Studying jewellery in Melbourne

27 11 2013


THE UPDATED POST IS : Studying jewellery in Melbourne (update) [12May15]

Original post is below:


Update: please go to this NEW updated and revised post about jewellery classes in Melbourne, as information in this post may now be outdated


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No more jewellery at Box Hill?

24 11 2013

I was told some news today that is hard to believe – that Box Hill TAFE will no longer accept new students into their jewellery course [technically named: Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design]. So the current students will graduate, but after they’re gone there will be no more jewellers graduating from Box Hill.

My source is thoroughly reliable … but this stumped me … I cannot quite believe it (like I couldn’t quite believe that Monash was stopping jewellery speciality too).

Is it really truly true?

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Update (25th November): please see the comments, this has been confirmed


Update (27th November): while Box Hill may be closing down, reports are that Monash have NOT dumped jewellery but have restructured how it will be taught in their degree – see the excellent post by Melissa Cameron explaining more – thanks Melissa! so all is not lost after all…


Update (28th November): a comment has been made on this post by Box Hill, which I’ll repeat here:
Box Hill Institute regretfully confirms that we are not offering the Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design course for 2014. This course has been very successful for many years. There are many Box Hill Jewellery design graduates in the industry who are extremely talented and are enjoying great success in the industry. We wish to thank the excellent staff for their wonderful contribution over the years. Box Hill Institute would also like to thank our industry partners for their support over the years.


Whitehorse Jewellery / Box Hill graduates ‘Allegory’ @ No Vacancy

14 11 2013

I do like graduate exhibition season; though would prefer it if Melbourne’s weather could sort itself out – I mean honestly, where’s the sunshine?!

Allegory‘ is the graduate exhibition of the students from Box Hill Tafe Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery); as a group they go by the title of Whitehorse Jewellery.



My initial impressions:

  • muted / restricted colour palette (with the exception of Megan Greenwood)
  • lots of silver
  • quite a bit of metal-smithing (a good thing) and especially copper
  • perhaps casting was a focus during their course?
  • No Vacancy gallery is a pretty big space to fill!

The accompanying (free) book is well produced. And I noticed this in the NMIT book too, that graduates are publishing contact details (email, site, facebook); while I’m sure this isn’t the first year this has been done, it’s worth giving it a mention and acknowledging that this is a good thing to do.

While talking about the book, it always makes me a little sad that the deadlines for photography and printing usually mean that the most complex and accomplished pieces are not able to make it into the booklet … this is by no means a criticism (I’ve had this happen to me too) and I can’t think of a solution, it’s just a little bit of a shame in terms of a representative keepsake.



Participating makers are (alphabetical by surname):

  • Man Chaing
  • Helen Diprose
  • Megan Greenwood [facebook]
  • Melanie Hilder [facebook]
  • Samantha Lee [site]
  • Tanya Louey
  • Alicia Hannah Naomi [site; blog]
  • Helen Paterson
  • Georgia Pignolet
  • Jesse Thomas

Many of the students contributed work to Lord Coconut’s recent ‘Melbourne Cufflink’ exhibition and prize.

Megan Greenwood's work

Megan Greenwood’s work

I especially liked Megan Greenwood’s object (right in the image above); and the raindrops neckpiece by Helen Diprose. My gallery-visiting-friend very much admired the work of Alicia Hannah Naomi [check out how much she loved them in her post]; I also like the rings that looked like they were from out-of-space minerals (maybe made by electro-forming or casting?). I also got a huge kick out of the artist statement for Jesse Thomas, especially the last sentence: “He blames Star Wars for this”.

Allegory‘ is at No Vacancy Gallery until 17th November 2013.

2011 silverspun‘ @ £1000 bend

2009 Peep Show‘ @ Self Preservation

Short courses in Melbourne, update

13 01 2013


THE UPDATED POST IS : Studying jewellery in Melbourne (update) [12May15]

Original post is below:


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Jewellery fundraising auctions reminder

3 05 2012

Okay now. It wouldn’t do for anyone to forget that there are TWO, yes TWO, jewellery auctions in the coming weeks.

Next Wednesday: 9th May
NMIT Jewellery fundraising Auction [facebook page]; “The Advanced Diploma students of 2012 present to you an exciting opportunity to purchase exquisite handmade pieces of jewellery at exceptional prices. Crack open your piggy bank, get your bidding arm ready and help them raise funds for their Graduate Exhibition.

facebook profile picture

The following Wednesday: 16th May
Box Hill Institute silent jewellery auction

auction media

Jewellery ahoy!!

Box Hill graduates ‘silverspun’ @ £1000 Bend

4 12 2011

Oh man … art fatigue.

Last in the series of exhibition I managed to visit at the last minute was that of Box Hill TAFE graduates (Advanced Diploma Engineering Technology specialising in Jewellery; 2yrs) ‘silverspun‘ at 1000 Pound Bend (check out their tumblr site).


I had a little bit of a disturbing experience as I walked in … I mistakenly thought that the RMIT show was at this gallery, and was finding myself a little bewildered at the difference to what I expected (I was expecting more colour, more outrageousness) … then I realised it was Box Hill TAFE and all was well again.


Participating artists (in alphabetical order):

  • Amber Arizono
  • Sarah Austin
  • Zvia Ben-Rahamin
  • Sarah Blundell
  • Ally Callinan
  • Pamela Camille
  • Ashfaaq (Ash) Carrim
  • Hannah Chambers
  • Stephanie Jianjun Guo
  • Sherry Jin Chunyun
  • Vicky Kanellopoulous
  • Jenna O’Brien
  • Lauren Pitt [blog]
  • Katelyn Sheldrick
  • Rebecca Thorpe
  • Micheline Zezula

silverspun‘ is at £1000 Bend until 4th December 2011.

Jewellery at auction

19 05 2011

A quick look around the jewellery auction “scene”(?)…

Phillips Auction House has one next Monday (23rd May), with lots of fairly ordinary pieces but a couple I thought may be interesting to some:

  • Victorian hair earrings [link]
  • jet and coral earrings, though not original deco era [link]
  • old ivory bangles [link]

Sotheby’s had a fine jewellery auction yesterday, with some astounding results:

  • the key emerald tiara, believed to be owned by some princess or other, sold for over 11 million swiss francs, just over A$12m [link]
  • a pink diamond ring sold for almost 10 million swiss francs [link]
  • there were many many more personality-free extraordinarily-expensive ‘jewels’

And on a local front – there’s another student-supporting jewellery auction – for Box Hill Tafe, on 8th June -> see my calendar post.

Update (20th May): STOP PRESS! I have just found out about another wonderful jewellery auction, once again showing the immense compassion and generosity of the making community: Devotion, is a jewellery auction raising funds for the Red Cross – please see their website and support them if you can