Artists donating to Lucky Charm fundraiser

1 04 2011

You will likely see a number of posts from me about this amazing initiative … I think it’s just wonderful.

Anyone interested in jewellery NEEDS to get onto the Lucky Charm. Making Good Fortune Happen. blog here:

There are currently 75 pieces for auction (as at 10pm 31Mar11) – WOW!

auction media; click to go through to the original blog page

All of this information is of course available on the blog … but internet search engines like it if there are links to sites, and so the more genuine links to the Lucky Charm blog site, the better the search result for them should be – therefore, hopefully the more people who serendipitously find them and help raise some funds!

So, for readers who haven’t yet visited (and WHY NOT??) I thought it would be great to list the artists who have donated a piece and had their piece featured on the blog (as at 10pm 31st March 2011); in alphabetical order for ease of reference:

How gorgeous you all are!!
And how lovely is Natalia for the idea and all the work she’s putting into this too, yes!



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