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13 01 2013


THE UPDATED POST IS : Studying jewellery in Melbourne (update) [12May15]

Original post is below:


Update: please go to this NEW updated and revised post about jewellery classes in Melbourne, as information in this post may now be outdated


It’s been a while since I last wrote about courses available in Melbourne for Gold & Silversmithing (ie. jewellery and objects) – so I thought an update was in order and perfect timing for those thinking about what they’ll do this year.

With respect to full-time degree study (while I won’t go into too much detail here) the schools in Melbourne are:

Now, short courses for jewellery and silversmithing, in Melbourne.

I’d really like to create a listing of the best short courses in Melbourne for jewellery making – can you recommend where you’ve been or heard is good?

Update [6th February]: I’ve only just discovered that Victoria Mason is also holding classes for beginners!

Update [12th February]: I’ve also been told about classes at Redox Jewellery Studio in Geelong (no, it’s not Melbourne, but pretty close! actually, it’s a pretty easy drive…)

Update [2nd June]: I’ve recently spotted that William Llewellyn Griffiths, of Metal Couture, also holds wax carving classes.

Update [3oth July]: if you’re closer to Eltham, check out Jeanette Dyke‘s classes

Update [28th August]: NMIT has a new course on CAD, excellent! I really want to learn more about this, so may do this course (when I’m feeling better).

Update [4th October]: NMIT has a new course in Enamelling – hoorah!




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14 01 2013

Thanks so much for this – very helpful! I have done a very limited amount of silversmithing before, but would like to attempt to make a ring (in gold). Would you recommend the NMIT or the Northcity4 course? Appreciate your advice!

14 01 2013

Thanks Kim!
I haven’t done both courses, so cannot say which to choose out of the two from personal experience.
Though I would very strongly recommend making a ring in sterling silver first, as gold is extraordinarily expensive (so much so that experienced jewellers keep the filing dust to recycle) and I certainly wouldn’t recommend learning with it! Though once you’ve made a few rings, gold is such a beautiful metal to work with *sigh*
If you’re set on making a ring only (at least first-up, the jewellery bug may bite!), perhaps the Northcity4 ring course may be the place to start, as the course is shorter than the Intro NMIT course, and looks to be more a specialised place to start.
All that said, the ladies at NC4 would be great people to ask – they know the various courses and would be better placed to give you a more in-depth understanding of what their course would entail.
Happy making!!

1 05 2013
Kara Heald

I recently did a short jewellery course with CAE and thought it was very good. Excellent tutor and good facilities.

1 05 2013

Great! Thank you for the feedback Kara, glad to hear it was a good course.

31 07 2013

Hi Karen,
Monash are teaching jewellery, with Manon van Kouswijk and Roseanne Bartley as sessional lecturers, and Vito Bila continuing on as the technician. It is a part of MADA – Monash University Arts Design and Architecture – and so jewellery comes under the electives for the architecture and fine arts programs to a certain degree, but it is a new sort of program that will see students leave with a Fine Arts degree with what you could call a specialisation in jewellery. It is still in flux, thought there are effectively 2nd years ‘majoring’ (for want of a better term) in jewellery this year. From what they are doing the outcomes for students could be very interesting. I say all this after a conversation and tour through the new jewellery studios with Vito recently – so I’m sure that a better description for the program can be found – but what I can say is that the facilities have moved but are still there, and works are scheduled to further improve them. Photos up on my blog soon. xx m

31 07 2013

Thank you so much for the update Melissa!

27 11 2013
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21 09 2015
Lesley Jennings

Hi I would like to learn to make silver jewellery, I live in Mount Martha. Can you suggest the best place for me to go that’s not too far?

7 10 2015

Hi Lesley
It’s excellent you’re keen to learn!
I’m not familiar with your area, but I think you’d probably find those I’ve listed are far away from you, with perhaps Jane Ruljancich being the closest (though still quite a drive).
Also though, please note that this post is now outdated; the latest version is here.
I’ll pop a note on my facebook page to ask the wider community if they can recommend somewhere for you.

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