Sunset 11th January 2016

14 01 2016

There was a great storm.
This is the colour of the sunset, facing east.






[photographs taken with my mobile, no filter, no alteration but for a little cropping]
[images not to be used without author permission]

Show it

29 05 2015

A little while ago I wrote of my consternation over whether to display or hide my jewellery.

“Show” has won out.

to display

to display

I’m still toying with the arrangement … and may continue to do so for years to come.

The little ring holders are from another successful Etsy buying experiment, as was the brass-glass case behind; the cuff is one I made a few years ago for a Lord Coconut ‘Art of the Cuff‘ exhibition; and of course you know my rings by Helen Britton, Katherine Bowman, Suzi Zutic.


27 05 2015

It has been a little while since I last witnessed such a lovely sunrise.

It did make me smile.


27May15, approx 0730


27May15, approx 0745

All’s quiet

22 02 2015

It’s been a little quite in my world lately … I’ve been somewhat corporeally challenged, and so my energy levels haven’t been what I’d like them to be. Hence, no exhibition visiting; therefore, little posting. Sorry.

Perhaps a photograph of a recent sunrise will make up for it.

sunrise 08Feb15

sunrise 08Feb15

[This image has also been shared on my instagram … ]