Call to RMIT alumni

3 09 2011

A call to RMIT alumni …

Production of the 2011 Gold & Silversmithing graduate catalogue is underway early this year. If you are interested in being listed in the G&S Calender of Events printed in the back of the catalogue, could you please forward me all information regarding any exhibitions, publications, awards/prizes, presentations, grants, etc that you have been involved in since November 1st 2010, by 5pm Wednesday September 7th. Please provide all information in the following format.

Date of event
Your Name
(Alumni or BA or MA/Phd etc)
type of event, ie, exhibition, publication
title of event or publication or award etc (Please give full details for publications)
Location of event (City, Country).

for example:
March 2010, Dr Kirsten Haydon, (Alumni), exhibition, Ice Table, Toi, Japan

… email Robin at robin.bold[at]



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