘Wondernamel’ [link] curated by Kirsten Haydon; “Wondernamel is an invented word based on the idea of the curiosity cabinet originally called a wonder room or wunderkammer in German. Historically the wonder room was for the collection of objects including but not limited to scientific specimens, art and antiquities. Wondernamel illustrates the joy of colour and intensity of jewellery and object making that is united by the use of enamel. “; until 2nd October [see my previous stories about this series of exhibition]

exhibition media; click on image for original source

22nd September: Robert Baines ‘A Visible Likeness‘, at Glen Eira City Council [link]; “Glen Eira City Council is delighted to present a major survey exhibition of nationally and internationally renowned jeweller and goldsmith Robert Baines – one of Australia’s most iconic jewellery practitioners. The exhibition will survey more than 35 years of Robert’s practice, celebrating his exceptional technical and artistic skills and creative achievements. Curated by Diane Soumilas, the exhibition will feature more than 50 key works sourced from major public gallery and museum collections as well as private collections in Australia.“; until 16th October; floor talk on 24th September

27th September: last day for ‘SEOID 11‘, an exhibition of contemporary Irish jewellery in the former home of Pieces of Eight Gallery in North Fitzroy [link]

30th September: last day for application for Shanghai Residency (for RMIT staff, students, alumni) [link]; “Annual applications for this residency are being sought from the School community. RMIT-affiliated artists (see PDF) working in the fields of painting or installation-based practices (of drawing, new media, photography, and sculpture) are invited to apply. The successful candidate will be required to undertake the residency for one month between October and December 2012.

please tell me of other exhibitions!

wondering why so few images this time? well, I will only put the image in the first calendar post I mention the event in; so most of the above events were mentioned in previous calendar posts … so that’s why!

… last calendar post: September 2011 sneak peek

‘Close to Hand’ @ RMIT School of Art Gallery

30 08 2011

Exhibitions in the RMIT School of Art Gallery are often short and I find hard to get out of work to see them (it’s only open week days) – so I made a special effort yesterday, and I’m glad I did.

exhibition media

Media: An exhibition of work by RMIT Postgraduate Students from Ceramics and Gold & Silversmithing, and the 2010 Gold and Silversmithing Maggie Fairweather Residency Award recipient Naoko Inuzuka.

I had taken photographs (with permission) at the gallery – however, have not been able to get them off my phone in time for this post to publish. Hopefully I will be able to download them to share soon.

Participating artists (alphabetically):

  • Sun-Woong Bang, jewellery [site] – from her ‘Transit‘ series
  • Jacqui Chan, jewellery [site] – from her ‘Urban Metabolism‘ series (her site has photos of the 8 pieces in the exhibition)
  • Andrei Davidoff, ceramic [site] – large-scale ‘Maquetts for a 2D Monument‘ (image on the home page of his site)
  • Jan Donaldson, jewellery – from her ‘Precious Summer‘ series
  • Mary Hackett, metalsmith [site; blog] – ‘Breach‘ an amazing landscape of smithed objects
  • Robyn Hosking – the ceramic pieces in the exhibition media
  • Naoko Inuzuka [site] – beautiful brooches ‘Saturation‘ and ‘Airplane Window‘ (two brooches) (the home page of her site has an image of the former)
  • Tassia Joannides – black neckpieces from recycled bicycle inner tubes
  • Nicole Polentas [artist profile] – an AMAZING installation, a brooch ‘Epilogue: The Orders of Xalepa‘; over which photographs are projected (‘Signs of Resistance‘), the photographs are of the brooch in-situ in what looks to be broken parts of a Greek city; touching and wonderful to watch
  • Leah Teschendorff – quite lovely stark sculptural objects
  • Renee Ugazio [site] – an installation ‘bench pegged‘ (it made me smile!)

Close to Hand‘ is at RMIT School of Art Gallery until 1st September 2011.

RMIT Master of Fine Art Auction

29 08 2011

Woah – how did this escape my attention before now!

All kinds of artworks are for auction – jewellery, metal-work, printmaking, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography …

auction media

Details: Silent Auction

Online Deadline: 4pm, 8th September 2011

Where: The Gossard Space, Level 3 RMIT Building 49, 67 Franklin St Melbourne (opposite Aldi supermarket)
When: 6-9pm, 8th September 2011


The website says: “If you can’t make it on the night, let us know and we’ll make arrangements for any bids you’d like to place.” So it looks like the auction action continues at the event … but the banner says the auction ends at 4pm … so could someone involved in the auction please confirm (because the answer is likely to change someone’s decision to go to the event)??

Update (29th August): I have been advised that there is definitely ‘auction action’ at the event. The highest online bid at 4pm is the starting point for more silent bidding at the event.

Garden update

27 08 2011

Well … while not wishing to stray into the gardening-blog territory … I am simply amazed at how fast my plum trees are changing.

After all, it’s a weekend, and I figure I can write about non-jewellery stuff on the weekend!

From last weekend when it was a mass of white blooms … it’s now mostly covered in little pale green leaves, with very few little blossoms to be seen.

beauty keeps changing

I also have a nectarine tree … I pruned it back pretty hard a few months ago, but it’s just started to bloom too.

note to self: nectarine = pink; plum = white

Garden gorgeousness.

Diamond planet

26 08 2011

No no, it’s not the name of a David Bowie album … the news today tells us that scientists have discovered a planet they suspect is “made of diamond” (which of course is just organised carbon, really).

One of the more scientific of the news stories says: “Your instruments don’t lie. You’ve just stumbled upon a 1031-carat diamond.[about 5-times the size of Earth]

While the news banners are pretty exciting, the smaller print does say:
The remnant is likely to be largely carbon and oxygen, because a star made of lighter elements like hydrogen and helium would be too big to fit the measured orbiting times,” the CSIRO’s Dr Michael Keith, a member of the research team, said.
The team said it was certain the material is crystalline and that a large part of the star is similar to a diamond.

The system it makes with the pulsar-star it orbits is named PSR J1719-1438 … just rolls off the tongue yes!

[NewScientist story; News story; TheAge story]

I like presents

25 08 2011

A lovely friend of mine recently went back to her home-country, The Netherlands. She brought me back the most delightfully gorgeous little ceramic box …

too cute

Traditional blue and white ware … and just the perfect size for some of my jewellery collection.

... and handy!

So sweet. I’m a lucky girl.

Pretty buttons

24 08 2011

Mmm … so in the over two-and-a-half years of writing, the lowest number of posts for a month was 14 (in the first month I started writing, March 2009).

This month, due to my ‘breaks in transmissions’, I am only up to ten (eleven including this one) and am in danger of creating a new record ‘low’.

I’m okay with that … sort of. No, not really. Honestly, not really. But, that’s life, yes!

I’d like to share an image with you to make up for the lack of stories … and while it’s not jewellery-related, it is aesthetically beautiful and makes me very happy.

I’ve bought a new pair of Sprinkle Magic button-up pants … I LOVE their fit (no, this is not a fashion blog!) … but just look at these buttons! They’re vintage bakalite (I think) and have been dyed black (you can’t really tell because of the flash, but the pants are black). Too gorgeous.

pants. buttons. nice.