NMIT ‘Kaleidoscope’ @ Northcote Town Hall

21 11 2012

By serendipity I found myself in Northcote earlier today, so popped in to see ‘Kaleidoscope‘, the NMIT graduate (Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery), 2yrs) exhibition.

photograph taken with student representative permission

There are some highly technical constructions here, and much shiny-ness(?), and quite a lot to like.

It’s a shame there weren’t take home works-lists – it would have made it easier to remember everyone’s work and a good keepsake.

Again enameling made a strong appearance. Also, I noticed some more Choum Iybsa than I’d seen in previous years, so wonder if that was a new skill taught during the course or if the students found their own way to the technique…

photograph taken with student representative permission

Participating artists are (as per media listing):

  • Emily Becher [blog]
  • Olivia Boyle
  • Anita Crowther [remember her splendid neckpiece at last year’s auction?]
  • Jo Hawley – I really liked the formality and simplicity of her work, the forms were beautiful
  • Annelies Hofmeyr [update: site] – her enameled cloud sculptures were lovely and very well executed
  • Sarah Johnson – her construction looks amazingly complex!
  • Sarah Kerr [facebook]
  • Maria Natoli [facebook]
  • Sophie Prestige
  • Maryam Satar
  • Alannah Sheridan
  • Yuan Yuan Xi [update: facebook]
  • Sylvia Ballerini [facebook]
  • Amber Craven
  • Jacques Cudis
  • Rachael Fares [update: facebook]
  • Qiaojian (Hannah) He
  • Kieran Jackson
  • Felicity Large [update: site]
  • Tess McAuslan-King
  • Caroline McQueen [site]
  • Niamh Minogue – I liked her enameled pendants so much I bought the dark blue one (after this photograph!); I loved how these were displayed, a mixture between museum layout and Warwick Freeman-esk investigation group – much to love

    photograph taken with student representative permission; sorry it’s dark, I didn’t use flash

  • Louise Napolitano
  • Ann O’Connor
  • Elizabeth Rich
  • Massimo Todaro
  • Katrina van Domburgh [tumblr]
  • Kim White
  • Lisa Williams
  • Nicole Smith

There’s a lot to like – get along.
If you’re interested, check out my post on last year’s exhibition ‘Auteur‘.
Also check out Jessica Helen’s post, with the award listing too.

One curious matter is the lack of internet presence of these artists … something I’ll expand on in another post soon.

Kaleidoscope‘ is at Northcote Town Hall until 25th November 2012, open weekends too.

NMIT graduates ‘Auteur’ @ Northcote Town Hall

29 11 2011

It’s that time of year – many graduate exhibitions to visit.

The NMIT graduate (Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery), 2yrs) exhibition is ‘Auteur‘ at the Northcote Town Hall.

image taken with permission

Participating artists are: Emilia Athanasiadis, Katia Di Crescenzo, Emily Jane Edwards, Maximillian Egan, Tatiana Torres Garcia, Carla Garro [site], Maha Ghobrial [site; particularly liked the enamelled neckpiece], Rayin Haining, Jayde Hollingworth, Kate Jungwirth [site; her pieces were quiet and beautifully made], Carole Kernohan, Jenny Maynard, Rikki Moore, Rebecca Munn, Asha Nicholas, Larah Nott, Stephanie Putker, Chanittha (Gibby) Satitphat, Penny Scallan, Siobhan Elise Schembri, Paula Slutskin, Chloe Smith [blog], Rhiannon Smith, Michelle Stewart [site], Khanittha (Karen) Suwitthayaporn, Ilze Svarcs [site], Jessica Helen Travassoros [site], Chi Trung Trinh, Henrietta Walker, Joel Walton [I really liked his ‘Orbit’ piece, and think it’d look great as an object], Robert Withall.

image taken with permission

I wrote in my review post on the last NMIT exhibition of the different focuses of NMIT and RMIT. I don’t want to repeat myself, but it’s hard not to notice – especially when I visit the exhibitions on the same day. The most obvious observation is that the NMIT exhibition has so much more highly polished metal (not a finish I like unfortunately).

image taken with gallery permission

If you’re interested, check out my post on last year’s exhibition ‘Forge‘.

I’ve seen so much art today, I have art fatigue!!

Auteur‘ is at Northcote Town Hall until 27th November 2011.

NMIT Graduates ‘Forge’ @ Northcote Town Hall

17 11 2010

If you want to see an absolutely magnificent graduate jewellery exhibition, make sure you make time to get along to the Northcote Town Hall to see the NMIT Graduate and second year student’s exhibition ‘Forge‘.

I am always impressed by the professionalism and handskills of the NMIT graduate shows [last year’s review is here and their auction review is here].

installation; photograph taken with permission

It’s interesting to compare the RMIT and NMIT exhibitions, as I’ve seen them so close together it’s hard not to… I’ve said before that the focus at NMIT on handskills is well-known, and the exhibition really does show this. That’s not to say that handskills aren’t in evidence at the RMIT exhibition, but the consistency is more obvious at NMIT. And it’s certainly not a reflection on the abilities of the respective students, but more the focus of the institutions.

I was presented with a beautifully produced booklet upon walking into the NMIT exhibition, for free. How wonderful. It wasn’t just me, everyone was … I’m not that famous!

installation; photograph taken with permission

Artists exhibiting this year are below (in alphabetic order). I’ve added their links, where I didn’t have them before, to my links page.

  • Ryuta Amagasa [website]
  • Anny Apostoplidis – thread-festooned bowls are spectacular
  • Annie Broadway [website] – Circle object was my favourite piece in the show
  • Renae Burton
  • Vanessa Caruso [website] – hatpins my friend and I very much liked
  • Anastasia Chiappalone
  • Eleni Coroneos – hairclips were a fantastic shape, but with short hair a brooch would have been better for me (I did consider taking one home before realising)
  • Laura Eyles
  • Sophie Ferriroli – incredible silversmithing is on show in the arresting chastity item as you enter the room (forefront in above image)
  • Paige Fountain [website]
  • Fatima Grant
  • Cemil Jimmy Gulasi
  • Joanna Harris-Macneil – pale blue enamelled earrings I thought were lovely (though I don’t wear earrings)
  • Paolo Hernandez-Camargo
  • Carly Jacobs [website]
  • Jacqueline Joosen
  • Emma Luke [website] – her striking Metropolis-esque neckpieces unfortunately were not published in the booklet
  • Nichola Prendergast
  • Kim Russell
  • Anjila Singh – little bowls were lovely
  • Giao Tran – who we got to speak to on the day of our visit
  • Naomi Walsh
  • Luna Zucchi [website] – rings were the subject of intense trying-on and buying-musing of a fellow gallery visitor when I was there

installation; photograph taken with permission

Huge congratulations to the artists!

Forge‘ is at Northcote Town Hall until 21st November 2010 – that’s only this weekend, make sure you go!

NMIT graduates ‘MINT’ @ Northcote Town Hall

16 11 2009

Each year I visit the exhibition of jewellery and objects from the NMIT graduates of the Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology, I am impressed. This year is no exception.

MINT‘ is at the Northcote Town Hall; there are lots of pieces, from 35 students and many are for sale or similar works can be made to order.


photograph taken with permission

Some pieces I think worth mentioning include:

  • Melanie Rice’s enamelling pieces are accomplished
  • a dramatic tiara by Priscilla Daffen
  • the black bowl and hanging object by Mary Hackett
  • a gently shaped bowl by Josephine Gaetani
  • proud and elegant vessels by Sarah Heyward

photograph taken with permission

The handskills are very very good and all of the pieces are incredibly accomplished. As almost everything is so well finished and crafted, however, I found that for me there were only a handful of pieces that were truly exciting in the raw kind of way I enjoy seeing in emerging artists. That’s not to take anything away from the work exhibited – this is a show all aspiring and current jewellery students should visit.

See more images of the work on the MINT blog and be sure to click on the slide show.  Also see the review of the show by the lovely VettiLiveinNorthcote!

I visited the exhibition twice on Saturday, and on one of the visits overheard a conversation that compared the different styles and student experiences of NMIT and RMIT… I’ve touched a little on this before and think it is a really interesting and important topic and intend to write more about it in the future … If you’ve studied at either, especially if you’ve studied at both, I’d love to hear from you if you’d be happy for me to ask you many questions about your experiences (for a future story). Either email me or leave a comment; also, I’m happy to respect any requests for anonymity too, so don’t let that stop you volunteering!

MINT‘ is at the Northcote Town Hall until 21st November 2009.