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30 04 2012

I’ve been playing around with some of my blog pages.
I’ve updated the ‘My Work’ pages … check out the 2004 page for example.
I like the pages better now than how they were … so much easier to read.

screen shot of new page layout

Wish I’d taken a snapshot of the original layout … you know, just for nostalgia sake … so I could laugh at how remedial I was ‘back then’!

Calendar: May 2012

30 04 2012

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Another peek

28 04 2012

Another sneak peek of what I’ve been working on …

I always get nervous when I’ve finished pieces … will anyone genuinely like them?

another peek; image not to be reproduced without permission

More soon …

“Beau Sancy” diamond

27 04 2012

In diamond news …. oh I know, we’re all SO flush we can consider such flippant purchases …

THE 400-year-old Beau Sancy, one of the world’s oldest and most-storied diamonds in private hands, is up for sale at Sotheby’s auction house.

Weighing in at 34.98 carats, the sparkling pear-cut gem is estimated to be worth up to $US4 million ($3.87 million).

Those who don’t have the money to buy the jewel can see it on display ahead of next month’s sale.

Cut from the famous gem mines in the Indian city of Golconda, the diamond made its way through four royal European families and once belonged to Queen Marie de Medici of France.

news image; click on image for original source

More information here; with the beautiful image below:

diamond cut; click on image for original source

This is the site for the Sotheby’s auction.

Peaches + Keen ‘The Hanging Garden’ @ Craft Vic

27 04 2012

Peaches + Keen latest show, ‘The Hanging Garden‘, in the window of Craft Victoria, is gorgeous.

Joyful. Colourful.

The Hanging Garden

There are enamelled vessels and hama-bead jewellery from Lucy Hearn.
There are embellished prints from Lily Daley.
There is a large terrarium; crocheted hanging planters; and new beaded hanging planters (I loved them!!).

The Hanging Garden

I only managed to see the window on a public holiday, and so wasn’t able to pop inside – which I really want to do soon, as I want to see the book they’ve made too (the open pages in the window are lovely!).

The Hanging Garden

Make sure you check out their blogs … so much to love.

The Hanging Garden‘ is at Craft Victoria until 5th May 2012.

A few more images below….

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‘Oh Opal!’ exhibition

25 04 2012

I’ve mentioned this in the recent May 2012 sneak peek,
and even in a little peek post,
and you’ve likely noticed I’ve been doing a little making too ….

exhibition media

Exhibition media:

Oh Opal! (re-imagining Australia’s national gemstone)
A new exhibition by Part B – a Melbourne-based research jewellery group

It’s a conundrum! What to do with the opal? Why don’t more Australians love it? Melbourne-based research jewellery group Part B takes on the challenge of exploring the history and legend surrounding the opal and bringing a new fire to this strange and alluring gemstone.

Since Roman times, the world has been fascinated by the opal. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were great proponents of this mysterious gemstone, and Art Nouveau master René Lalique used it to great effect in his jewellery designs. It has been perceived as both good luck and bad luck (the latter sometimes attributed to the 1829 novel ‘Anne of Geierstein’ by Sir Walter Scott, among other factors). Moving into the twenty-first century, the creative director of Dior Fine Jewellery, Victoire de Castellane, is often quoted declaring her love of Australian opals. This coincides with the recent wave of interest in the gemstone from other big European jewellery houses.

In Australia, however, the opal still languishes, perhaps a result of one too many souvenir teaspoons. But given our bounty of these brilliantly-coloured beauties (Australia’s opal fields are bigger than the rest of the world’s combined), surely there is more to be done to improve the opal’s lot! This is just the kind of challenge that Part B loves…

Founded in 2009, Part B is a Melbourne-based research jewellery group, made up of a fluid collective of emerging and established jewellery practitioners. In this age of online social media, Part B is quietly flourishing with its focus on first- hand experience of exhibited works and face-to-face communication through monthly ‘gallery gatherings’ in and around Melbourne. Their own exhibitions and one-day-only happenings seek to investigate form, function, materials and the social engagement of jewellery, and are designed to challenge the Part B participants (aka
particles) and audience alike.

Exhibition dates: 2-23 May 2012
Opening night: Friday, 4 May 2012, 6-8pm
Venue: Redox Jewellery Studio
Shop 3, 51 McKillop St, Geelong VIC 3220

exhibition media; Gillian Hillman: Brooch - Boulder opal, sterling silver, 18ct yellow gold

Stay tuned….

Exhibition opportunity

24 04 2012

Lord Coconut has asked that I tell you all about a pretty super exhibition opportunity …

I like the idea very much!

exhibition media

Contact Lord Coconut for more information; applications close on 18th May 2012.