Is blogging dead?

21 06 2013

This has been on my mind for a year or more … I wonder if blogging has reached its peak.

As I wrote late last year, I’ve noticed a marked decrease in the number of blogs and the update frequency of those still alive.

Is blogging DEAD?

I’d say NO from the perspective of those of us who like writing and sharing, and would probably do this even if we also expanded to other platforms.

I’d say YES from the perspective of a maker who wants an internet presence. Blogs are probably no longer the most effective means (though it should be said that some blogs can be laid out to look more like a ‘website’, and not so that it would look ‘dated’ if not updated for a while). There are so many other options now that weren’t available five years ago – easy website building platforms, instagram (for those who want to share images but not text), twitter, facebook … etc. Even I, who once swore I would never get on facebook, now use it to regularly keep up to date with jewellery-related pages.

If I was asked by an emerging (or established!) maker if they should create a blog I’d say:

  • NO if their sole purpose is to connect to the world (though I have no experience in it myself, I’d recommend starting with one of the free website platforms);
  • YES if they know they’ll regularly update it and love writing in public;
  • YES if they would like to experiment and find out for themselves if it’s for them.




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21 06 2013

Blogging is not dead, but it may not be the most appropriate SINGLE social media presence for everybody – especially those who don’t regularly create content/update. The ideal arrangement IMHO is a combination – linked web, blog, image sharing, facebook etc, styled to harmoniously build your brand. The key issue remains the same : put good systems in place you can and will regularly maintain, and make sure you follow through! Be honest – if you only feel comfortable with a static placeholder page containing a small image gallery and your (and your stockists) contact details, do that and no more.

21 06 2013

I agree with you. Blogging isn’t dead for me, nor for the many of us who love writing and sharing content on that platform – especially those of us who’ve been doing it for years. Though I do think it has fallen out of favour to some extent in recent years…

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