NMIT ‘Kaleidoscope’ @ Northcote Town Hall

21 11 2012

By serendipity I found myself in Northcote earlier today, so popped in to see ‘Kaleidoscope‘, the NMIT graduate (Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery), 2yrs) exhibition.

photograph taken with student representative permission

There are some highly technical constructions here, and much shiny-ness(?), and quite a lot to like.

It’s a shame there weren’t take home works-lists – it would have made it easier to remember everyone’s work and a good keepsake.

Again enameling made a strong appearance. Also, I noticed some more Choum Iybsa than I’d seen in previous years, so wonder if that was a new skill taught during the course or if the students found their own way to the technique…

photograph taken with student representative permission

Participating artists are (as per media listing):

  • Emily Becher [blog]
  • Olivia Boyle
  • Anita Crowther [remember her splendid neckpiece at last year’s auction?]
  • Jo Hawley – I really liked the formality and simplicity of her work, the forms were beautiful
  • Annelies Hofmeyr [update: site] – her enameled cloud sculptures were lovely and very well executed
  • Sarah Johnson – her construction looks amazingly complex!
  • Sarah Kerr [facebook]
  • Maria Natoli [facebook]
  • Sophie Prestige
  • Maryam Satar
  • Alannah Sheridan
  • Yuan Yuan Xi [update: facebook]
  • Sylvia Ballerini [facebook]
  • Amber Craven
  • Jacques Cudis
  • Rachael Fares [update: facebook]
  • Qiaojian (Hannah) He
  • Kieran Jackson
  • Felicity Large [update: site]
  • Tess McAuslan-King
  • Caroline McQueen [site]
  • Niamh Minogue – I liked her enameled pendants so much I bought the dark blue one (after this photograph!); I loved how these were displayed, a mixture between museum layout and Warwick Freeman-esk investigation group – much to love

    photograph taken with student representative permission; sorry it’s dark, I didn’t use flash

  • Louise Napolitano
  • Ann O’Connor
  • Elizabeth Rich
  • Massimo Todaro
  • Katrina van Domburgh [tumblr]
  • Kim White
  • Lisa Williams
  • Nicole Smith

There’s a lot to like – get along.
If you’re interested, check out my post on last year’s exhibition ‘Auteur‘.
Also check out Jessica Helen’s post, with the award listing too.

One curious matter is the lack of internet presence of these artists … something I’ll expand on in another post soon.

Kaleidoscope‘ is at Northcote Town Hall until 25th November 2012, open weekends too.



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21 11 2012

Couldn’t agree more! Wandering through without a notebook, armed only with an alphabetised gallery copy of the price list is rather tiresome…Lack of business cards/social media linkage just as frustrating. Looking forward to your further posts re this.

21 11 2012
Annelies Hofmeyr

Thank you for the great feedback! We had catalogues professionally printed for this reason and many more students have a web presence than listed above. If they have run out it is definitely something for next year’s graduates to take into consideration.

Annelies Hofmeyr

PS: the clouds are actually potholes but if you bought any you can call them whatever you like 😉

22 11 2012

Hi Annelies
Thank you so much for your comment!
For each artist I searched for their name and ‘jewellery’ or ‘jeweller’ or ‘NMIT’; there were many I couldn’t find any pages for, which is counter to your point that many have internet presence??? I’ve added your links to my post and links page, and hopefully I can find more of the other artists’ pages soon.
Potholes? Fabulous! That option didn’t even dawn on me!
Best wishes

22 11 2012
Felicity Jane Large

Hi Karen!

Thanks for coming down and checking out the show! It’s been a real thrill to have so many people show their support.

Taking your advice on board, I’ve run down to the town hall today with more price lists and postcards.

I had a web address printed on my business card, but it’s taken me a few days to put up a website to go with it! It’s still a work in progress, but I can be found at:


All the best,

Felicity 🙂

PS: As well as doing our own research, we were lucky enough to have some expert tuition in Choum Iybsa from the lovely Joungmee Do. Joungmee’s work is featured at e.g.etal.

22 11 2012

ah ha! I did a short course with the wonderful Joungmee too!!

22 11 2012
Rachel Fares

Hi Karen,
Thankyou for your feedback and I’m glad you enjoyed viewing our exhibition:)
Rachel Fares
P.s I see you were looking for more of the artists internet pages, mine is:

22 11 2012

Thank you for your comment and link Rachel!
I’m not sure why I didn’t have more luck finding links yesterday 😦

22 11 2012
Kelsey Yuanyuan Xi

Hi Karen! Thanks for your post:) My name’s Yuanyuan Xi and my jewellery Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/NightThoughtsByYXI. xx

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