Has Monash really dumped jewellery?

29 09 2010

I’d very much like confirmation from someone in the know …

… but (following news initially sourced a few months ago) looking at the Monash University website, it looks like Jewellery is definitely no longer offered under Fine Arts.

There seems to no longer be a graduate intake …

screen shot taken 28th Sept 2010 22:25 (click on the image to go to the original source)

… though it does look like anyone already in the course may be continuing through the rest of their degree year(s) – that is, there are no longer any first-year subjects, but still what look to be second and further year subjects.

Or, this may mean it is being offered as a ‘specialisation’ of sorts, not under Fine Arts though, after a foundation first year…

screen shot taken 28th Sept 2010 22:25 (click on the image to go to the original source)

Can anyone please confirm and fill in some detail?

If I’ve nagivated the Monash website correctly (and not missed Jewellery being offered through another degree), what could this mean for studying Jewellery / Gold & Silversmithing in Melbourne? It’ll be a shame to lose a degree of diversity: of places to study and of formative environments for students …


Update (27th November 2013) : in an important update to this story, please see Melissa Cameron’s post about Monash jewellery – it is STILL offered at Monash, but as part of a restructured art degree




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11 10 2010

the rumours are indeed true… sadly, so far there have been no undergraduate enrollments at Monash Jewellery next year. And there has been talk of the department downsizing or possibly merging with the sculpture department. This is true also of the glass department, and along with the loss of undergraduate ceramics two years ago, its seems that Monash’s practical studios are dwindling.
The loss of one of Australia’s ultimate jewellery departments would be devastating for the future of our local jewellery field particularly given Monash’s focus on research. Fortunately, this may not be the case… it seems that through some resourceful corralling of the likes of Otto Kunzli this week that Monash might be able to continue its contribution to the International Jewellery Movement.. but you didn’t read it here first.
– annonymous

11 10 2010

thank you!
here here to ‘resourceful corralling’ …
I too sincerely hope the contribution of Monash to the international, and indeed the Melbourne, jewellery scene can continue

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