At auction

3 09 2011

Wow! This caught my eye in the news today … no, I don’t need a bright yellow diamond of almost 33ct (estimated at US$6-8m, at Christies), but it’s startling nonetheless.

news media; click on image for original source

In other more local auction news…

— at Phillips Auction (Malvern, Melbourne) on 19th September

  • while there’s not my thing, I know some of you like jet : jet earrings (link)
  • coral pieces too (link1, link2) – perhaps not special in their current form, but could certainly be re-purposed
  • a very interesting box marriage ring (link)
  • onyx cufflinks and dress studs (link)
  • beautiful Japanese hand painted buttons (link)
  • incredible earrings made of tortoiseshell inlaid with silver and gold (link)
  • little groups of jewellery, including a group of hat pins (link)

— at Sotheby’s (Armadale, Melbourne), 13th September

  • as expected, much higher quality than the above auction, and of course much higher prices … and more ostentaciousness and ugliness (and lots of yellow diamond – flavour of the month it seems)
  • an amethyst necklace I know my aunt would love (link)
  • everyone knows I love a deco brooch! (link)
  • some stunning 1940s rings (link)
  • in the market for a tiara? (link)
  • ugly ring prize winner is especially fugly (link)

Finally though, make sure you get a look at the RMIT Master of Fine Art Auction site before the auction event 8th September 2011.

Happy reading.



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