Multiple spam award

30 11 2012

Oh how I have been blessed with spam lately … such a lucky girl!

screen shot 30Nov12

screen shot 30Nov12

I am ever so glad I ‘nailed it’, and I like the insightful spam on my calendar posts … ooh, thanks.

Calendar: December 2012

30 11 2012

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Landscape changes?

28 11 2012

I’ve noticed some changes to the internet landscape for makers over the last few years. I’m not sure if they’re positive or neutral or just evolution in progress …

With respect to blog, in the last year or two I’ve noticed:

  • fewer blogs are being created
  • many blogs are being abandoned
  • many blogs that are still ‘active’ are being updated less often
  • fewer people commenting or participating in discussions on active blogs
  • some blogs don’t even allow comments any more (this may be a platform change?)
  • I’ve even noticed some gallery blogs are being updated less regularly

Further, there seems to be fewer people creating or updating their own websites. Of course there are exceptions, I’m making observations on a trend not individual sites/blogs – there are still some magnificent blogs and sites out there!

With respect to other outlets, I’ve noticed an increased use of facebook, tumblr, pinterest and instagram.

The result, to my mind, is more of a ‘presentation’ than creating space for an ‘interaction’. Not everyone wants an interaction, that’s understandable; though it’s a shame that less content is being created in these newly popular platforms, they’re image-heavy though not very text-rich.

Less text also means that it’s less likely an interested person will be able to find pages through search engines (as in my recent experience of attempting to find links for exhibiting students), which rely on words not images.

With less text and information, I feel I know less about the making, the ideation, the intent. I’m not saying that it’s necessary and everyone should share this aspect of their making – but when it is shared, it does make a significant difference to how I can relate to art.

I’ve been wondering if people in general are less interested in sharing the detail now, and snapshot images are sufficient. Interestingly, are we becoming less self-indulgent and no longer finding it necessary to talk about ourselves in blogs?

What are your thoughts?


Update [28th November]: there have been some great comments and discussion – please do have a peep and perhaps contribute your thoughts


More cufflinks

27 11 2012

Another pair of cufflinks I’ll be sending to Lord Coconut.

I like these.

image not to be reproduced without permission

A lot.

image not to be reproduced without permission

Still thinking about what to call them. What do you think of ‘Rule Britannia‘?