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15 01 2013

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update for January 2013:

22nd January: Lord Coconut, Beth Croce ‘How to mend a broken heart‘ [link]; “Heartache never looked so good…….Medical illustrator Beth Croce has adifferent take on how to mend a broken heart. Hunky boys and dashing dolls demonstrate this hands-on approach to heart surgery in this series of 10 hand painted works on vintage book covers.“; until 2nd February

now for February 2013

all month

  • Powerhouse Museum, ‘Love Lace‘ [link]; until April 2013
  • NGV ‘Containment2012 Cicely & Colin Rigg Contemporary Design Award [link]; “The participating artists in 2012 are: Garry Bish, Robin Bold, Emma Davies, Mark Edgoose, Neville French, Titania Henderson, Marian Hosking, Richard Morrell, Ian Mowbray, David Pottinger, David Ray, Owen Rye, Yhonnie Scarce and Katherine Wheeler.“; until 21st July 2013

1st February 2013: applications close for Bendigo Gallery Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award [link]; this looks to be the new equivalent for the previously-named BUDA award?

8-12th February 2013: RMIT Master Class with Julie Blyfield, Making it … Object Design for Jewellers [link]; “Julie Blyfield, well known contemporary jeweller and object maker, will guide participants in this Master Class towards developing an understanding of the object design process, from sketching and model making to translation into a three-dimensional object or series of objects. Participants will then explore and experiment with different media and methods of fabrication to produce one of their designs.

9th February: last day for Studio 20/17, Mary Hackett ‘The Conduit‘ [link]; “Conduit is an exhibition of work by metalsmith Mary Hackett that explores the relationship between hand, metal, motion and form.

12th February: Studio 20/17 ‘Mixquisite‘, group exhibition [link]; “The collective is made up of six jewellers, who all work directly within the jewellery community in South Australia – Hannah Carlyle, Peta Kruger and Alice Potter at the Jam Factory Craft and Design centre, Lisa Furno and Kelly Jonasson at Gray Street Workshop, and Lauren Simeoni of the celebrated glass and jewellery studio Gate 8. Each of the six jewellers in this group have contributed at least one thing to every piece in this show, concluding in 36 pieces collectively assembled by all twelve hands. The final result could be wonderfully bold and colourful, or muted with a soft sensibility.

exhibition media

exhibition media

16th February: Northcity4, ‘Once More With Love‘ [link]; not just the exhibition (which I’m excited about seeing), but a conversation/seminar too, and a workshop; until 2nd March

exhibition media

exhibition media

Also, check out the fabulous classes at Square Peg if you’re in Sydney … I wish I could do the hand-coloured anodised one.
Queenslanders check out the QCA courses.
Feb&March 2013: check out all the amazing classes you can take at Northcity4 [link] – especially for those new to jewellery.

this is traditionally a quiet period

please tell me of other exhibitions or events
also check out Melissa Cameron’s excellent informative blog (especially for competitions)

plan ahead:

7th March – 27th April: Craft, ‘Signature Style‘ [link]; “Signature Style is a major group exhibition exploring models of collaborative practice in contemporary jewellery. Featuring the work of some of Melbourne’s most exciting artists and jewellery practitioners Signature Style will be a significant addition to the emerging discourse around collaboration and contemporary craft. Collaboration poses a very different method of working – by its very nature, collaboration eschews individual artistic identity in favour of some kind of ‘third’ position.Signature Style will examine new methodologies of working and ‘work’, thinking through the potentials of collaboration within craft and design.

exhibition media

exhibition media


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