Art Jewellery Challenge, day 1

21 01 2015

If you’re on Facebook you’re probably already aware of #ArtJewelleryChallenge.


Facebook Art Jewellery Challenge was started by Donna Greenberg in the hope of capturing a diversity of what is happening around the world of art jewellery. I was nominated by Claire O’Halloran (thank you lovely!) so for 5 days I will show some of my jewellery and each day I will also nominate another artist to show us their jewellery.
Day One : Gold Brooch, 2005 ; this was made during the second year of my RMIT G&S degree, and this group of four brooches are still among my favourite pieces; they were inspired by the quilts of Provence and the pattern refers to wattle flowers
Today I nominate Julia Storey, to show us one of her beautiful creations and nominate an inspiring jeweller every day for five days. ‪#‎ArtJewelleryChallenge‬

image not to be reproduced without permission

image not to be reproduced without permission

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