Romy Mittelman ‘Precious Debris’ @ e.g.etal

29 04 2011

“I want a cow bell. I’m in love with the cow bells …”

That’s what I was muttering to myself in wonder as I walked away from Romy Mittelman’s exhibition ‘Precious Debris‘ at e.g.etal.

installation; image courtesy and with permission of gallery

Exhibition media: “Romy manipulates precious metals by hand and creates organic jewellery forms that incorporate found objects such as bottle caps, beer cans, film canisters and computer chips, making permanent what was once ephemeral. It is a series of aesthetic and narrative beauty.

Regular readers will know that I don’t readily connect with found-object work – and that’s okay, if everyone were the same it would be one very boring world! However I surprised myself with how much I liked these works – perhaps because the ‘found’ part was wholly integrated into pieces that were in themselves beautiful; or perhaps it was because the ancient / tribal references (they especially reminded me of Etruscan jewellery) resonated with me, or that the manner in which the ‘found’ piece was sympathetic with their setting…

image used with permission of gallery

The lovely rings below sat next to a most incredibly fine little gold and ruby ring that looked to me almost medieval (maybe due to the granulations). I tried it on, it wanted to come home with me (along with the bells, of course!), it took much strength to resist.

image used with permission of gallery

While found objects are a focus of this collection, it seemed to me it’s not all about that. The exhibition was kind of in two parts: the found object-based works, and the bells. I loved the bells! Some of the shapes were just stunning; especially the larger piece (in the top image) and one of the pendants… Covet-able and evocative! And there was a genuine sense of dialogue and that the two groups belonged near each other.

image used with permission of gallery

There are some more images on the handmadelife blog, the e.g.etal facebook page and the e.g.etal blog interview with Romy; and I particularly like the brief comment on Michi Girl.

Precious Debris‘ is at e.g.etal until 30th April 2011. [I am SO sad I didn’t visit this exhibition earlier, work and holidays just distracted me.]

Update (3rd May): just a quick note to mention that I understand Romy’s work to still be in the gallery, though not on exhibition – so just ask to see them if you weren’t able to make it to see the show!



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30 04 2011

So annoyed I missed this one!

30 04 2011

the last few weeks just seem to have flown by – I only made it on the second-last day!

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