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30 10 2013

Mmm … it seems that my previous rumblings about the declining popularity of blogs may be quite close to the spot.

I regularly click through all the links on my Links Page, to be sure they’re still working and up-to-date etc. I want it to be more a useful “alive” resource and less an archive.

In my most recent jaunt through the links there were quite a number of blogs in the “hibernating” group that hadn’t updated for over a year – and while it pains me, I have removed them from the links page now. Also there were a few that haven’t been updated for six month or so, and therefore have been moved from “current” into “hibernating”. Happily though a few have sparked up and migrated back from “hibernating” to “current” (yay!).

I’m by no means sanctimonious about the tailing off of the blog popularity – I completely understand the effort and time it can take. And I’m torn in a way – perhaps if I’d set it up at the start I could have had a “what was” blog listing, instead of removing the links … but hindsight is a magical thing! At least I do keep a record of those no longer being updated in posts like this.

Blogs sadly now removed from links page, recorded here for posterity’s sake:

Do you know of any new jewellery blogs?

[note: this post was almost completely rewritten two hours after being originally posted]



2 responses

1 11 2013
Katie Jayne

thanks Karen 🙂 I do miss having a blog and I may start a new one one day…we’ll see!! x

1 11 2013

oh let me know if you do!

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