‘unnatural acts’ & ‘unnatural tendencies’ @ Craft

29 10 2012

The bonanza of awesomeness at Craft (formerly Craft Victoria) continues with ‘unnatural tendencies‘ and ‘unnatural acts‘.

The first, ‘unnatural tendencies‘, is a collection by Melinda Young and Lauren Simeoni.

photograph taken with gallery permission

Exhibition media: “unnatural tendencies is the latest incarnation of Simeoni and Young’s collaboration and draws inspiration from a shared unnatural materials and the imagined narratives that they suggest. unnatural Tendancies is also informed by the subtle, unnatural shifts between the inner suburbs of Adelaide and Sydney, particularly in relation to the areas’ botany, architecture, people and sensibilities at once so similar, yet slightly strange. the works in Simeoni and Young exhibition are distillations of conversations, drawings and the time spent exploring the backways and byways of their inner suburbias. Their work reveals things that are both natural and unnatural, where there is a sensory shift in place. The duo has created strangely beautiful wearable objects, inspired by their surroundings then filtered through time and space.

The second, ‘unnatural acts‘, is curated by Melinda and Lauren.

photograph taken with gallery permission

Exhibition media: “Each artist in unnatural acts was sent a bag of materials consisting of an odd collection of fake fruits, vegetables and other plant matter. Their brief was simply to make a small collection of wearable jewellery using or responding to the contents of the bag. For most of the participants the brief required an ‘unnatural act’ to be performed outside of the comfort zone of their usual making. The results are diverse and exciting.

Participating jewellers are:

  • Anna Davern [site]
  • Caz Guiney [site]
  • Kath Inglis [site]
  • Bridget Kennedy [site]
  • Peta Kruger [site]
  • Sim Luttin  [site]
  • Natalia Milosz-Piekarska [blog]
  • Mark Vaarwerk [site]

Such a gorgeous room of colour! The arrangement of the work by colour is especially lovely.

Also check out their blog.

unnatural tendencies‘ and ‘unnatural acts‘ are at Craft until 1st December 2012.


Update [3rd November]: some more beautiful images and text just now published on Melinda’s blog here; PLUS Zoe Brand has published her opening speech too!


Melinda Young ‘Take a ball of thread…’ @ Craft Vic

7 03 2009

The walls of the small second gallery, hidden around the corner from the Lisa Walker exhibition at Craft Vic, are splattered in pink. There has been a pink explosion. It could be a little overwhelming, especially if candy pink is on your list of not-so-favourite colours. It is a celebration of a pink ball of string.

photograph taken with permission of gallery staff

photograph taken with permission of gallery staff

The exhibition flyer states: “Melinda Young has set herself three fundamental rules: Make from the industrial spool of pink thread until completely used. Only materials already in her studio can be sourced. Every item made must be wearable.

String has been made into rope, fringes and is used as a single thread in some of the delicate neckpieces. Most of the non-string components of the work are also pink or shades thereof. Pink wax is a regular companion; coral and dyed crystals and pearls also feature. I am amazed someone has such a supply of pink things.

The concept behind this group of work is appealing – I like the compulsiveness, obsessiveness and determination. The progress blog is a great idea too – though I only found it after the exhibition, it would have been exciting to see the work come together.

I wonder though that it must have taken stubbornness near the end to finish the project, for surely Melinda must have suffered some degree of pink-fatigue?!

photograph taken with permission of gallery staff

photograph taken with permission of gallery staff

Exhibition also shown at Pablo Fanque and reviewed here.