Calendar posts

15 03 2014

Usually I publish a calendar post on the last day of the month for the coming month (eg. on 31st March for April), and also on the 15th of the month with a sneak peek of the coming month and to catchup on anything that I missed in the preceding post for the current month (eg. on 15th March for missing March things and early warning for April things).

Looking through the pages of my blog though, I feel like that’s too many calendar posts.

Therefore I’ve decided to no longer publish the mid-month calendar post. I will continue with the monthly posts (of course!), and to make up for the absence of the mid-month ones those posts will be progressively updated during the month with new things I may have missed at first publication. So unlike most of my posts, they’ll be a kind of living beast that may change from one look to the next. Oooh, tricksy.

Plus, to make it easy to find, there’s now a little box on the top right of the page (below the search panel) that will link to the latest calendar post.

Just thought you’d like to know.


Update (9th May 2015): I have also decided to collapse old calendar posts and hide all detail behind a ‘see more’ click – to save loading time and because when I read through a few pages at a time the older calendar posts just seem outdated and uninteresting. All the information will remain, you’ll just need an extra click to see it!




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