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17 10 2011


THE UPDATED POST IS : Studying jewellery in Melbourne (update) [12May15]

Original post is below:


Update: please go to this NEW updated and revised post about jewellery classes in Melbourne, as information in this post may now be outdated


I’ve mentioned before that prior to studying Gold & Silversmithing at RMIT I undertook evening courses at The Goldsmith School in Brisbane.

Since finishing by RMIT degree, I have also done some evening courses at CAE and NMIT.

My opinion of these are as follows:

  • Goldsmiths School (2000/01): LOVED it; strongly recommend this school to anyone in Brisbane; the teachers are knowledgeable, and lovely to work with, and the structure of their courses is exceptional; I’ve said it before, but I don’t know how I would have coped at RMIT if I hadn’t learnt the foundational hand skills at this school
  • CAE (2010): really didn’t like it; I tried two courses but abandoned both after the first night; the facilities are more than disappointing; when I was there there was only one torch for the whole class … seriously; this isn’t anywhere near adequate (hopefully it’s improved since then); I would not recommend going here (from my personal experience anyway)
  • NMIT (2009/10): really enjoyed the facilities; I did the leisure class and this was run in parallel to the beginners class, and I liked what I saw of the organisation and the approach; the only inconvenience is that the Fairfield campus is not too easy to reach on public transport

I’d really like to create a listing of the best short courses in Melbourne for jewellery making – can you recommend where you’ve been or heard is good?

Update (30th January 2013): please see the updated post on short courses in Melbourne.




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27 10 2011

I just did a post about some summer workshops in Sydney called ObjectLab. They’re not strictly short courses but your readers might be interested. Cheers, Anna

19 11 2012

So is this the course you did or is it different:
I ask because I’m interested in it but if it’s the one you did then maybe not.

20 11 2012

Hi Patricia.
This is one of the courses I attempted – though it was over 2 years ago, and I do hope the facilities have improved since then!
I have noticed that NMIT has now introduced a smithing course: ; they have much better facilities from my experience, although there doesn’t seem to be a ‘next course’ planned, perhaps it’s worth enquiring?
There seem to be only a few places to learn silversmithing – I wish there were more, as I’d love to have the chance to do some smithing in a well equipped studio too.

13 01 2013
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