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3 02 2010

One month of 2010 has already passed … so what are other makers writing about?

  • Anna Davern has re-energised her blog [link] and I look forward to reading more
  • Caz Guiney has also published a few posts recently, including one on her Kentucky Gold series [post]
  • it’s also great to see that Jessica Morrison has posted some new photos – including one of a ring that looks a lot like the one I commissioned from her (via Studio Ingot) a year or two ago (which I’ll write more about another time) [post]
  • Karla Way has published some beautiful images of works in progress for an upcoming e.g.etal exhibition in March [post]
  • Natalia Milosz-Piekarska has also published images of her new work [post] and talks about the many opportunities she is working towards in the coming months (congratulations on the ArtStart grant too!)
  • actually, Natalia mentions the new Pieces of Eight gallery in the CBD; I had been aware that they were moving, but hadn’t seen anything written about it until seeing this (then a search found another reference here) – this is exciting for the Pieces of Eight family, and I look forward to seeing where they are relocating to – does anyone know and want to share?!
  • Kevin Murray has written about the emerging lively jewellery scene in Santiago, Chile [post]; in which he states “Jewellery is a particularly important medium for countries like Chile and Australia that are faced with the challenge of finding their own identity” – he writes more that just this sentence … I find the link to seeking identity interesting and need to give is some more time to consider…
  • have you checked out Kristin d’Agostino’s (of Broach of the Month club fame) new project ‘Jewellery on the Brink of a Relationship‘? I am fascinated and inspired by Kristin’s exploration of what jewellery can ‘do’ and ‘mean’… gives me much to think about…
  • Kathryn Wardill, via Kit and Caboodle, asks for comments and contributions about jewellery that has shocked you [post]
  • finally, I’ve been reading a news story about an old map where China was represented as the centre of the world [here] – indulging my love of maps!



2 responses

3 02 2010

Hi Karen,
Thanks for the mention. I really appreciate it. I’ve been wondering how to get back all the readers I’ve probably lost.
cheers, Anna

4 02 2010
kristin d'agostino

Hi Karen –

What nice comments. Thank you so much for the energy boost!! I need it because I have exhausted my safety net and am now entering the scary , ‘heroes-that-I-have-never-met’ section of my list. “Dear Ted Noten…” I get as far as the first line before the butterflies in my stomach take over.

Keeping Calm and Carrying on over here….


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