All’s quiet

22 02 2015

It’s been a little quite in my world lately … I’ve been somewhat corporeally challenged, and so my energy levels haven’t been what I’d like them to be. Hence, no exhibition visiting; therefore, little posting. Sorry.

Perhaps a photograph of a recent sunrise will make up for it.

sunrise 08Feb15

sunrise 08Feb15

[This image has also been shared on my instagram … ]

Beauty in suburbia

10 12 2014

The original ceiling of room that was once the front room of a beautiful home, and now part of a suburban cafe.

what's not to love?

what’s not to love?

Lesson for today: look up.

Beauty in the countryside

27 11 2014

I recently spent a few days in Hepburn Springs and quite a few of the places I popped into had the loveliest of Art Deco decor…

Red Star cafe

Red Star cafe

Thanks to WitMyt for the tip!

Spring blooms

28 09 2014

Yes yes yes … there have been many jewellery goings-ons lately, though I have been ensconced either at home or at work.

Never fear, I have plans for some visiting in the near future.

In the meantime, spring is beautiful in my back yard.

garden 28Sep14

garden 28Sep14

Spring nuts

17 09 2014

I do love Spring.

Best season.

gum nuts

gum nuts

Sunrise series

24 08 2014

This is my favourite series of sunrise photographs I’ve taken to date.

It was the most astonishing sunrise I’ve ever seen. Full. Stop.

sunrise series

sunrise series


9 08 2014

It’s been a while between beautiful sunrises.

Thankfully there was one this morning – just the encouragement I needed.

sunrise 09Aug14

sunrise 09Aug14