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31 07 2015

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No, I don’t like it

26 07 2015

I’ve returned to the experiments after a few weeks hiatus. This time I thought I’d play with chance and randomness – selecting the papers with my eyes closed, without intent, and using them in the order they were chosen.

Study 010: oh dear, it’s quite ugly

Study 010

Study 010

You can tell by the awful title, I don’t like it.

I used the randomly chosen colours for the set of papers shown in the image as horizontal (though I refer to that direction as the ‘verticals’, as they’re that way when I weave them … I should probably do a bit of reading and use ‘real’ weaving terms). Then decided to order the papers in a more pleasing colour-order to weave the other way.

working on it

working on it

I really don’t like it. Though somehow I’m compelled to keep looking at at. Perhaps I’m hoping for an epiphany or a lead on the next experiment…

New perspectives

3 07 2015

I have some of my weaving experiments propped against a wall in my living room … to offer inspiration, encouragement for more exploration.

I’m very particular about how I display them … the orientation (landscape, portrait), the ordering of the colours, the order of the panels.

when cleaners attack

when cleaners attack

I’ve had to come to accept that my cleaners don’t have a photographic memory to remember how the panels were before they moved them to dust … and so, on cleaning day, I return home to find them rearranged quite randomly.

It has been known to cause me angst. Though now I think I’ve come to appreciate the new perspectives an unexpected reordering can give me.