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30 06 2009

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‘Light Years: Photography and Space’ @ NGV

29 06 2009

I do like wandering around the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) International. After reading a post describing this exhibition on ArtBlart, I decided to see it for myself – especially as Marcus pointed out that a ‘highlight of the exhibition is a collection of more than 30 NASA photographs, on display for the first time in over twenty years‘.

The gallery-room is atmospheric, darkened and the music playing envelopes and encourages thoughts about such things as travelling away from Earth.

”]NASA, Neil Armstrong (photographer), Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. walks on the surface of the moon 1969 [click photograph to go to original]The exhibition media states: “In 1948, the British astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle speculated that “Once a photograph of the Earth, taken from outside, is available, we shall, in an emotional sense, acquire an additional dimension … and a new idea as powerful as any in history will be let loose.”  Hoyle encapsulated the immense anticipation that was felt in the mid-twentieth century, when the idea of leaving Earth and viewing it from afar was on the verge of becoming reality.

Viewing this exhibition was a lovely experience – genuine wonder is a rare experience.

Light Years‘ is at the NGV from 8th May – 27th September 2009.

for thought…

28 06 2009

A little personal anecdote for a Sunday morning … I have been caught up in an almighty Stevie Nick’s audio-crush. I love her melancholy and how she expresses raw pain bordering on vindictive hysteria (in a good way!). Thankfully, it hasn’t become so deep that I’ve started wearing handkerchief skirts – but I’ve asked my friends to keep watch.

  • from ‘Can’t Wait
    She wonders how many more hours
    Her heart will feel broken
    In secret she says she needs to see him
    But no words are spoken
  • from ‘Planets of The Universe
    Well, you’ll forget the chill of love
    But not the strain
    You will never love again
    The way you love me
    You will never rule again
    The way you ruled me
    You will never change again
    The way you’re changing
  • from ‘Silver Springs
    Time cast its spell on you,
    But you won’t forget me.
    I know I could have loved you,
    But you would not let me.
    I’ll follow you down till the sound
    Of my voice will haunt you.
    You’ll never get away from the sound
    Of the woman that loves you.

[from here and here]

Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places.

Blog roundup

27 06 2009

Just a few things this time:

  • RMIT G&S site advertises the annual G&S Jewellery Auction – mark the date in your diary: 20th August [post]
  • Katherine Bowman details her involvement in a wonderful embroidery project ‘Wisdom of Wordly Women’ in a series of posts [first post]
  • my favourite so far of Zoe Brand’s 365 project [post]

Happy reading!