29 05 2011

My jewellery crushes have been growing in strength lately … so much so I’ve seriously been considering whether to rejoin the earring-wearing community. Serious indeed.

Key influencing pieces include:

To re-pierce or not to pierce … this is my latest question…



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31 05 2011

A fine selections of earrings- Do it!

3 06 2011
3 06 2011

Oh my lord David – the Ted Muehling earrings are amazing … you just may have sealed it for me!
The only downside is that I know my ears only like 14ct+ gold posts / hooks … so reduces the selection somewhat …

13 06 2011

Silly question….but if you bought lower carat earrings could you get the hooks plated to make your ears happier? I dont have sensitive ears so not sure if this would help.

13 06 2011

not a silly question at all … certainly something to consider!

7 07 2011
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