Devotion: jewellery fundraiser for Red Cross

24 05 2011

There has been an outpouring of support for organisations and individuals affected by the series of devastating natural events over the last months.

Devotion‘ is a contemporary jewellery auction to be held this coming Saturday evening in Melbourne (it’s a physical auction, not online, but they do accept absentee bids for those who cannot make it in person) – see their blog site for more details.

auction media; click on image for original source

The organisers, Yuri Fujiyama and Mana Kawasaki, are Melbourne-based Japanese-born jewellers, and have felt deeply about the earthquake and the effect it continues to have on the people of Japan.

Once again, many jewellers show their incredible generosity in supporting such causes. It’s overwhelming that so many artists have supported this, and other, fundraising auctions – many have supported more than one.

Artists participating (as at 8pm 24th May):

There is also a raffle for a piece from each of the organisers [link].



2 responses

25 05 2011
lord coconut

Great fundraising event.

I encourage everyone to attend. I will be.

31 05 2011
lord coconut

As expected, the event turned out great, close to $10000 was raised and I walked away with pieces from Katheryn Leopoldseder, Aimee Sutanto and Emma Sher. The organisers and jewellers should be congratulated for supporting this worthy cause.

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