Calendar: November 2012

31 10 2012

all month

  • Craft Victoria, jewellery bonanza!! until 1st December
    (1) Melinda Young and Lauren Simeoni ‘unnatural tendencies‘ [link] and ‘unnatural acts‘ [link] [see my review post]
    (2) Anna Davern & Lucy James ‘The Lost Voyage of Captain Foley and the HMS Laburnum‘ [link] [see my review post]
    (3) Phoebe Porter ‘Unfold‘ [link] [see my review post]
  • Powerhouse Museum, ‘Love Lace‘ [link]; until April 2013

3rd November: last day for e.g.etal, Julia deVille ‘Bequeath‘ [link]

3rd November: last day for Studio 20/17 (Sydney) ‘Forever Plastic‘ Leanne Marshall & Hannah Clyde [link]

6th November: Studio 20/17, ‘Imprint’ – a collection of two part rings by Claire Townsend [link]; until 17th November

8th November: Moreland Summer Show, Counihan Gallery (Brunswick) [link]; “The Gallery’s annual group exhibition invites applications from practicing artists who live or work in the City of Moreland. Artists are invited to consider the many and varied interpretations of the circle, its numerical, symbolic, and literal qualities or its formal, abstract and imaginative attributes. Artists are encouraged to propose new work that responds to this motif in a creative and imaginative way.

9th November: ‘As above, so below‘ Graduate exhibition, RMIT Object based Practice – Gold and Silversmithing and Ceramics (the new name for the old Gold and Silversmithing degree, combined now with ceramics) [facebook, link]; Victorian Artists Society [link]; until 19th November

exhibition media; piece by Elisa Sheehan

10th November: Print Weave Make Open Day at (1) Australian Print Workshop [link]; next on 17th and 24th

12th November: NGV ‘Containment2012 Cicely & Colin Rigg Contemporary Design Award [link]; “The participating artists in 2012 are: Garry Bish, Robin Bold, Emma Davies, Mark Edgoose, Neville French, Titania Henderson, Marian Hosking, Richard Morrell, Ian Mowbray, David Pottinger, David Ray, Owen Rye, Yhonnie Scarce and Katherine Wheeler.“; until 21st July 2013

15th November: A public lecture by Catherine Truman, established contemporary jeweller and object-maker and co-founder of Gray Street Workshop. RMIT Object based Practice 2012 Lecture Series, 5.30-6.30 PM, RMIT University : City Campus : Building 10 Level 11 Room 03

event media (detail)

16th November: Gallery Funaki, Catherine Truman ‘some uncertain facts‘ [link]; until 8th December

16th November: NMIT Graduate exhibitionKaleidoscope‘, Northcote Town Hall; until 25th November

16th November: Lord Coconut, ‘Body to Body‘ Ellen Pitman [link]; “The works presented in ‘Body to Body, replicates the surface of butchered meat, replacing blood for precious metals. The work examines, replicates and recasts the surface of butchered meat and reforms it into items of jewellery to be worn on the body.“; until 1st December

exhibition media

17th November: Print Weave Make Open Day at (2) Australian Tapestry Workshop [link]; next on 24th

17th November: last day for Pieces of Eight, Karla Way ‘Evolutions‘ [link]

20th November: ‘Resting Points‘ exhibition, RMIT Object based Practice – Gold and Silversmithing and Ceramics (the new name for the old Gold and Silversmithing degree, combined now with ceramics) – think this must be the 1st and 2nd year groups [link]

exhibition media

20th November: Studio 20/17, Bridie Lander ‘Silver & Sulphur‘ [link]; until 1st December

20th November: ‘Idol Hands‘, Box Hill Institute 2012 graduate exhibition of the Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (specialising in jewellery), SJS Gallery [link]; until 2nd December

24th November: Print Weave Make Open Day at (3) Craft Victoria [link]

please tell me of other exhibitions or events
also check out Melissa Cameron’s excellent informative blog (especially for competitions)

plan ahead

1st February 2013: applications close for Bendigo Gallery Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award [link]; this looks to be the new equivalent for the previously-named BUDA award?

… last calendar post: Calendar: November 2012 sneak peek

Phoebe Porter ‘Unfold’ @ Craft

30 10 2012

More magic at Craft (formerly Craft Victoria): Phoebe Porter‘s ‘Unfold‘.

I absolutely loved this collection – their arrangement, their stark minimal contrast to the magnificent colour explosion in the adjacent rooms, their fineness, order and formality.

photograph taken with gallery permission

The inclusion of the making video and two large pieces of working equipment made it an informative visit too (especially fabulous for non-makers; giving a context that isn’t often seen).

Exhibition media: “The title Unfold has a dual meaning that alludes to both Porter’s technique of folding sheet metal to create jewellery pieces and her attempt to reveal the making process to the audience. Connections and joins in the pieces are clearly expressed, highlighting the methods of construction used in each design. Porter’s making process is revealed to the audience by this expression of construction within the pieces themselves as well as through the inclusion of video documentation in the exhibition alongside the finished works.

photograph taken with gallery permission

I was tempted to take one home with me (well, when the exhibition is over of course!) … I’m still considering it …

Phoebe Porter ‘Unfold‘ is at Craft until 1st December 2012.

‘unnatural acts’ & ‘unnatural tendencies’ @ Craft

29 10 2012

The bonanza of awesomeness at Craft (formerly Craft Victoria) continues with ‘unnatural tendencies‘ and ‘unnatural acts‘.

The first, ‘unnatural tendencies‘, is a collection by Melinda Young and Lauren Simeoni.

photograph taken with gallery permission

Exhibition media: “unnatural tendencies is the latest incarnation of Simeoni and Young’s collaboration and draws inspiration from a shared unnatural materials and the imagined narratives that they suggest. unnatural Tendancies is also informed by the subtle, unnatural shifts between the inner suburbs of Adelaide and Sydney, particularly in relation to the areas’ botany, architecture, people and sensibilities at once so similar, yet slightly strange. the works in Simeoni and Young exhibition are distillations of conversations, drawings and the time spent exploring the backways and byways of their inner suburbias. Their work reveals things that are both natural and unnatural, where there is a sensory shift in place. The duo has created strangely beautiful wearable objects, inspired by their surroundings then filtered through time and space.

The second, ‘unnatural acts‘, is curated by Melinda and Lauren.

photograph taken with gallery permission

Exhibition media: “Each artist in unnatural acts was sent a bag of materials consisting of an odd collection of fake fruits, vegetables and other plant matter. Their brief was simply to make a small collection of wearable jewellery using or responding to the contents of the bag. For most of the participants the brief required an ‘unnatural act’ to be performed outside of the comfort zone of their usual making. The results are diverse and exciting.

Participating jewellers are:

  • Anna Davern [site]
  • Caz Guiney [site]
  • Kath Inglis [site]
  • Bridget Kennedy [site]
  • Peta Kruger [site]
  • Sim Luttin  [site]
  • Natalia Milosz-Piekarska [blog]
  • Mark Vaarwerk [site]

Such a gorgeous room of colour! The arrangement of the work by colour is especially lovely.

Also check out their blog.

unnatural tendencies‘ and ‘unnatural acts‘ are at Craft until 1st December 2012.


Update [3rd November]: some more beautiful images and text just now published on Melinda’s blog here; PLUS Zoe Brand has published her opening speech too!


Farewell dear blanket

27 10 2012

When I was younger, I liked making things.
I crocheted lots.
Usually using donated or leftover wool from neighbours and family.

I made this awesome blanket … perhaps I was 10 or so.
I feel my colour selections and combinations are magnificent.

dear blanket

Sadly dear blanket hasn’t aged well.
Some of the yarn has deteriorated and disappeared.
I feel it’s beyond rescue.

It’s time to let go.
Farewell dear blanket.

‘The Lost Voyage of Captain Foley and the HMS Laburnum’ @ Craft

26 10 2012

You must immediately stop what you’re doing and race down to Craft (formerly Craft Victoria). It is imperative. [Unless of course it’s not within their opening hours, or you have children to tend, and so forth … you know, be sensible and stuff!]

Anyhoo, it is a veritable bonanza of awesomeness at Craft.
There are three magnificent exhibitions you simply must see.

In gallery three is ‘The Lost Voyage of Captain Foley and the HMS Laburnum‘ by Lucy James and Anna Davern.

photograph taken with gallery permission

Have you ever walked into a gallery space and just smiled with delight? My friend and I did just that with this exhibition. It is an absolute joy.

photograph taken with gallery permission

Exhibition media: “The Lost Voyage of Captain Foley and the HMS Laburnum taps into the mysteries of ‘under the sea’ and ‘into the woods’ and explores and exploits the unknown, the uncanny and the unbelievable.

Artists Anna Davern and Lucy James will combine their shared obsessions of collage, composition and storytelling to present a tongue-in-cheek perspective of colonialism and the 18th Century fascination for the bizarre creatures that were brought back from the strange new continent of Australia.

Referencing the sea and the voyages taken by these creatures, Davern and James propose an alternative result of these expeditions: a ship loaded with live specimens is overwhelmed by a large mythological wave which changes things: koalas find homes in over-sized seashells; sea bass snuggle in wallaby pouches; hybridised creatures gain super powers from their new environments, and animals gain the use of opposable thumbs.

photograph taken with gallery permission

There is so much to enjoy here. I especially loved the piece called ‘I forgot my lunch‘ (I think that was its name). It’s possible I may have skipped just a little bit with joy.

Others who have loved this exhibition include VettiLiveinNorthcote, Lucy James has some beautiful images on her blog, as has Anna Davern on Northcity4’s blog.

The Lost Voyage of Captain Foley and the HMS Laburnum‘ is at Craft until 1st December 2012.

Metal price update

25 10 2012

My last update was only a couple of months ago – but I saw on the news last night the metal prices had dropped a little.

As at 24th October 2012:

1. Gold price in US$ for last 12 months

as at 24th October 2012; click on image for original source

2. Gold price in A$ for last 12 months.

as at 24th October 2012; click on image for original source

3. Silver price in US$ for last 12 months

as at 24th October 2012; click on image for original source

Quite interesting.

Pearl threading this Sunday

24 10 2012

Oopsy, sorry for the late notice.

If I was feeling super-fabulous, I’d totally be there!

event media; click on image for original source