Choum Iybsa

24 09 2012

In early 2006, before third year started again at RMIT, I took a week-long class with Joung-Mee Do in ‘Choum Iybsa’, a traditional Korean metalworking technique. During my organisation frenzy a few days ago I rediscovered the experiments I made in this week.

Iybsa test pieces; image not to be reproduced without permission

Much of the hours in the classes were spent sharpening our little hand-chisels! That part was tiring. The chiseling was lovely though – meditative (though not if you’re in the same room and not doing the same thing; the noise must have been something to behold).

iybsa medallions; image not to be reproduced without permission

I was so delighted to see the above two pieces! The design is from the development work I did for the ‘gold’ jewellery project in second year, but it was the ideation group that didn’t get to be made at the time. The line drawings are from chinese royal embroidered gowns – see this post with the original designs.

It is especially lovely that the colouring of the steel still remains a most beautiful dark rich blue.

with flash; image not to be reproduced without permission

This image is of the same pieces at the first image, but with the flash on – you can see the chisel marks so clearly on the uncoloured metal.



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