30 06 2015

Regular readers will know of my love of Peaches + Keen – gorgeous women, beautiful artwork, amazing process and just all-around wonderfulness.

Perhaps you saw the segment featuring them on ABC 7:30 Report last night (29th June 2015)? If you haven’t yet, get on it.

Effectively Target – the retail behemoth – has been caught ripping off their designs.

SHAME Target.

I ask how can they possibly defend such an act?
The answer is pretty clear that they can’t – they ‘declined’ to be involved in the segment.

I can’t help but wonder:

  • did they buy the design from someone external to the organisation? If so, have they ceased all contracts with that external group, for they are essentially THIEVES
  • or were the designs made in-house? If so, Target is guilty of THEFT. Unacceptable.

It is absolutely certain this isn’t the first and only time – how many times have you done this Target? When will you STOP doing this?

Peaches + Keen have my highest regard and utmost respect … they already did, but they were so impressively strong and dignified in this interview! I feel they’ve handled this horrid situation in an elegant and courageous way. As many have said on their Instagram feed, “nailed it”.

If this were to ever happen to me (of course that’d require me to make something worthy of admiration and replication … so that’s clearly almost impossible), I would contact the IP lawyer in the ABC segment and also the journalist. If this has happened to you, perhaps you could do the same.

I hope this gives other independent artists encouragement to name-and-shame any retailer doing the same. I think it’s important to highlight such SHITTY behaviour. There is so much support in the community, you can be assured of like-minded makers and lovers-of-makers to get behind you and withdraw their spending from organisations engaging in such disgusting behaviour.

Also: my story from a number of years ago , “Copies and rip-offs

Know what though? I bet Peaches + Keen want to put all this behind them… and I really really hope that being so brave to tell their story will mean that many many more people will become aware of their amazingly beautiful work and that they will be loved more and by more ❤

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30 06 2015

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Metal price update

19 06 2015

My last update was a little over three months ago … erm, not much to report really.

1. Gold per gram in A$ :

as at 19Jun15; click on image for original source

as at 19Jun15; click on image for original source

1a. Gold per gram in US$ : the difference to the above graph will be due to the A$/US$ exchange rate:

as at 19Jun15; click on image for original source

as at 19Jun15; click on image for original source


2. Silver per kilogram in A$ :

as at 19Jun15; click on image for original source

as at 19Jun15; click on image for original source


previous metal price update: 10th March 2015


Experiment 9

8 06 2015

Mmm …

‘Study 009, Yellow-ish … but not quite as retina-burning as I wanted’

As you can tell by the title, it’s not quite what I was wanting to make.

Study 009

Study 009

It’s quite odd that I wanted to make a bright yellow weave … yellows and most oranges, and yellow-greens, are my least favoured colours.

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