Metal price tumble

30 09 2011

My last price update was only last week, but the bubble looks to have burst in that time… So to update:

2. Gold price in A$ for last 12 months

29th September 2011; gold in A$; click on image for original source (though this will show you information as at the date you click it)

That’s around A$150 per ounce; over 9% drop in price!

What about silver?

3. Silver price in US$ for last year.

29th September 2011; silver price in US$; 1 year graph; click on image for original source

Hey ho! A US$10 per ounce drop – that’s a 25% drop! Buy your silver now people…

Calendar: October 2011

30 09 2011

all month

  • ‘Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs‘, Melbourne Museum [link]; originally it was until 6th November (see here) but now apparently until 4th December
  • Artisan Gallery (Brisbane) ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor‘, which a number of our Melbourne jewellery friends are contributing to; “Featuring 100 stories of great Australian women who have broken the barriers in arts, sciences, humanities and sports and 100 brooches made in response to these stories by 100 of Australia’s most talented women jewellers, this exhibition celebrates the centenary of International Women’s Day.“; more here; until 12th November; apparently it will ‘tour’ over 2012/13

    exhibition media

  • Kaleidoscope: Art & Colour‘, NGV [link]; until 5th February 2012
  • Powerhouse Museum, ‘Love Lace‘ [link]; “This spectacular, ground-breaking exhibition of contemporary lace works by artists and designers from around the world showcases lace design in ways never before seen or ever imagined. See more than 130 lace works by 134 artists from 20 countries, drawn from finalists of the Powerhouse Museum’s third International Lace Award that attracted an outstanding field of 700 entries globally.“; check the list of artists involved here, including Melbourne jewellers Katherine Wheeler, Melissa Cameron, Mary Hackett, Michaela Bruton, Stephen Gallagher, Tessa Blazey; until April 2012

1st October: Part B Melbourne jeweller gathering at Craft Victoria to see Katherine Bowman ‘Locutions‘ [link]; please see my review post

1st October: last day for application to Talente [link; “annual international competition for young people involved in craft, design or technology.Talente’s aim is to promote young people with a particular manual talent and show something new and exceptional that has been made by hand.

1st October: last day for window installation (for 24-hour viewing) at Pieces of Eight, Lucas Grogan ‘Lullaby Islands

1st October: last day for e.g.etal, Kathryn Wardill ‘Adversity‘ [link]; “It is one thing to make items about difficult subjects, it is another to make during difficult events. The artist has adapted to ways of making jewellery while going through a difficult time in her life. The work is heavy in weight, scale and colour. The surfaces are blackened and rough. The techniques used in the creation of these forms have been limited to the minimum required for each. The work is highly personal, the titles of the pieces offering the viewer a glimpse into the events of the last six months of the artist’s life.“; see my review post

2nd October: last day for RMIT First Site Gallery, ‘Wondernamel’ [link] curated by Kirsten Haydon; “Wondernamel is an invented word based on the idea of the curiosity cabinet originally called a wonder room or wunderkammer in German. Historically the wonder room was for the collection of objects including but not limited to scientific specimens, art and antiquities. Wondernamel illustrates the joy of colour and intensity of jewellery and object making that is united by the use of enamel. “;[see my previous stories about this series of exhibition]; see my review post

4th October: Pieces of Eight, Robert Baines ‘Frisches Fleisch – Fresh Meat‘ [link]; “His exhibition at Pieces of Eight Gallery sees Baines create a commentary on what he views to be the endangerment of the original idea and the practice of plagiarism in contemporary jewellery. Utilizing the technique of casting, something not typically seen in his work, he furthers his case and punctuates his argument by the frequent inclusion in many of the pieces of the Rothschild Red Giraffe, itself an endangered species.“; until 12th November

exhibition media

7th October: RMIT public lecture series, “What My Hands Taught Me” Tim McCreight, author of ‘The Complete Metalsmith’, talks about his career at the bench; 6pm, $5; [link]

9th October: last day for ‘Vienna: Art & Design‘, NGV [link]

10th October: e.g.etal, Jasmine Watson [link; site]; until 29th October

11th October: Gallery Funaki, David Bielander ‘ripsnorter’ [link]; until 5th November

exhibition media

14th October: Gallery Counihan (Brunswick Town Hall), Nicole Polentas [artist profile] and Christopher Earl Milbourne, ‘Psychomanteum‘ [link]; “Christopher Earl Milbourne and Nicole Polentas explore the intersections between history and cultural memory. Symbolic evocations of place are manifest in jewellery, small-scale sculpture and song.“; artist talk 15th October; until 6th November

exhibition media

15th October: last day for Craft Victoria, ‘Locutions (the loved one)‘ Katherine Bowman [link]; “locution n. 1. a particular form of expression; a phrase or expression. 2. a style of speech or verbal expression; phraseology. (from Latin locutio an utterance, from locui to speak); please see my review post

16th October: last day for Robert Baines ‘A Visible Likeness‘, at Glen Eira City Council [link]; “Glen Eira City Council is delighted to present a major survey exhibition of nationally and internationally renowned jeweller and goldsmith Robert Baines – one of Australia’s most iconic jewellery practitioners. The exhibition will survey more than 35 years of Robert’s practice, celebrating his exceptional technical and artistic skills and creative achievements. Curated by Diane Soumilas, the exhibition will feature more than 50 key works sourced from major public gallery and museum collections as well as private collections in Australia.

28th October – 1st November: RMIT workshop “How to make a Rip-Snorter. classic old world skills meet new ideas. David Bielander, Switzerland” [link]; “What makes a good jewellery piece? Why do you want to turn your brainchild into jewellery? Why do you want people to wear your piece? When do we think, when do we make? How authentic is your work? This is a workshop about mastering the process between the spark of an idea to a convincing piece, without loosing the fun, flow, the lightness and spontaneity on the path. The source of the spark will be the departure point of the investigation.EXCITED! I’m going!

workshop media; click on image for original source

28th October: last day for application to December 2011 Craft Hatch [link]

31st October: last day for application to Bricolage Design Award [link], “The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Tasmania; Are you concerned about the large amount of waste Australians generate? Have you ever been inspired to make something from these potentially wasted resources? Tasmanian artist are invited to enter The Bricolage Design Prize. The Bricolage Design Prize was initiated in 2008,as an annual event to encourage entrants to develop a marketable product from a reliable source of inert industrial waste.

please tell me of other exhibitions – especially the graduate shows coming up!

plan ahead for [see also]:

16th December: last day for applications to Preziosa Young 2012 [link]; “This is an exhibition of young goldsmith/artists selected for their individual research and for the originality of their creations. Jewellery pieces may be created using any materials.

10 – 13 February 2012: JEMPOSIUM: Jewellery or What; International Jewellery Symposium; Wellington, New Zealand [link]; “JEMposium brings together contemporary jewellers, collectors, curators, critics, and jewellery enthusiasts from New Zealand and abroad to discuss and celebrate the art of jewellery. Keynote speakers: Ted Noten (NL), Manon van Kouswijk (NL/AUS), Karl Fritsch (FRG/NZ), Fabrizio Tridenti (IT), Liesbeth den Besten (NL); Events: Premiere opening, Two days of themed presentations, panel-led discussion, PechaKucha 20×20, Masterclass sessions, Pin Swap; Topics: Ideas into materials, Materials into ideas, Distribution;  Early bird registrations close 31 October

1st June 2012: last day for application to New Traditional Jewellery 2012 award; “International design contest and exhibition New Traditional Jewellery 2012: international design contest and exhibition. For the 2012 design contest and exhibition the professional jury of New Traditional Jewellery (NTJ) has chosen the theme ‘NEW NOMADS’, because both literally and figuratively this theme offers many possibilities for inspiration. The history of jewellery is as old as mankind. While people went in search of parts with the best living conditions they carried their valuables with them, wearing them on their bodies. Jewellery that represents economic and social status, as it still does nowadays in the case of nomadic tribes. The dissemination of religions went hand in hand with an unprecedented range of religious jewellery and ornaments, ranging from small containers for religious texts to reliquaries and portable altars.” [link]

… last calendar post: October 2011 sneak peek

Katherine Bowman ‘Locutions’ @ Craft Victoria

28 09 2011


Katherine Bowman‘s exhibition ‘Locutions (the loved object)‘ at Craft Victoria left me lost for words.

photograph taken with gallery permission

Exhibition media: “Poetry and craftsmanship in artist’s new exhibition, two years in the making

locution n. 1. a particular form of expression; a phrase or expression. 2. a style of speech or verbal expression; phraseology. (from Latin locutio an utterance, from locui to speak)

Katherine Bowman’s new work examines the way we imbue objects and artefacts with meaning. Through a series of small box like vessels, themes of containment, secrecy, talismanic power and personal mythology come together to create a collection of mysterious and quiet pieces that draw the viewer in like a small poem. Pulling inspiration from sources as diverse as Federico Garcia Lorca, Jean Baudrillard and Nick Cave, these intricately decorated boxes not only provide a secret space to carry one’s true self but a shelter for the vulnerable heart and the spirit animus.

photograph taken with gallery permission

I appreciated, and understood the artist process better by, the accompaniment of the objects with the watercolour paintings – I am baffled by, and admire, artists who paint and then make from the paintings (another who comes to mind is Hermann Junger) … I find it amazing!

The objects spoke to me more than the paintings though … incredible. Three of the five especially made their presence felt strongly:

photograph taken with gallery permission

I am absolutely in love with the white wine cup above … I dearly wanted to take it home, though the three are a group to stay together. They endear themselves even more for their reference of embroidery, a long-time love of mine too. They are engraved on the outer sides, which cannot be seen above, but can be in images on Katherine’s blog – beautiful.

The objects on a simple table is a beautiful presentation; though I was a little unsure of the wood colour and grain against the surfaces and beauty of the objects … though I must admit to not being able to offer an alternative. Though that said, I can see that the plain simplicity of the unadorned wood could be seen as a foil for the objects too … so perhaps it’s just a matter of difference in aesthetics (and/or my misunderstanding of the connection).

photograph taken with gallery permission

Regular readers will know how much I admire Katherine and her work … though it still surprises me that no matter how much I respect and admire and covet the works of an artist, I still find it difficult to connect with representation of animals! It’s just weird to me, I’m not sure why it’s a problem … though I have written about it a number of times before.

Katherine’s sensitivity and respect of the artistic process translate so well from jewellery into objects – I’m so happy she has a place to show her exhibition, and I congratulate her on the beautiful work. The connections are clear to the work I remember seeing of hers when I was still at RMIT in my degree and she was having her masters show (I think?) at Craft Vic – black embossed containers / houses.

It is absolutely worth making time to see this exhibition.

Locutions (the loved object)‘ is at Craft Victoria until 15th October 2011;
and there is an artist floor talk at 2pm on 8th October 2011.

Update (30th September): see also the post on Craft Victoria blog

‘Wondernamel’ @ RMIT First Site Gallery

26 09 2011

I must have missed last year’s show, but certainly made the 2009 one, and am so happy I could find the time to see the 2011 ‘Wondernamel‘ exhibition at RMIT First Site Gallery – enamelling work from students of RMIT.

installation - Aurelia Yeomans, Katie Britchford, Annie Gobel, Naoko Inuzuka

Exhibition media: “Wondernamel is an invented word based on the idea of the curiosity cabinet originally called a wonder room or wunderkammer in German. Historically the wonder room was for the collection of objects including but not limited to scientific specimens, art and antiquities. Wondernamel illustrates the joy of colour and intensity of jewellery and object making that is united by the use of enamel.

installation - Inari Kiuru, Robyn Hosking, Aurelia Yeomans, Naoko Inuzuka

When I walked out of the gallery the words that were playing in my mind were about “maturity”. This exhibition demonstrates maturity in how enamel is now being approached as a material.

There is more experimentation; more volume and three-dimensional pieces; more use of enamelling as a means to introduce colour and surface texture – as opposed to just flat pieces that appear to be simply exercises in enamelling technique and then set in a piece.

It seems to me that this exhibition speaks volumes about the evolution and ‘maturity’ of the approach to enamelling within RMIT. I was impressed and inspired!

installation: Lucinda Knight, Joelle Peters, Inari Kiuru, Lindy McSwan

Participating artists (alphabetically by surname):

  • Katie Britchford [blog]
  • Annie Gobel
  • Robyn Hosking
  • Naoko Inuzuka [site] – award winner
  • Inari Kiuru [blog] – award winner
  • Lucinda Knight [blog]
  • Wendy Korol
  • Lindy McSwan
  • Joelle Peters
  • Aurelia Yeomans [kit and caboodle profile]

installation; Wendy Korol, Annie Gobel, Lindy McSwan, Lucinda Knight

Go, it is absolutely worth a visit!

Wondernamel‘ is at the RMIT First Site Gallery until 2nd October 2011.

Kathryn Wardill ‘Adversity’ @ e.g.etal

25 09 2011

When I noticed that the ring in the image on the invitation included “recycled 18ct yellow gold wedding ring”, and the title was ‘Adversity‘, I felt Kathryn Wardill‘s exhibition at e.g.etal may be a very personal one. I wasn’t wrong.

exhibition media

Exhibition media:
Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.” (Cormac McCarthy)
For Kathryn Wardill, poor concentration and skills, a creeping lack of judgement, inability to sustain work ethics and difficulty adhering to timelines were complications encountered in the making of some 40 rings. In fact, these difficulties have indelibly influenced the nature of her new series, Adversity. This collection of rings explores the emotional and physical consequences of adversity, exploring the ways in which difficult personal situations affect the making process from a conceptual and technical perspective.

With some of the rings in the collection titled ‘Split’, ‘Red Hot Tears’, ‘Whole Split in Half’ … I felt pain. I felt that I was trespassing into the artist’s private life. Even though I of course recognise that the artist has invited us there by showing the exhibition, I actually felt a little uncomfortable and that perhaps I now ‘knew too much’ in a strange way (I’m very private, so like to treat others the same way).

exhibition media; click on image for original source

The above group, called ‘Bouquet – Flowers Fall‘, on first glance reminded me of Nina Oikawa’s claw-set work. But of course on closer consideration it is completely different – the technique and materials totally different, and their intent totally different. I am sometimes plagued by these kind of ‘reminders’ on initial glance, but am very careful to work through it to clear it and to see the new work as the artist made it.

The e.g.etal blog has an interview with Kathryn about this group of work and the exhibition here.

Adversity‘ is at e.g.etal until 1st October 2011.

Fun-day Friday

24 09 2011

Yesterday was fun-day Friday – one of my regular fortnightly days off work.
I LOVE fun-day Friday!

What did I do I hear you ask?? Well …

  • brunch with two of my beautiful studio-mates and the gorgeous Peaches and Keen
    … hence the new jewellery collection post yesterday
  • visited ‘Wondernamel‘ at RMIT First Site Gallery
    … hence a post will be published Monday
  • visited Kathryn Wardill’s ‘Adversity‘ at e.g.etal
    … hence a post will be published tomorrow
  • visited Katherine Bowman’s ‘Locutions (the loved object)‘ at Craft Vic
    … hence a post will be published Wednesday

Then a walk in the mild spring sunshine full of inspiration and art-love.

My jewellery collection #23

23 09 2011

As I wrote in my recent post about the Peaches and Keen exhibition, I have added a new Lucy Hearn (also see artist profile) piece to my collection.

That makes five! [see my collection #13, #9, #7 and #6]

beautiful Lucy Hearn necklace

I wonder if I have the largest collection of Lucy’s pieces (outside her own collection of course)!?

There is such joy and colour in this piece.
It made me smile to wear it today, especially walking in the sunshine.

Plus – it’s my 23rd piece and it’s the 23rd today – yay!

… previous post on my jewellery collection #22